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I know that you think that you are OK, kind of, sort of but the real truth is "You really don't know what to feel!"  Face it; you are presently caught up in an overwhelming pandemonium of feelings and emotions.  You are just not sure what part of our existence to trust.  You know that you want change; of course you do, as change is natural even if it comes in little droplets of moments. But, like the rest of us, you don’t quite know what to do with the tremendous deluge of change that is facing us today in a world, and on a planet struggling to exist and become full of promise. 

Change can hurt! Tomorrow is no longer guaranteed to you or us. Even the teachers of our Holy Books are beginning to tell us that judgment day is here, or at the very least, near.  Have you asked yourself “Why is it almost a daily occurrence for you to wake up with this New Age, almost schizophrenic, mind that tells you ‘You are happy!’;  making you smile and stretch out your arms to embrace the sun and your day! Then in the next moment, It, that devilish other mind, says ‘No, you are not!’ and you feel overwhelmed by fear and dread, of things that you have no conscious name for; till you cry and pull the blankets up and  back over your head…proclaiming in a whimper or boldly out loud ‘It’s too hard!’”

And what about your biological/genetic clock? Is it also telling you/us that in order to survive as a human being, as a species, it is time to/for change! Have you asked yourself today “What is making me want to stay where I am and want to go forward at the same time?”  Is the back and forth momentum of it all, driving you crazy or at the very least “getting on your last nerve”?

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