More Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

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Here are more predictions given to me by Gaia, soul of the Earth and my Guardian Angel Theo, as I’m a self-trained telepath.  These questions were sent to me from all over the world on a wide variety of subjects as you’ll read.  

Theo, what is the probability of a private space company, such as SpaceX landing on Mars, before NASA does in the next six years?
Tom, there is a very small probability that this will occur. Go with the 25-year period that has been quoted in the past. These private space companies have not even sent their own Mars rovers and such instruments there yet. There has to be a basis of being able to fly several people to Mars, and then a landing and takeoff have to be accomplished, not to mention the length of the voyage, along with the large amount of supplies that must be taken along.  Brash claims of being able to safely travel to and from Mars are just that—public relations to manipulate the stock. These are, after all, businessmen.

Gaia, how far will plans proceed on building a wall on the U.S. Border?
They are just that—plans—and have a low probability of being fully implemented, Tom. Yes, there will be more walls built, but these things take time and there will come other priorities and a softening of the Trump regime’s relationship, we will call it, towards Mexico. There will be fierce opposition as you can imagine, and work will come to a halt. The wall will become a ‘Trumpism’—used in political cartoons and such to mock his Presidency. But again, there will be more wall added to the border, but not completed according to President Trump’s promise.

Reading the Runes: The Great Awakening - Harvest, Reunion and the Elemental Powers

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This early morning I decided to draw some runes for the new era which is just now bringing the love energies of Venus into the fore. I decided to do a simple three card spread, reading from right to left.

The first Rune representing the Situation as it Is, was the thirteenth rune, Jera, or Harvest, meaning Fertile Season or One Year. It is the rune of beneficial outcomes, and applies to any activity or endeavour to which one is committed.

However, as with harvest, one must wait for the crop to ripen, and the drawing of this rune indicates some time must still pass before fruition. In the case of disclosure the rune is telling us that in the fall or harvest season we can expect to reap the benefits of the seeds we sow now, in the springtime.

The second rune speaks to the Course of Action called for. Isn't it ironic that this rune is the 20th rune, Raido - the meaning is a Journey, Communication, Union, Reunion. However the rune is reversed, indicating a delay, or a barrier to the reunion at present.

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