Loving your Authentic Self: Know Yourself as Your Core Essence

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We are seeded from the stars...

In the Beginning was Light and Sound

When we came into existence for non-existence, we were like stars being birthed, in that we arose from the void  birthed as light and sound coming arranged in beautiful divine order, harmony; before form existed. Then the light and sound that we are became physical. 

Subtle Body and the Physical Body

We are made of subtle (unseen energy) which is an expression of this core essence, our tone. This core essence exists as our divine blueprint, our unique tone, or you could say our soul. Each person is a tone and connected to the stars. We are made of light and sound as a unique configuration of subtle energy that has materialized to the human being as a tone. Tone is the swirling of light and sound as expressions of energy. Tone sound and light and waveforms sourced from star energy is streamed into the physicality of this existence, this incarnation for ourselves. 



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