Fairy Card reading for a Sun-Filled Saturday: Peace of Mind, Magic of Nature, and Making New Friends!

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Fairy Card Reading for a sun-filled Saturday,

The light of the sun has a beautiful ethereal quality to it this morning as it sparkles on the surface of the lake like so many brilliant diamonds....a perfect day for millions of people to meditate on peace and love around the planet together.



Today's reading for our beloved planet Gaia:

UFO mainstream media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place

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Mass sightings of the increasingly familiar triangle shaped lights and orbs continue to amaze onlookers worldwide, as new videos surface on You Tube daily. In Canada and the USA mainstream news have begun to report on this phenomena, as people ask the question:

What...or who... is here?


Huffpost's Lee Spiegel writes: "Those triangle-shaped UFOs just don't seem to go away. Whether they're conventional planes, experimental stealth technology or truly unexplained vehicles, reports continue to surface about these aircraft."




Beloved brothers and sisters of light, I would like to share something from the famous Roswell Crash which was covered up as balloon debris of 1947.

Please feel free to enlighten me on the issues raised in this article as a way of sharing and growing together as we evolve.


The reference material I read is titled ALIEN INTERVIEW and was compiled by Lawrence Spencer upon getting a batch of notes from Nurse Matilder who was the only person the alien by the name AIRL could communicate to/with through telepathy.


Airl maintained all human beings are Immortal Spiritual Beings (IS-BE's) with a lot of power hidden in biological bodies. And all sentient beings are IS-BE's too. All universes and galaxies are full of these IS-BE's. Depending on the activity being undertaken by such IS-BE's, they may or may not be in a body. And bodies are of very diverse nature.

IS-BE's from the Old Empire had conquered many other races on various planets/galaxies and were cotrolling them. This was mainly achieved thro' genetic manipulation leading to fewer strands of the DNA.

The Domain, of which Airl was/is a member and currently stationed in the asteroid belt in this solar system decided to move round liberating the enslaved beings.

The pathetic point in the book is that Earth has been used as a prison planet by most of the IS-BE's from the Old Empire. And this achieved this by erecting an electronic force fence aroung Earth which traps souls when they leave their bodies at death. These souls are given such an"Electrocution" by the technicians of this empire that all their memory is erased and they are hypnotically commanded to go back to earth to ocupy another body. The cycle continues. That Earth was used as a dumping ground for IS-BE's who were labelled "untouchables". This is the Old Empire in operation. This is reincarnation.


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