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Master White Dragon Drake Update -- No Mass Arrests (so far)...

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Website for Drake's update is...




Call in number is: (646) 716-4984


Changes To Planned "Mass Arrests" Process


1. The military tactical plans have changed, to accommodate tactical moves by the cabal.

2. No Mass Arrests have taken place so far.

3. Some arrests are being made for individual cases, as are evident in the news.

4. Plan is to arrest key individuals, and potentially make mass arrests later.

5. They may or may not take place later, depending on how this process goes.

6. The military good guys are playing a massive gave of chess with the cabal, and must take their moves carefully.


It is self-evident that most callers are very concerned (or angry) that the mass arrests have NOT happened, and is presently uncertain whether or when they will happen.


Drake stated that the green light for arrests related to the Keenan/Shrout lien(s)  has still NOT yet been given.  As we know, the original lien was withdrawn, to be refiled at a later date with more information and for greater impact.


There have been various topics addressed, but they were mostly ancillary issues related to the big event, which obviously has not yet happened.  Some of the items mentioned were those already covered by other news articles, so won't be mentioned here.


Regarding the fireworks were told to sit back and watch, there is no further update.  It is almost 10pm EST now, and PST will start their (normal) annual fireworks in about 2 1/2 hours.


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