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A Light in the Darkness, Part 2: Caroline Aguiar

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By Caroline Aguiar

As I continued to communicate with my Feminine Soul Self, I learned more, and as a result, I think I can honestly say, I grew. There were many bumpy days, and dark nights as I learned to trust myself again.  The hardest part in all of this was learning to surrender my resistance to what was unfolding right before my eyes; My awakening.

There were many nights I received major energy downloads.  At times it was so strong, my upper torso would rise off the bed, while at the same time my entire body tingled from head to toe.  I had the distinct sensation of floating, as love flowed within, and around my body. On these occasions, I didn’t sleep much at night, but instead of waking up and feeling rotten all day from lack of sleep, I marveled at how good I felt even though my physical body was notably tired.  Soon, I looked forward to these energy downloads, and night-time discussions with my Feminine Soul Self.

The Creator Writings ~ Love Is…..

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By: Jennifer Farley, 02/12/2014


Remember, you are never alone. When you wake in the morning, Love is there. As you move through your day, Love is there. As you close your eyes at night, Love is there. And, in your quietest moments, when you feel as if you are the only person on your Earth, Love is there. The Universe would never leave someone like you without Love. ~ Creator

~ Your Inner Love~

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                                           Throughout your whole earthly life, there is a spiritual realm within,
                                                             that has always loved you........ Unconditionally.

We as humans are blessed to experience an earthly existence in a world where many opportunities come our way to bring out that hidden realm. That hidden realm is our Divinity within. Our connection to the Mighty Godself is always within all of Us, but is camouflaged by the outer world and our struggles to survive.

The lower animal world is not aware of this inner realm. It is the human that has been given this Blessed opportunity to recognize and embrace its existence.

No matter what your social status is in society - rich or poor, able-bodied or disabled, your inner-divinity waits patiently for you to recognize its existence and love for you.


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By: heartlightdg, 02/11/2014


Your mind has no idea what your highest potential is.

Your soul knows exactly where you are trying to go.

When overwhelmed by life or what is occurring for you, sit quietly for a moment and say

‘I open to my highest potential’,

and breathe for a few minutes. Repeat the phrase a few times,

and your body will begin to calm and you will rise again.

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Message ~ Tuesday February 11, 2014

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By:, 02/11/2014

We understand that taking money out of the equation of your manifestations can seem like a difficult thing to do or understand, but it can help your manifestation processes immensely. Many human beings have resistance to the energy of money, but have complete flow and resonance to the experiences they wish to create. By taking the stress of manifesting money out of your creations, you actually allow the universe many more ways to deliver to you.


Simply be clear about what you wish to create and release it to the universe. Then, surrender into the flow with complete trust, knowing that you are now in the process of aligning for your highest good. You may suddenly find yourself having the very experience you desired with little to no money being required at all! In fact, from being in that flow and alignment, you may suddenly be inspired with ideas and opportunities you would never have considered before, that allow you to create and experience an even greater result than you had ever dreamed possible.


A Light in the Darkness, Part 1: Caroline Aguiar

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By Caroline Aguiar

Since March of 2013, after a tangle with an unfriendly energy, I’ve experienced a great change in my overall perception of the world around me, and especially in the unseen realms.

My greatest obstacle in moving forward after I was clear of the attached energy was fear.  Little did I know then, I had opened a door which was not destined to open as soon as it did.  It was the door to my true path, only it opened prematurely.  Unfortunately, I was not ready for this in reference to my level of spiritual maturity, and knowledge.  At first,  I suddenly felt as if I was thrown into a pack of ravenous wolves, unti I realized nobody did anything to me of the sort.  It was I, who threw myself in.

As a result, for many months I lived in fear of everything.  Night time was the hardest, and I remember many times when I lay in bed, crying into my pillow while completely frozen in fear.  My incessant need to control my every thought, and to analyze everything I experienced of a spiritual nature only brought forth more confusion, distorted beliefs, and more fear.   For a while I held onto the belief I could climb out of the dark hole by analyzing everything when actually, I was only digging myself in deeper.


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