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~Surveying the landscape~

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Many of you at this time may be allowing the higher dimensional frequencies to show you the new “landscape” that you now walk within.  Many of you may be having very intense dreamtime where the signs and symbols from ALL are becoming more and more clear and you are able to place them into your waking reality as confirmation of all that is now unfolding around you, through you and within you.  It is to be noted that the New Earth reality is NOT PREDESTINED, by this I mean it has not been created FOR you, YOU are creating it and YOU are the architect of your own reality from the moment you step into the New Earth frequencies and begin to anchor and align fully with them.

The old 3d earth CREATED reality allowed you to walk in loops of PREDESTINED frequency, this is where you life experience is mapped out to a certain degree, yes you can choose your job, your relationships, your health etc but only WITHIN a certain bandwidth of frequency, this is where you have “freewill”, the old 3d earth reality TAUGHT you that this was FREEDOM and this is highly distorted, freewill and freedom are two separate frequencies that do not resonate at all with each other.  This is why freewill is no longer an option within the New Earth, why would you need to exercise freewill when you have complete FREEDOM?

~You’re a Strong Spiritual Being~

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Written by Wes Annac, the Aquarius Paradigm

The common human carries far more power than they realize or give themselves credit for.

Vibrant spiritual energy pours out of us in every moment, but despite its power, we still don’t know it’s there. We remain unaware of the incredible power we hold within because we’re under the influence of lower-dimensional blinders, but it’s with us nonetheless.

Now that we’re waking up, we can consciously attempt to feel the purity and vibrancy of the energy flowing through us, and visualization helps us perceive this energy in a greater way. If you can envision it flowing through your physical and etheric bodies and out of your many chakras, you might get a good glimpse of what it “looks” like.

As consciousness grows, we’ll continue to expand our perception of the powerful energy flowing through us, and for now, we can try to feel it as much as possible from our current perspectives. Even though we’re anchored in a lower-dimensional reality, nothing stops us from acting on our greater potential and glimpsing the unlimited existence we’re growing into.

Marilyn Raffaele ~ The Arcturian Group ~ 16 February 2014 The Turning Point

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marilynraffaeleFEBRUARY 16, 2014

The message we bring at this time is one of hope. So many of you are frustrated and struggle with issues of daily living. It is imperative that you understand dear ones, that these difficulties represent graduations and not failures. Certain energies accumulated from lifetime to lifetime are stored within the cellular memory of your physical bodies and also within the emotional and mental bodies. Every individual stores and carries until cleared, their personal energies of inheritance, vows, promises, and all powerful life experiences (some good and some very bad) along with a cellular remembrance of the individuals involved in these experiences.

You are now spiritually strong enough to release any energies that serve only to hold you in what is old and finished and this also includes the resolution of any karmic situations needing to be finished. These energies were stored and carried through lifetimes because you were not yet evolved enough to acknowledge and resolve them in ways that would enable you to clear them.

There are layers to those pockets of energy that resulted from intense life experiences (physical, emotional, or mental) which have been held deep within because you chose not to re-live or even think about some of these experiences again.

I Want To Go Home~ You’ve Always Had The Power

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I know many say they want to go home and look up to the stars, but possibly one of the biggest lies you’ve been taught is that the feeling of “Home” is a physical place, planet, universe or galaxy. That feeling is not and has never been tied to a location.

That feeling is waiting inside you. “Home is where the heart is” was one of the greatest clues you ever could have been given. Just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you’ve always had the power to go home. Use it now and everyday by going inside and living in your heart.

Your whole reality will begin to twist and change as it transitions all of your external world into Home

~Releasing Anchors to set sail into the New Earth~

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As many of you are more than aware the past few days (in a linear context) have been intense, the full moon energies working to highlight that which you have kept hidden deep within the cellular structure of your human vehicle. These frequencies may have been released as intense memories that have repeatedly come to you until you acknowledge and accept them. The release may have come as tears or as sleep as during intense periods of clearing the human vehicle needs extra sleep in order to process both the release of the lower dimensional frequencies and the anchoring of the higher dimensional frequencies.  For many of you the past few linear days may have been a bit of a haze of sleep, tears and more sleep.

~Manifesting LOVE in the New Earth~

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The old 3d earth reality teaches very deeply that LOVE is something that you must “solve”, from the moment you are born you are TAUGHT that to receive LOVE you must “do”, that is you must obey the unwritten rules of the world.  On a planet of 7 billion people this seeks to teach that LOVE is like a needle in the proverbial haystack, you must SEEK it. At no point does the old 3d earth created reality allow you to understand and SEE that LOVE JUST IS, that  LOVE is what YOU ARE in TRUTH, why would you need to seek that which you are?

As the commercial world now ramps up Valentines Day and the fear and the anxiety begins to build it is to be remembered that every single moment of your outer waking life experience can be a valentines day and it needs no input from anyone other than SELF.  The teachings in relation to human “love” are deep for a reason, they seek to keep the human race OUT of the heart space and to stay locked within the puzzle of “human love”. In TRUTH there is no puzzle on any level of the human life experience.  So many of you at this moment are trying to work out who you are and not allowing the universe and your SOUL to show you WHO YOU ARE in TRUTH.

Are WE ready for a CHANGE? Co-Creating the New Earth

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WE SAY we like clean air but we continue to cut down the trees on the planet that create this clean air. WE SAY we want more reliable and sustainable energy but we continue to rely on the old systems. WE SAY we want change, but when change is introduced we won't let go of the old. WE SAY we want peace in the world but we continue to support the groups of people that create war. WE SAY, we want to know the Spirit of All That Is One, which some call God, however we won't let go of the separation within our own Selves enough to see that WE are already it. WE SAY we want to know the truth, but we are not willing to allow the truth in.

Marlene Swetlishoff ~ Archangel Gabriel Feb 13, 2014

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By: Marlene Swetlishoff, 02/13/2014

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Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as loyalty. This quality shines through each soul as they interact with others in their daily lives. In these interactions, this quality is evident as individuals show their willingness to help those around them, to be present and on task in their workplaces, and in their desire to show friendship to others. This quality is much appreciated by other individuals who rely on this facet of love in their communications and belief in the individual who manifests this quality in their words and deeds. With this quality, life long friendships are formed and maintained and each individual knows that here is a person that can always be relied upon to be available at any time.

Éireport Blog~AK’s Logo~ Beautiful

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eireport_logo_ak_1All right, I just posted the latest Éireport Blog message. But when I saw this image on AK’s site, which I presume he created, I was quite AMAZED and “blown away”, in a Light Energetic kind of way.

He’s got the portal, outlined by fire-like energy, and what I get as “Star Beings” passing through it, to the beautiful location beyond the portal.

The “Éireport” name has resonated with “Air-Port”, and has always brought up a sense in me of joy… like when I used to fly in small planes with my father, and he would say, “Let’s go to the airport.”

Well, all I can say is, “Let’s go to the ‘Éireport’!!”

Mahalo, AK…

Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Avenda – 13 February 2014

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By: Nancy Tate, 02/13/2014



I am here and I am your other self, the only other one that is with you at all times. I ask that you allow yourself to speak as you feel at whatever level you feel most appropriate. I am going to whisper a clarity into your soul and then ask that you relay it to the others that you care to share it with. It is a very simple message and it comes with the utmost love for all of mankind, all of life on earth and in our universe.

We came to the universe with an express purpose. It was to bring about the forms of life and the expression that we have come to do. We expressed ourselves in all ways in order to reach the boundaries that we felt would be in place. We have found the real truth of boundaries in our travels. We have found there are no boundaries; there is only the love that expresses openly, and with no limits. We came here to this planet in this solar system to alleviate the fears that we saw could envelop the universe. We saw in our first meanderings throughout the universe that there was nothing that supported the idea of limitedness, for we had no idea of what that was and how it could be expressed.


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