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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 19, 2017

The act of surrender is like putting your car in drive after you've programmed your destination into your GPS. Intention is step one. Activating your help is step two. But neither one will do you much good if you don't get into the flow that allows you to be guided to where you want to be. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Friday August 18, 2017

There is an understanding of the importance of having clarity for what you would like to create moving forward. But during such times of energetic intensity, much that is looking for healing comes up for examination and release. So how do you stay focused on what you want while having what is NOT wanted come up so clearly?

Dear Ones, your world is always full of contrast. You are grand and powerful energetic sorters. Do not be afraid to look at, identify, and let go of old energies. Acknowledge, label, and release. Then consider it gone.

You can then consider yourself much more in line with what you DO wish to create, now that you are not hauling that old energy with you. Allow your focus to continue to be brought to where it can be of the greatest good for you, whether it is a momentary acknowledgment of what is no longer a match, or redirecting towards your new creations.

It may help to think of it as cleaning out your closet. You have to look at each thing to decide whether you would like to keep it or to let it go. You get to have continuation with what works with you, and you can release the rest without a second thought. And you understand the space that is created in your close is ready to receive the new that so better matches the times you are in and your latest preferences.


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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 17, 2017

Dear Ones, even your own reactiveness holds gifts for you. Most of you are very mindful and feel great distress if you respond in a way that is out of character for you. The first thing to ask yourself if you have been reactive is, “How have I not been showing up for myself?” And then, “What part of me is in pain? Is not feeling safe or secure? Is desperate for my love and attention?”

Reactiveness is often a sign that you have neglected yourself or stuffed feelings for a very long time. What the intense, transformative energies of the eclipse season you are in are doing is pushing everything up to the surface so you can address what you need once and for all.

You are human beings playing in the realm of unprecedented experience. You are tender and good. You are driving the shift on your planet! If you have a moment that you regret, rather than punishing yourself and wounding yourself even further, we urge you to show up with compassion, acceptance, and understanding for yourself and to give yourself the unconditional love and care you need to heal those bits of you that are desperate for your attention and acknowledgment.

Showing up for yourself, wholly and completely, allows you to show up even more for others. That is what your soul wants more than anything else – unconditional love, acceptance, and unity consciousness for all. And that, Dear Ones, must begin within, for you are an integral part of that all. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Wednesday August 16, 2017

When people act out it is because they are uncomfortable, frustrated, overwhelmed and fearful. Because the energies you are in are bringing up so much that is ready to be acknowledged, healed, and released in a very intense way – a way that cannot be avoided any longer – you will see people being reactive in their discomfort.

You do not need to let this throw you – you can hold your space in compassionate understanding as many of you have already dealt with your own activations and have learned how to move with intense energies. You have also done a lot of your own healing work so are out of the throes of the dark night of the soul that is the great activator for so many of you to step onto your enlightenment path.

Think of being a parent to a toddler who has become completely overwhelmed to the point where they have succumbed to having a tantrum. You understand they have reached a place where they simply cannot deal with where they are. The tantrum acts as a great dispeller of energy.

If you stay in a calm, empowered space as their caretaker, you are able to acknowledge their discomfort and the fact they have reached their limit. You can keep them safe and create the conditions they need to release so they can come back to themselves.


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday August 15, 2017

The energetic work that you have been a part of over the past several years has been creating an energetic foundation to be built upon. The times you are in now are the completion of the foundation, and you will be moving forward into the aspects of joyful creation as you step beyond the transformative energies of this month.

Let us explain what we mean. It is as though you have put together all of the finest ingredients for a cake. You have lovingly mixed the ingredients together and have baked it with care.

The cake is the foundation. Once you have checked it and determined it was cooked through, you do not need to keep checking it, or keep placing it in the oven to cook it a little bit more. When it is done, it is done.

Once have accepted that fact and allowed it to cool and set, you can then move on to the fun part. You can ice it, and decorate it, and add whatever extras you like that would delight you.

Dear Ones, the cake is your energetic foundation and it is complete. Moving forward you get to choose how you wish to personalize your creation. You get to express yourself however you like, in whatever ways will bring you joy, and savour the fruits of your labour. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Monday August 14, 2017

Dear Ones, the greater your discomfort, the greater your resistance. It may be resistance to a situation, a circumstance, the energies, or where the flow is trying to take you, but make no mistake, if you are uncomfortable resistance is at its core.

It is designed that way on purpose. Your discomfort is not to punish you, or a cross to bear. It is simply a redirectional tool. It's role is to make it too uncomfortable to stay the same and get you back into the movement that your soul is wishing you to experience.

So how do you get out of discomfort? Surrender. Get into the flow. Commit to staying out of your own way and having your guides and helpers lead you. Practice acceptance. Consciously use gratitude and appreciation for what is working in your life in each Now moment. You see, Dear Ones, you simply cannot be resistant and grateful at the same time.

Your soul knows exactly what it is trying to do and where it wants to go. Allow it to take the lead and drop the struggle, and you will be surprised at how you will feel an immediate lightening of your load and begin to move toward the comfort and expansion you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Sunday August 13, 2017

One of the most nurturing things you can do for yourselves, especially during times of energetic intensity, is to consciously connect with the sun and allow the healing rays to wash over you and soothe you. You and the sun are so connected and it is playing a major role in your enlightenment process. It is a wonderful resource that we encourage you to utilize for your healing, shifting, and comfort. Ten minutes a day on your bare skin with the clear intention to receive its gifts and support is all that is required. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Saturday August 12, 2017


As many of you are experiencing change, particularly feeling drawn to stepping into service, or changing your service, you may feel the need to find the one thing you should be doing. We are going to encourage you to look at things a little differently.

Most of you were raised to find the one thing you would like to do. You were asked often as a child what you would like to be when you grow up. There was an expectation that you would have clarity about what the one thing would be and would work toward that goal so you could be that one thing stepping out into the world as a young adult. To be too varied in your interests was deemed frivolous or flighty.

You are now experiencing multi-dimensionality, both within yourselves and with your interests. You are recognizing you are not just one thing, but rather, multi-faceted beings with many interests and talents. You are also most focused on expansion, growth, and pioneering, which involves the exploration of many different paths and activities.

This serves you well, as being drawn to many different types of activities, or offering different types of services allows the universe to provide a stream of abundance to you whatever the energies might be supporting.


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Daily Message ~ Friday August 11, 2017

Do you have a deep distrust of when things are good? Do you feel if wonderful things happen it must be fleeting? Do you immediately wait for the “other shoe to drop”?

You anchor things into your awareness through acceptance. If you immediately distrust when things are “too good”, you will instantly throw constraints on your flow. You will block yourself before the full beauty of what the universe is trying to deliver you can be fully assimilated and enjoyed.

Dear Ones, it is ok to trust in the good, in fact, it is highly recommended! If something works for you, give thanks to show your approval and acceptance and then open yourself up to the next wonderful thing that is now possible.

Understand if you have stepped into an energy of what is wanted, it is because that is what is in alignment with you and you can now see what else is possible from that alignment and take the next step into even better.

There are no limits! You get to choose, and choose, and choose again, all based on what feels good to you and opens up to you as new possibilities, as an empowered co-creator of your life expression. ~Archangel Gabriel


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Daily Message ~ Thursday August 10, 2017

There is a part of you that can connect with and anchor any energy that you wish to experience. As a beloved individuated aspect of Source energy, of All That Is, you have access to all that is.

Just as you can search your computer or a library for any topic matter under the sun, you can also seek to find whatever you wish to explore within yourself. It does not matter if the energy hasn't been used for a long time, or ever, it is still available to you.

As you evolve you will begin to play more and more with the energies that have always existed within you. You will move beyond your self imposed limitations by recognizing that everything has been there all along.

Enlightenment is when, with your free will, you decide to go deep into the exploration of Self and express yourself from the myriad of divine options you already hold, and that, Dear Ones, will be your most exciting and satisfying foray into mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel



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