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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 30, 2021

When you attempt to challenge someone’s beliefs, it can result in making them dig in and create an even deeper attachment to them. They can become so invested in defending their beliefs that they become unwilling to consider any other viewpoint, even when it becomes clear that their belief is no longer serving them. Because they have defended their viewpoint for so long, they feel they have no other choice but to continue with it.

Dear Ones, you are here to support your own evolution and to hold the space for the evolution of others. By keeping an attitude of acceptance and non-judgment, you allow people to feel safe to grow, expand, and explore many different options. This serves the purpose of not fueling resistance or shame and encourages everyone to allow their beliefs to shift and flow with the unfoldment of their journey. You become easier with each other which supports connection, forward movement, and the freedom of self expression every soul yearns for and deserves. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 29, 2021

One of the greatest gifts of being a human being is you get to try on many different beliefs. These beliefs evolve over time as your wisdom and awareness grows. This is a wonderful thing, and yet another way you experience expansion and flow. They key is to allow others the right to their beliefs understanding it is part of their own evolution.

Please be aware, Dear Ones, if you begin to think you are more right than others or start making others wrong for what they believe, you can inadvertently slip into a false sense of superiority which only fans the flames of separation and is quite contrary to your true goal of supporting the shift through the embodiment of acceptance, peace, unity consciousness, and unconditional love.

So when you perceive others as being wrong, please remember you do not know what their soul wishes to experience. The wrongness that you feel is simply that the choice they are making is not the right choice for you. The only thing you need to know at any given time is what is feels right and aligned for you and your journey and we encourage you to honour the divine right of others to make that discovery for themselves, as well. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 27, 2021

Dear Ones, the unfoldment of your journey is always serving you. If you are in a lull it is because you are in a phase that requires you to rest, receive, and integrate. If you are in fast forward movement, you are experiencing the next level that has opened to you due to the work you have done in your lull period. One serves the other and both serve you, always.

So rather than going straight to resisting the phase you are in, why not start to ask, what is the purpose of this phase and how is it serving me? This will bring much more comfort to your present moment and allow you to harvest the inherent gifts of where you are with much more grace and ease. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 26, 2021

We understand many of you are seeking structure to feel safe, but the structure you truly seek should be malleable and support your flow and evolution. Control cannot do that. You wish to make things predictable through your control but the only thing that control will always provide is slowly sucking the vibrancy and flow of what you are trying to hold onto.

As you become more adept at moving with the new energies, you will come to understand that it is the structure provided by the divine combination of surrender, faith, flow, and trust that will always bring you the support, guidance, and movement to continue to experience your highest outcomes. It will provide the sustenance your dreams require in order to continue to unfold and evolve. It is the system you can trust to support your evolution and the evolution of all the things that are dear to you.

It is safe to release the old ways of control and micromanagement and see what your soul has always intended for you. More often than not you will be delighted to discover it is so much more than you ever could have dreamt possible. There is a world of wonder waiting for you, and you get there through the core elements of surrender, faith, flow, and trust. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 25, 2021

Dear Ones, acceptance is an essential element for you as you move forward into the new energies. Acceptance for others. Acceptance for yourself – all aspects of yourself including your tender human parts that are seeking your love and guidance as well as your divinity. Acceptance that there is profound intelligence and purpose in the unfoldment of the shift you are participating in. Acceptance that your body knows exactly what it needs to do to navigate your ascension process if you take the time to listen to its guidance. Acceptance of the unfoldment and the support that is available for you at all times if you are willing to ask and receive. Acceptance is how you can finally settle in to the truth that your beingness is more than enough. Acceptance is the way to your forward movement and how to harness the most out of any energies that are presenting to you. It is how you embrace your growth and evolution.

Acceptance happens when you anchor into your faith and trust. It works with its partner allowing. When acceptance and allowing are employed together it opens the door to patience and peace. And through patience and peace you can finally settle into your beingness. Acceptance is both the doorway and the anchor to the energies you wish to bring forth into your own life expression and the planet.

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 24, 2021

We’d like to further yesterday’s message about meeting people where they are and navigating the vibrational layers between you and others.

Imagine a two story house with a basement. The basement could be considered 3D. The main floor is 4D. The upstairs is 5D. The attic is where the angels, masters, and higher guides reside. Most people who have not begun their enlightenment journey would be in resonance with the basement. Others who are firmly on their enlightenment journey are spending more and more of their time upstairs.

The people in the basement have some idea that there’s a floor above them. They may even occasionally go up the stairs and explore it a little before the go back to the basement. But they really don’t have much of an awareness of the upstairs or attic because there is too much space between them and that area.

You, on the other hand, remember the basement because that is where you started and you have awareness of both the main floor and the attic from where you are. To meet people in the middle you would go to the main floor and encourage people in the basement to meet you there.

Do you see? It is a layer that you can both access with relative ease and a place where you can see and acknowledge each other. And while there may be some people who aren’t quite ready to come up the stairs to the higher floors of the house, you are all occupying the same building and are equally valued and loved no matter where you are choosing to spend the majority of your time. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 23, 2021

As you continue to shift and evolve along your journey, it may create an energetic gap between where you are and where others around you are. This is quite a normal aspect of the shift. This is where your wisdom comes in. If you wish to connect with others who aren’t occupying the same vibrational space as you are, you must meet them where they are.

Different energetic layers open as you move along your enlightenment journey. This is the natural outcome of evolution. What this means is you all have access to energies you have already evolved beyond. You can dip back into them but you would not find it comfortable to stay there.

But people do not have at will access to higher vibrational energies that they have not yet evolved into alignment with. This explains why others can’t understand you or meet you where you are. Simply put, their layer is open to you but yours is not open to them yet.

So we highly recommend if you are wishing to connect with others that you meet them in the middle. With your love and compassion, feel into the highest energetic point they are capable of and connect with them there. There is always a point, if you approach with understanding and openness and a willingness to simply accept people where they are where you can connect.

We suggest using the universal desires for peace, safety, acceptance, and acknowledgement as your common denominators, for those are the points where hearts can open to each other.~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 22, 2021

A common current message in the collective lately is don’t be in fear. If you understand fear is a contraction and contrary to your flow, you can see that fear is not a forward moving energy. But simply telling others not to be in fear is not necessarily helpful if they do not have the tools to move beyond that fear. In fact, it can put them into a deeper state of powerlessness because they will know that the fear is not helpful but they will feel even worse about themselves for not being able to shift out of that fear. It puts them into even deeper resistance to themselves and their emotions that are simply seeking acknowledgement and healing.

Fear is simply an activation that occurs when a part of you feels unsafe. Berating yourself or others for that natural feeling will only compound the feeling of the lack of safety. You simply cannot resist anything into healing because healing is a flow and resistance is contrary to flow. So what do you do about fear?

The first thing to do is to ground into your present moment. The vast majority of the time your fear is a projection into the future but the reality is you are fine in your now moment. Using your awareness to notice all the things that are working for you in your present moment takes you out of the energies of the wounds of the past and the unknowns of the future. Breathe. Find the things that are supporting you and feel the safety that exists for you in that moment.

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 21, 2021

Many of you are at a point in the integration of the new energies that you will be starting to experience super accelerated flow. This is due to the fact that you have released much of the old and have been poised and waiting for the wave of transformation to sweep you forward into the new. That wave is now catching many of you and carrying you forward.

Despite the fact that many of you have been in a pregnant pause or a lull phase for what feels like a long period of time and have been waiting for forward movement, this sudden movement can come with its challenges. You may feel excitement/anxiety much like riding a roller coaster. You’ve been in line waiting for your turn so you know you are more than willing for the experience but your reactions can be multifaceted once you get into the energy of the ride.

It can be disconcerting to be in a slower energy of a lull for a period of time and then suddenly have to start thinking on your feet because you’ve entered fast flow. Even though you have spent a lot of time in preparation, it is still swinging the pendulum to the other end of the spectrum and it can take a moment to orient yourself. It is much like needing your full awareness after being suddenly woken up from a long, deep sleep.


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