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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 18, 2021

Dear Ones, you do not need to communicate with spirit to move forward on your spiritual journey. You do not even need to know exactly what your spiritual beliefs are. All that is required is a belief that something more than you exists, acknowledgement that you are intrinsically connected to that something more, and a willingness to move with the flow which is the guidance system of that something more. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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You may not be able to move the world, but you can move yourself.

You may not be able to change other’s attitudes, but you can lead by example.

You may not be able to show everyone the benefits of being responsible for their own thoughts/feelings, but you can ask they receive whatever they need to see.

The Universe has place you where you are now, doing what you are doing to be magic and will support you always. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 17, 2021

Someone recently asked the question, How do you know when energy is expired or you need to keep hope alive? We would like to address this today.

When you are at the end of the road with something energetically, there will be no movement or support. Trying to stay in that energy will feel more and more uncomfortable. You may feel resistance in your body when you think of the situation or try to remain in it, usually a tightening in the abdominal area. To fight to stay in those energies would require you to deny your growth, to give away your power, or otherwise stay in a smaller version of yourself than you know is appropriate for you.

It is always wonderful to have hope. Hope is the optimistic light of your heart. But be aware if you are stubbornly holding on, it is often because you have a strong attachment to something turning out or looking a very specific way. If that is not happening, it is because it does not serve you or others to be in that version of your dream at this time. Sometimes people have to break apart for growth and expansion if it is not occurring within their dynamic with each other. Sometimes it takes time for a dream to come together and needs more elements to show up before it can become its highest version of itself.

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Infinitely Powerful

The reality of the situation is; you are an infinitely powerful being capable of anything encased in a rather fragile shell. It may seem odd, this supposed imbalance, but there is always a purpose to everything The Universe does. Treat both well because the learning cannot continue for one without the other. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 16, 2021

There is a process for enlightening human beings which involves going inward for growth, discovery, and healing and then going outward to test what is possible now due to the work you had done. The changes always begin within, and then the results are seen in a tangible way outwardly. This is perfectly normal and part of the greater ebbs and forward movements that are the part of the entirety of the flow.

What this means is if you keep encountering a theme, it can very well be not because you haven’t healed it but rather as a chance to experience how much healing has occurred. This is a common misconception, that themes keep happening because you are not healed, when in fact your soul had simply very cleverly orchestrated many opportunities for you to gauge and experience your mastery over a certain theme.

A recurring theme doesn’t in any way indicate success or failure. It simply indicates an area of your life you wished to explore in a deeper way. How you handle that theme as it occurs will shift as you evolve until such time as there is no energetic charge at all to that area of study. At that point you can simply chuckle over how efficient your soul was at keeping the theme looping around in your awareness to give you plenty of opportunities for your own success.

GFP Newsletter - 5/15/2021

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If people start meditating, if people start loving their bodies, loving their minds, and out of love peacefully transcending towards a state of no-mind, they will not belong to any stupid ideology.

And all ideologies are so full of stupid things that it is almost impossible to count how many superstitions, and what a variety of superstitions. Some day when humanity has become one, we will need great museums to collect all the superstitions to remember our forefathers by. Just the way Darwin thought of monkeys as his forefathers, the coming generations of man will remember you and your forefathers in the same category.




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Perfect Changes

I know you are tired, my love…and sometimes you may become disheartened with your Earth Plane existence.  Please remember you are never alone.  The Universe has an almost imperceptible way of moving that will bring about the perfect changes at the perfect time.  It may be challenging for you to understand and even more so to accept but know you are always lovingly cradled in the arms of The Universe, and all will be well. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 15, 2021

Dear Ones, your abundance is a flow. As you know, flow likes to keep moving. You don’t want your money to dead end when it reaches you. In fact, one of the greatest ways to keep your money flowing is to keep it moving forward in ways that will make a difference.

Finding win/win scenarios is very much an aspect of the new earth. Allow your money to serve you by flowing to you, but allow it to continue to serve others, as well, and you will find yourself finding a joy and ease with money like never before. This explains why the practice of tithing can grow your abundance.

As you move forward into the new energies a great question to keep in your awareness is, “How can I keep my money flowing forward in service?” This will allow your money to ripple out with the energies of inclusion, care, and love, which will beautifully benefit both you and the recipient. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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A Wonderful Thing

Whether you are aware of it or not; you have been given a great gift from The Universe.  There is an intrinsic beauty that belongs to you…no one else on your Earth plane has it.  When you spend time focusing on your perceived faults, physical or otherwise, you are ignoring this gift!  Take time, every day, to find something good and beautiful about you.  When you start embracing these things, a wonderful thing happens…those faults you thought you had disappear. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 14, 2021

The beauty of a phase of not knowing is you have come to the realization that the solutions you seek do not exist within the realm of what is already known to you. This indicates you are ready for more. This creates an openness in you to expand and move into the exploration of what exists just beyond what you can see. Be willing to let go of the rope that keeps you tethered to expired energies and allow the flow to carry you into the discovery of the new with great anticipation, Dear Ones, because that is where your soul is beckoning you to go. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 5/13/2021

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I don't think they know even anything about meditation, but the fear.... Jews are afraid, Mohammedans are afraid, Hindus are afraid, Jainas are afraid -- they are all afraid of meditation. Even though they talk about meditation they are afraid of it. They talk because without talking about meditation their religion seems to be incomplete, but they are basically against it because a man who becomes a meditator simply slips out of any organized religion. He is no more a Hindu and he is no more a Jew and he is no more a Mohammedan. He cannot go on believing in all kinds of superstitions and stupidities that every religion is full of.


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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 13, 2021

Dear Ones, you have stepped firmly into new energies and this can require taking a moment to get your bearings. It is much like a video game, where you have gone through a particularly challenging stage, which upon its completion, opens up an entirely new level to you. You are in the process of learning what the features are in this stage, exploring the landscape, your new tools are, and the best application of them. There is much to discover and learn in this new level as it contains many new potentials that you could not have accessed previously,  and we urge you to find wonder and joy in the process as you have worked so hard to arrive here. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Your Thoughts & Words

Why be a kind and compassionate person?  The ripple effect of your thoughts and words continues long after you have left your Earth plane.  Think of an amazing (or trying) moment in your life and ask The Universe to show you how far it has traveled and what was created by it.  You will be astounded!  Remember, kindness and compassion cost nothing but, the benefits will continue to give. ~ Creator


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