~An Update from The Arcturians~ We know You are Waiting On The Galactics and You will not be dissapointed~

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June 12, 2011.

~We know You are Waiting On The Galactics and You will not be dissapointed~

Greetings again dear ones. We see you anxiously awaiting some sort of action on the part of the Galactics and you will not be disappointed. However, everything must be in place for it to happen in ways that will not give rise to more of the games being played by those who wish you not to awaken. It must be done in a way in which there is no confusion on the part of those ready for the energy now coming in. There must be situations in place for it to unfold in the way that has been planned.

~YOU ARE THE REAL HEROS~~LOVE REPORTER Karen Cottle~ with a Love Message from Athena~

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I am Athena, Goddess of War, Wisdom and Truth and I greet you in love and pleasure.

I come forward today to talk about dissension in the ranks.

The negative side uses dissension amongst all of you to create division. Through division they help you focus on minor problems rather than see the larger picture. They divide you and through this division cause you to fight amongst each other, thereby conquering you without lifting a finger. They’ve been using this strategy for millennia. None of you can see this and so you fight on, each one believing they have the right way and everyone else is wrong.

~High Council of Orion Love message for June 13th, 2011~

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Welcome loved ones, we are blessed once more with this opportunity to further guide and support you at this time of great change across your planet. We are here to help you through the various symptoms that may occur as your body changes from the denser 3D format to the higher light body. All of you are affected by the energies that are sweeping across the planet, many of you will be unaware of the “upgrade” to the physical, putting your symptoms down to feeling run down or becoming ill, catching a “bug” as it were. Many others of you may be alert to the changes happening deep inside your BEing and many more of you will suffer little or no symptoms as you adapt to the changes of simply by BEing.


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~June 12, 2011~

Welcome to you, assuming all is well for us to communicate. I wonder if I may start off by asking something that I feel may assist us? Someone wrote in asking if you could elaborate further to gain better understanding on our part, regarding the statement you made in the last channelling: "Here we must point out ... that all that we have spoken of .... all that we have shared with you ... and all that has penetrated into your hearts ... must now be encountered by the part of you that is of a HIGHER understanding." I tried my best to reply, but found once again .... words to be inadequate and feel that you would be able to do a better job! Would you be so kind?

~Message from Star Family Healers of Grand Cosmic Squadron 6~12~11~

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~Message from Star Family Healers of Grand Cosmic Squadron 6~12~11~


 Beloved Ones, Greetings to you from the Guardian Fleet of Earth, we are healers from the air crew of the fleet and come to you in response to queries and questions about various ailments and releasing queries.

It has been stated that it is time now that your earth plane should experience further healing in addition to your own customs, as some have clearly become outmoded and need to be addressed for your own welfare.

Our own healing methods take on the form from an understanding that all beings are sound and light vibrations- particles of energy, no matter the density of their molecular structure. In our understanding outside of time and space, we can see that healing needs to take place on all levels of a person to become wholely healed.

Clearly your medical systems are in need of a boost in this direction to help you to cure many ailments, and we can also teach you to undertake this yourselves.


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June 11, 2011, channeled by Love Reporter Nancy B. Detweiler


<— Venus – Morning Star

Good day, brothers and sisters on Earth. We who reside on planet Venus greet you with love and longing. Love, because you abide in our love always. Longing, because we long to see you awaken to your true natures. You suffer needlessly.

As we behold your planet, we see sparks of light here and there. These beings of light try to speak, but no one is listening. We are reminded of the cosmic message to be found in your Bible:

~Love Reporter John Smallman~ ~Take time out daily for serious and extreme inactivity~ 06~12~2011

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~Take time out daily for serious and extreme inactivity~


Waiting is also part of the illusion – a focusing on some future time or expected event – and it distracts you from this now instant in which life is happening. Everything that happens always happens now; you may expect it tomorrow or next year, but when it happens it is now. If you focus on the past or the future, as you often do, you miss what is happening – NOW! Frequently it seems to you that nothing of note is going on right now, so you think about past events or future expectations as a relief from boredom – nothing of interest stimulating you to participate in this moment – and miss the moment and all the wonders it contains because they occur below the level of your conscious awareness.

~A LOVE Message from Matthew~ ~THROUGH LOVE REPORTER SUZANNE WARD~ - June 11, 2011

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 ~A LOVE Message from Matthew~


- June 11, 2011 -

lthough we hope that none of you is apprehensive about the recent predictions of cataclysms, we shall tell you that there will be no 1000-foot tsunami; no celestial bodies will collide with Earth; radiation from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant will not cause population extinction; no plague will annihilate most of the world’s peoples; living underground will not be necessary; the fight for freedom in Arab countries will not ignite WWIII.

Your desires that none of those will occur are added to Earth’s intention that they will not, and the energy produced in the collective consciousness assures that none of those devastating events can be manifested."

A LOVE MESSAGE FROM Ashtar ~ Celebrating Memorial Day as Peace Warriors

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~ A LOVE MESSAGE FROM Ashtar ~  Celebrating Memorial Day as Peace Warriors WELCOME HOME ALL BEINGS HOME INTO THE LIGHT~


"Well, greetings everyone!  We are so pleased indeed to be here with you.  We have a vantage point that is a bit higher than it was before at the origination point of these calls.  We are three thousand feet up the mountain, and it is a wondrous, sacred mountain indeed.  And we invite all of you who feel so inclined to connect in with the sacred energies of this mountain called Haleakala.  This has a lot to do with the heartland Lemuria, heart of Lemuria, so it is a most wondrous place indeed.  So we're flying high!  Alrighty!  Now, there is so much happening, as you know, in every moment.  Everything is changing from moment to moment. You heard a bit of a summation by Masters Tara and Rama,* and that is barely scratching the surface, Beloved Ones.



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