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We need rules right? Well, let's look at what rules have brought this world. The American Indians lived in relative peace and harmony for thousands of years. Not that they never fought with each other, but it was nothing compared to the wars going on in Europe at the time. They lived in cooperation with their neighbors and never had any need for strict sets of rules. Then the white man came and brought so-called civilization. He introduced things like property ownership, religion, all sorts of rules that we're supposed to keep people from fighting with each other. Then the white guys proceeded to slaughter the Indians by the hundreds of thousands. Their rules said they could do it. Even their religions, supposedly based upon a guy called the Prince of Peace, allowed for it. So the rules, that people swear up and down bring harmony to the world, brought the exact opposite and actually endorsed genocide.

~THE ARCTURIANS~Coming Earth Changes are a Necessary Part of Gaia’s Cleansing Processs

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~The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaelle, May 30, 2011.~

Channeler: Marilyn Raffaele | http://www.onenessofall.com/

~Coming Earth Changes are a Necessary Part of Gaia’s Cleansing Processs~



Greetings dear ones. We are here once again to tell you of the great light we see flowing ever more powerfully from your earth. You are doing a fine job of adding light to the darkness of the old energy. It may seem as if there is nothing being changed, as if the world is instead growing worse because of all the chaos you see, but we can assure you that the chaos is a part of the cleansing and clearing process.

It is time for the many to re-evaluate their priorities and move forward. Everyone is being given the opportunity at this time to change; to change rigid ways of seeing and being and doing, and in the process release themselves from the old beliefs that have held them in bondage to “this is the way we have always done it, so this is how things must be done”. 

~June New Moon Energy Scope~

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~June New Moon Energy Scope~

The energy with this new moon in Gemini will show two sides to each equation . so this will be a big witnessing of what is illusion and what is not. you will feel what is real and what is not when something by the eclipse is brought to light. So your being will have to keep your witness and awareness up to see all the symbols and information being presented to you. Up to this new moon it has been like the calm before the storm. It has been a time of inner reflection before deciding to make any deciding step forward and this time will have come as a blessing as the reflections you have made and decided to take are the right steps forward and you will be glad you thought them over carefully. This would be stepping forward with balanced being and wise steps .

~MONTAGUE KEEN~5~29~11 There are sufficient enlightened beings on Earth now, to complete the task.

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~Monty Keen's message to his wife and us 5~29~11~

~There are sufficient enlightened beings on Earth now, to complete the task.~

My dear Veronica, you are now beginning to fully understand that this is your work. I am assisting and guiding you as you proceed with the work you came on Earth to do. When I was on Earth you were there for me. You gave of yourself without hesitation. You always put my needs before your own. Now, we in the network of souls on this side of life, are here for you. We have recently given you a greater understanding of who you are and what you must accomplish. We bring the right people forward on Earth, from the greater Universe and, of course, from the Spirit World. It is coming together, it cannot be stopped. There are sufficient enlightened beings on Earth now, to complete the task. The Dark, on the other hand, have been visiting various places to enforce the stamp of their satanic control.


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~LOVE REPORTER Carolyn Ann O'Riley~

~Through the Trees~

A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled Through and Written by Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Welcome!, Welcome!, Welcome! My Beautiful Beings of Light. Did you just blink your eyes and realize another month has past?

"Whew", you say to yourself "I've got to stop blinking my eyes the World is going faster now than I can keep up."

That My Beloveds is how most of you seem to feel, isn't it? Kind of like being in a time warp, where you just keep going and going and going and never seem to arrive at where you wanted to be or even find yourself some place and wonder how you got there.


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