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Giving Beauty

Every time you look around, you can see beauty.  Although it may not always be readily visible, it exists in everything belonging to your Earth plane.  With this thought in mind, you must remember that beauty also exists within you!  Putting yourself in a vulnerable enough space to show it to the world may be a little challenging but, it can be done.  Start small; a kind word or a gentle smile.  Allow that beauty to shine out and touch everything around you!  As the feeling becomes more comfortable, giving the gift of your beauty becomes easier…just allow it to happen and watch your world change! ~ Creator

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This That Is Called Life

God said:

Beloved, whatever life asks of you, it is asked of you. We can consider that life asks you in installments. Life befalls you as it befalls. You can’t take back your life. Life may change, yet you can’t trade your life just like that for a new one. Inevitably, however, life does ebb and flow.

GFP Newsletter - 10/25/2018

will's picture is the case with truth, or if you like you can use the word god. So is the case with god. It is not that he is far away, and that's why we don't know about him; it is because he is not far away but very close by. Even to say that it is close by is not right, because you are it. He is within you and without: he is all and all.

This is the first thing that has to be allowed to sink deep in your heart: truth already is, we are in it. This is the most fundamental thing to begin with. You are not to discover it; it is not covered. All that is needed is a new kind of awareness.



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I have noticed that there are moments when I am wondering what LOVE wants me to accomplish, then I realize I (EYE) AM LOVE AND WHAT ELSE CAN I ACCOMPLISH. LOL

In Society, Society gets to define the individual. LOVE JUST DIVINES THE INDIVIDUAL AS ONENESS.


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Truly this is both a crazy and a fantastic time to be incarnate!

As the mainstream media continues to focus on conflict, disagreements, and general calamities, set your intent to focus on Love.  Love is the power of God extended to and shared with all of creation.  There is absolutely nothing that approaches Its power, strength, intelligence, and wisdom, or Its complete and utter unconditional acceptance of all sentient life.  Love is the infinite field in which all of creation expands to add joy continuously to all that it contains.  Love always acts joyfully and with infinite wisdom, It is the Truth that is Reality.  There is nothing else.

For eons humans have sought Love outside themselves, from another or from God; but God, who is Love, is within you and will be found nowhere else.  Yes, you may well find another to love you, but that will always be conditional love, conditional on your living up to their ideas of what love should be.  Yes, even though a mother’s love for her children is very strong, nevertheless, if the child is not in love with itself it will remain unsatisfied and searching.

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See Yourself…

Today, you are being invited to explore your inner-space.  Look into yourself and see what you love to embrace it.  See what it is you feel you need to change.  See yourself as The Universe sees you…perfect, whole and beautiful.  It may take some work for your conscious mind to realize the gift but, it can be done.  You are loved beyond measure! ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Thursday October 25, 2018

Dear Ones, if you have a situation that once served you well but starts to feel not as good to you anymore, it is simply a precursor to change. You will always start to get uncomfortable in anything that is not supporting you in your growth and expansion. Your discomfort occurs to help you to start to detach from it and become open to a new better experience.

So if your job, or where you live, or any other area of your life once served you well, but no longer feels quite as good or supportive, know that it is because it is reaching the end of its energetic road and rest easy in the knowledge that something else is preparing itself for you. Let this reassure you that a new better match is already taking form.

Do you see?  Your discomfort is not a sign that you need to start manifesting, it is a sign that manifestation is already occurring.  Something better for you is in the process of creating its way into existence.  Your job is to stay open, aware, and non-resistant, which allows you to be moved up into the experience of the next great match that will support you through the next important phase of your incarnation. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Supreme Greatness Lies within You

God said:

Beloved, be open to new and greater ways of thinking. You do not yet begin to know what life may put before you far beyond what you can conceive of being put before anyone – least of all before you! Who can explain it, your being asked to climb higher mountains in order to go beyond boundaries you never thought possible to jump over?

It may have already happened in life that what you desired didn’t always seem to turn out so wonderfully as you had thought it would. It may already have happened that what you at first balked at turned out to be far more wonderful than you ever could have imagined.

GFP Newsletter - 10/24/2018

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Truth is. Truth is not something to be created, truth is not something that is far away. Truth is herenow, truth surrounds you like the ocean surrounds the fish.


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It has been said before and bears repeating; your private thoughts and whatever you say out loud is heard by The Universe.

If you choose to indulge negative thoughts and feelings, The Universe will respond in kind.

If you choose to do your best to radiate positive thoughts and feeling to your world, again, The Universe responds in kind.  You co-create your life!

Co-creating a more fulfilling existence has been, is and always will be an integral part of your free will.  What will you choose today? ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Wednesday October 24, 2018

If you have found yourself in a painful place, it can become very easy to stay focused on what is not working for you. It can also be very difficult to remember what you know from such a dark place. If you are in such a situation, the key is to very gently and incrementally begin to disengage from the resistance you are in.

How do you do that? You cannot resist resistance, for it will only beget more of the same. And acceptance can be too great of a leap for many of you to make from such a painful place. So we urge you to simply understand that your discomfort exists as a redirectional tool, and start to lead yourself to things that you can be less resistant to.

It can be difficult to even imagine joy from such a place, so look for something that will feel a bit lighter to you. It might be watching a show you love, or reading a book you’ve enjoyed, or just getting up and moving your body, or getting outdoors into the sunshine. You are just looking for something that isn’t as dense and that you can be non-resistant to.

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What Is Love but Inspiration?

God said:

Beloved, may every word anyone and everyone says add to the breadth of inspiration in the world. Certainly, there is no good reason to add one more word of despair to the word bank. The world covets too much despair. There is no good cause to point out even one more alert to the world. Don't raise alarms. Give love.

There is too much good news that isn’t handed out often enough.

Whatever good news the world craves more of, let’s supply it. Let’s downplay unwelcome news. Let’s cast a new flavor into the world and detract from gossip.

GFP Newsletter - 10/23/2018

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God is within you, but because of the mind -- mind means dreaming, desiring -- you never look within, you go on rushing outwards. You keep yourself in the background, your eyes are turned towards the outside, they have become focused there. That's what the mind is all about: focusing the eyes on the outside.

And one has to learn how to unfocus them from there -- how to make them loose, less rigid, more liquid, so that they can turn inwards. Once you have seen who you are, the beggar disappears. In fact it had never existed; it was just a dream, an idea.

The mind is creating all your misery. With the mind gone, misery is gone, and suddenly you are full of energy. And the energy needs expression, sharing; it wants to become a song, a dance, a celebration. That is compassion: you start sharing.


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Make Some Room

The Universe would like to remind you again…..let go!  During this particular time of change, it will be very important for your forward movement and growth.  It has been said time and again but, there is still more work to be done!  Allow yourself to release what is not needed to be transformed to light and love.  Only good can come from it.  Beauty and peace are coming to you, it’s time to make some room! ~ Creator


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