GFP Newsletter - 9/15/2020

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When they become angry at me I know that I have hit the right point. I rejoice in it! They have been pretending love, compassion, sympathy, understanding, and I am exposing them to their very core. Without knowing what they are doing, they are doing what I want them to do.

They are in my hands. Anybody who gets angry at me is caught by me. Now he will be in a whirlwind. I will churn him, I will haunt him. Sooner or later he himself will throw his clothes off and stand naked in the sun. That's what is happening. When they are angry at me they are really showing that they have been exposed.


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Just Beneath The Surface

Can you feel it? More change is bubbling just beneath the surface, getting ready to burst forth onto your Earth plane. It is imperative that you remain in a peaceful and calm space as this newest transition comes to light. Get and stay grounded, continue practicing good self care, stand in your truth and know all will be well. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday September 15, 2020

Some of you may be feeling very detached and rather emotionally removed. Please don’t let this make you think you have suddenly become a very unkind or uncaring creature! If you know in your heart that you care deeply about others and your planet and are normally very empathic and energetically sensitive, it can be a sign you are being of a certain kind of service.

Let us reassure you detachment often indicates shifting into a different vibration in order to hold the space and act as a stabilizer, and that role is very important during turbulent times.

Love can be expressed in many different ways and holding the space is one of them. A parent lovingly staying calm and ensuring safety while a child throws a tantrum is a wonderful example of that. A certain level of detachment is required in order to fulfill that role to the best of their ability. If they lose their balance the situation only accelerates, is prolonged, and opportunities for growth and change can be missed.

If you know your intention is one to assist the whole, trust that whatever is presenting is doing just that. You have spent far too long cultivating your compassion and love to suddenly not care at this point. Trust in who you really are, Dear Ones, and know that the many ways you serve are making a difference. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Freedom or Fascism?

by Julian Rose

Here we are. No more speculation about 'what awaits around the corner'; the jail keepers are escorting us down the concrete corridor and the cell keys are hanging from his belt. Each one of us, in turn, convicted - without notice and without trial – of being Human and electing to express ourselves accordingly. That is the new definition of 'terrorist'.

The battle lines are drawn; there is no other way to honestly state it, we are in the fight of – and for - our lives. We go forward, with the courage and conviction which comes with refusing to be derailed from the path of truth. Or, capitulate to the central control system and fall into a very dark pit from which there is no charted escape.

We shall know each other by the calibre of our actions. We do not have to wear a badge announcing 'the resistance'. The army that we are becoming is forming organically. No uniform required, no 'uniformity' visible. We know our task and do not need to wait for a command.

GFP Newsletter - 9/14/2020

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Remember always: anger is fear standing on its head. It is always fear that hides behind anger; fear is the other side of anger. Whenever you become afraid, the only way to hide the fear is to be angry because fear will expose you. Anger will create a curtain around you; you can hide behind anger.


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Daily Message ~ Monday September 14, 2020

As you start to explore the idea that your beingness is more than enough, it is common for enlightening human beings to follow that thought with worry about whether you are blocked, being lazy, or doing enough.

Dear Ones, the fact that you worry about those things means they will not be an issue! You are conscious, and mindful, and energetically sensitive. That awareness and sensitivity means that you will simply not be able to stay in any energies that don’t match your true intentions for any amount of time.

You will always lovingly redirect yourselves, time and again if necessary, to honour your truest path and life expression. It is time to trust yourself, and your evolutionary process, and allow your beingness to lead the way. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 9/13/2020

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The individual can exist without the ego because the individual is a reality and the reality has no need of the ego. But the nation, the race, the church, the state -- these cannot exist without egos. Without egos they will fall apart. It is the ego that functions as a false center and keeps them together Hence, a Buddha can exist without the ego but Buddhists cannot. Krishna can exist without an ego but Hindus cannot. Remember this always: a false entity needs a false center, otherwise it will wither away.


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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 13, 2020

Many of you have concerns that you may be stuck. Let us reassure you, if you have a willingness to move with whatever is being supported, you can never, ever be stuck. So then the question becomes not, “Am I stuck?” but rather, “What is being supported right now?”

If you are in a lull it is because it serves you. If you are in an action phase it is because it serves you. If you can settle into the acceptance that whatever is presenting is for your highest good, you will start to use your time and focus to your greatest advantage rather than being resistant to yourself and the now moment, which will allow you to fully harness the inherent gifts of every phase. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 9/12/2020

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I am not esoteric, I am not occult, I am not teaching you the other world, I am not teaching you the supernatural, the superman. I am simply exalting the very ordinariness of every human being, the very ordinariness, not only of human beings, but of animals, of trees, of rivers, and rocks -- this very ordinariness of godliness. To me, godliness and ordinariness are equivalent, synonymous.

If I have to choose I will drop the word "God," because it has become really goddamned.

Just pure ordinariness... and to live it moment-to-moment, joyously, dancingly, celebratingly.

Then wisdom blooms. Then the spring comes and the grass grows by itself.


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Daily Message ~ Saturday September 12, 2020

Many of you are feeling frustrated by the lack of movement in your personal lives. We would like to discuss this today.

2020 is a bridge between the old and the new. It is the energy of flux. Its purpose is to help you gain clarity on where you would like to go, what you would like to create, who you really are, and what you truly align with. It is about releasing the past and shifting toward connecting into the energies of 2021 and beyond.

Do you see? Bridges are for connecting one land to another. You don’t build a house in the middle of a bridge.

There will be plenty of time for tangible progress and creation, Dear Ones. Right now is a pivotal time of preparation, where you explore the space between 3D and 5D before you step fully and confidently into your truest preferences and the creation of the new earth. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 9/11/2020

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One has to be even more alert about the inner mind, the inner mirror, the inner capacity of reflection. EACH moment you have to clean the dust. I prefer to put it in this way: EACH moment a sannyasin has to die to the past and be born anew. Then he remains transparent, then his mirror remains clear. Then there is nothing to obstruct his perspective. Then he is neither a Christian nor a Hindu, nor a Mohammedan, nor a Buddhist. Then he is simply a mirror, just a mirror, a mirroring -- mirroring all that is, within and without. Out of that mirroring, wisdom is born.

Wisdom is the flowering of your transparency, of your translucency, of your luminous being. That's what we are doing here. In fact, the function of the Master is to undo what the society has done to you. It is an anti-university, an anti-school, an anti-college, because it is not here to impart knowledge to you but to impart something totally different, something of a different dimension. It is here to create a triggering process in you so that you can get out of your so-called scriptures, words, theories, and you can become just ordinary. You can just become whatsoever you are without any pretensions.

I exalt the ordinariness of consciousness.


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Perceptions & Growth

There are as many perspectives as there are humans on your Earth plane.  It is important to keep in mind that if an opinion/thought/perception is stated, you do not need to agree or take it on as your own but, do your best to understand.  It costs nothing and it gives you an opportunity to grow in ways you may not have imagined. ~ Creator


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