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Daily Message ~ Sunday October 18, 2020

If you are finding yourself at a point of stagnation or despair over a certain issue in your life, it is important to not fall into a belief that it can never change or that there is no solution. This will keep the door closed to the possibility of forward movement. The truth is your challenges occur for you to gain mastery over certain areas of your life. Therefore, a solution must exist.

What you are experiencing is not that there is no solution, but rather that the solution does not exist within the realm of potential you are aware of. That means you must allow yourself to be guided into the discovery of where the solution does exist. You must be willing to release the habit of continuing to energetically engage with what is not working for you and begin to explore new energies and possibilities.

If you are really caught up in the idea that there can be no solution, it can be helpful to stop and ask, “Do I really know everything in the universe? Is it possible there’s a solution I’m not aware of? Who has access to all the information I don’t? What guide do I trust to lead me to the piece I’m missing? Where is my soul trying to lead me?”

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Humanity’s Great Fight-Back

by Julian Rose

It must be occurring to millions of individuals, upon observing the depressing spectacle of top down politics in action, that in the great majority of cases what are termed 'governments' are no longer in any way fit to govern.

It must be dawning on many millions, possibly billions, that those who have been elected to represent the needs and interests of the people, are spectacularly failing in this role.

It must fast be becoming a reality for the great majority of people still able to think, that our world is in the hands of those who display none of the attributes that would pass for 'leadership', but an abundance of almost precisely the opposite attributes.

GFP Newsletter - 10/17/2020

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You need not have much intelligence to be a parrot, you need not have much courage to be a parrot; if you just have a little bit of memory and you can recite the Vedas, the Gita, the Koran, you will be respected and honored. You are not doing anything creative, you are not adding anything to the beauty of the world, you are not contributing to the earth and its joys, on the contrary, you are destroying. But people have been conditioned for thousands of years, and they go on doing things according to their conditioning. Parrots are worshipped.


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That ‘work’ is to be loving whatever arises.

Humanity’s awakening process is advancing rapidly now, as each day increasing numbers of the population worldwide become aware of the essential need now for major changes in the manner in which people think of each other – friend, untrustworthy other, or foe – and understand that all, without any exception are, like themselves, the beloved children of God.  Realizing that, and knowing it, they are then able to let go of judgment, dislike, and dismissal of others as different and wrong, and instead listen to them and discuss with them issues that need to be resolved.  There are many issues that humanity can most successfully resolve if they choose to listen to and hear the opinions and beliefs of others in order to engage in meaningful discussion.  Remember, you have limitless loving assistance and guidance available to you from your support teams in the spiritual realms if you will call on them and allow yourselves to hear them – your intuition – without believing the instant egoic disparaging thought arising: “That will never work!”

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Daily Message ~ Saturday October 17, 2020

Dear Ones, what we wish for you to understand is that what others believe has absolutely no bearing on your own path. It is your beliefs alone that activate the path to your own personal experiences. It is safe to allow others to believe in whatever they wish to believe in, while still honouring the beckoning of your own soul.

At their core, people wish to have love, safety, security, comfort, freedom, and acceptance – they just differ on their ideas of what is the best way to get there. Ultimately all paths will lead people to the discovery of those desires, even if they take some detours first. At a collective level the vast majority of humans want the same things, and that is what will create the change you desire on your planet. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 10/16/2020

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The enlightened person is always joyous, but the tradition, the convention cannot be joyous. The whole structure of a tradition is basically political; it is there to dominate, it is there to oppress, it is there to exploit. And you cannot exploit people playfully, you have to be very serious. You have to make them so sad, so afraid of life itself, you have to create so much trembling in their being, that out of that fear they fall into your hands; they become objects of your manipulation.

A man like me cannot exploit you, because this whole place is more like a tavern than a temple. It is more playful than serious. We are engaged in a beautiful game! The moment you think of it as a game, all seriousness disappears, things become lighter. You can walk in a dancing way; there is no weight on you.


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Your Worth

Dearest child, take a moment today and look at how you feel about yourself.  Do you like what you see?  Are your thoughts affected by what others see and feel about you?  The Universe is reminding you that you are the only one that determines your worth!  Releasing the need to please others is the first step in loving yourself. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Friday October 16, 2020

People will often talk about what they would like to do or experience for a long time before they take action. We would like to point out that what you talk about is an indicator of who you would like to be, but what you do becomes part of who you are. Are you ready to shift out of the talking phase to the action phase?

Integrating even the smallest amount of what you would like to experience into your reality can produce profound change because you will have shifted it out of being a one day event into something in your present. You will also become much more congruent because your actions will start to match your intentions. What can you incorporate into your life today that holds the energy of your desired expansion? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young


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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

This New Libra Super Moon is a powerful one!   It is very energized…intense and presents us with some Radical Transformations while we experience Accelerated Evolution!  These chaotic and transformative energies are affecting us all and at times…. bringing in some angst and fear. We are in uncertain times, with the virus that is all around the World and the angst about uncertainty in most areas … but staying out of the fear is extremely important.  These are World Wide events …and this Libra Full Moon is about love, relationships of all kinds and balance! 

These energies seem to be intensifying daily….and they are.  We are in the midst of extreme transformation and it is starting to wear on our physical bodies as well as our mental health.  There is a feeling of total exhaustion.   This is true for everyone including Astrologers themselves.   Remember that the beauty of Astrology is to know the energies you are dealing with so that you can navigate the energies out in the real world a lot better.  But also remember that everyone needs to take care of their bodies and there moods.   If you feel tired…please rest…if you feel lonely…get out of the house and or…do something physical.   These energies will continue to be strong at least till we get to the end of December when they may shift a little. 

GFP Newsletter - 10/15/2020

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Enlightenment is blissfulness, it cannot be serious. It can be sincere but not serious. It will be sheer joy! It will be pure ecstasy!


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Embrace Your Purpose

Your emotional ground may shake, your world may be in the process of turning upside down but, do not let that rattle your faith or knock down your hope.  You are a child of The Universe, gifted with the power to heal yourself and spread love to everyone around you.  Embrace your purpose and continue moving forward in the best way you know how.  You are loved, supported, cherished, admired and respected every step of the way. ~ Creator

GFP Newsletter - 10/14/2020

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When Bodhidharma became enlightened, for seven days he could not stop laughing. Asked again and again, he only said this much: "I am laughing because the whole thing was ridiculous. The goose has always been out, and I was trying to bring it out of the bottle, and the bottle never existed. The whole effort was sheer absurdity, ridiculous! I am laughing at myself and I am laughing at the whole world, because people are trying to do something which need not be done at all. People are trying hard, and the harder they try the more difficult it becomes. Their very effort is the barrier!"


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Deep Cleaning

It is time, dear one, for some course correction/clearing.  The Universe is inviting you to go deep within to find things that no longer serve.  As you are releasing, send them off with love and respect because they did help make you who you are today.  Taking an active part in this ‘deep cleaning’ is creating space for the more loving and caring person you will become. ~ Creator


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