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This is a 3 part series of channelings on Ego that was channeled through Soul SiStars Heather and Debi. There is so many conflicting views in regards to the ego that we thought it would be a good idea to see what the higher dimensions had to say about the ego.The channelings are listed in order 1-3 below this introduction.


Preamble from Heather

You are co-creators that are all unconditionally loved; you all have the choice and all create what you experience. Your ego is a manifestation of your beliefs that are not what you prefer, no one created the beliefs you hold but yourself. You may have bought into others beliefs, but ultimately you chose to believe. You must carry the responsibility of what you yourself have created. The experience is the only thing that is real everything else is a mirror projected in order for you to have the experience, this is how you learn to grow. Living amongst 4th density energies you have a broader view of the beliefs that no longer serve you. You notice that the physical mind/ego tugs and pulls to keep you in the belief that no longer serves you; it is not doing this to spite you, but to protect you so you do not get hurt. Even the negative is done out of love even though the expression may be distorted. Only 3rd density reality holds the lies and deceptions you were holding on to. 4th density is allowing the higher mind to come into more of your truer self. You are becoming closer to unconditional love as an experience and therefore you are allowing more love into your reality. This means the higher mind can start to work more with the physical mind instead of the physical mind thinking it has to do it all alone.

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