Sirius The Movie

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World Premiere April 22, 2013  Pre-Order Now 

Pre-order Sirius - the movie Now through either link or connect through these links on April 22nd by 7:30 pm PDT. Links will stay available even after the premeire. Watch anywhere in the world through streaming devices.

Through either link you will have access to the trailer and full movie. The full movie premieres on Earth Day April 22nd; you can pre-order it for $9.99 through this app and can connect with any device and watch in multiple languages anywhere in the world. Proceeds that Sirius the movie receives will go into building a Free Open Source Energy Research and Development Lab that will be under 24 hour surveillance and supported by the public. Sirius is crowd-funded by the people, for the people, to raise awareness of these critical issues. Help create transformative global change that will enhance everyone's lives and alter the current power dynamic on earth as quickly as possible. Each of you can see that this happens by networking Sirius to everyone you know. Please keep sharing this event and provided links. We appreciate all of the support that you can offer and look forward to building a brighter and more sustainable future with you.

Note* Streaming rentals remain valid for 72 hours. You will receive an e-mail confirmation which will include a link that you may use to resume the film any time within that 72-hour window.

Subtitles in 18 other languages. Please note: Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish and Russian subtitles are human-generated and accurate. The remaining languages (Arabic, Italian, Japanese, Persian and Portuguese) are computer-generated and may include errors. *Subtitles courtesy of Energiereichtum. 


“Sirius” is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an Emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. Along the way, Dr. Greer investigates new technology and sheds light on criminal and murderous suppression. He accumulates over 100 Government, Military, and Intelligence Community witnesses who testify on record about their first-hand experience with the cover-up. Though he feels the pressure of an imminent assassination attempt, he comes upon an amazing find: a possible ancient E.T. skeleton, 6 inches long, is discovered in the Atacama desert. Dr. Greer, along with his team, backed by crowd funding supporters, travel to Europe to get a sample of bone fragment in order to have an IVY league university run genetic tests on the skeleton. What they find will completely change the reality of human existence.

While on this odyssey, the audience gains a whole new perspective on technology, human evolution, and clandestine organizations who have manipulated and controlled the public for centuries.

Run time:
103 minutes
Directed By:
Amardeep Kaleka
Executive Producer:
Steven M Greer, MD
Produced By:
J.D. Seraphine
Co-Executive Producer:
Riz Virk
Edited By:
Laurie Knapp
Sound Design By:
Noah Woodburn, Brandon Jiaconia
Music By:
Todd Richards, Peter Kater
Narrated By:
Thomas Jane
Steven Greer , Ted Loder , David Wilcock , Michael Cremo , Emery Smith , Tom Valone , Paul Murad , Morgan Boardman , Paola Harris , Kosta Makreas , Linda Willitts , Jack Auman , Will Miller , Lynne Kitei , Jonathan Dover , Adam Curry , Jan Bravo , Jan Harzan , Garry Nolan , Marilyn Gewacke , Sarah Mulhall , Diane Saunders , Ramon Naria-Osono Villar , Jaume Ametller Vintamata , Salvador Freixedo , Jore Lao , Birgitie Knaus , Eva Romo , Pilar Manchon Gabas , Euaenk Mallone, Jack Auman , Shiloh Boss , Andrew Fitts , Theresa Fornalsk , Judy Gilmore , Sean Kehoe, Brucs Leutwyler , Matthew Marnitz , Jennifer Westacott , Jennifer Moss , Jennifer Myrick , Deane Parkes , John Sistrunk , Darwin Stoeber , Michael Vouglaropoulos , Ricky Butterfass, Richard Crerie , Harry Jordan , Bill Uhouse , Gordon Creighton , Franklin Carter , Donna Hare , Corrado Balducci , Edgar Mitchell , Robert Jacobs , Lord Hill-Norton , Ross Diedrickson , Merle Shane McDow , Robert Salas , Nick Pope , Dwynne Arneson , Larry Warren , Clifford Stone , John Callahan , Carol Rosin , Paul Czysz , Eugene Mallove , Col. Philip Corso , Arnoid House , Gordon Cooper , William Hodges, Tom Beardan

Please invite as many people as you can so Sirius the movie can get as many viewers as possible. Share on your pages and groups as well. Proceeds that Sirius the movie receives will go into building a Free Open Source Energy Research and Development Lab that will be under 24 hour surveillance and supported by the public.