HILARION ~ Welcome Back Beloved Lightworkers

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January 9 – 16, 2011


Welcome back, Beloved Lightworkers,

Many of you are stepping into your new roles as the Light Emissaries upon the Earth. This is a great responsibility and requires that One has total self mastery on all levels of Being. You are beginning to realize the power that you hold within yourselves, that you have the power to heal or the power to hurt with just a few words. There can be only one choice as you progress and that is to choose the way of Love. Do you see now that wielding power is not for the faint of heart, that true power requires constant self discipline at all times, thus the need for the immense testing that each of you has been going through.

As you continue to experience the power of kundalini rising within you, you are learning about the ways and means of balance. The most important element of this is to ground your energies into the Earth each day and sometimes more often in order to maintain balance and equilibrium. This is a time when your Higher Self is slowly coming into your lower bodies and ‘testing’ the waters, so to speak. If your Higher Self came in all at once, it would most likely burn your circuits very quickly, and so great care is being taken to acclimatize your physical vehicles to the higher energies to make this process more filled with grace and ease. Your Higher Self is a Being of Immense Power.

The Year of Revelations

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January 2011 Monthly Visions:

The Year of Revelations

a message from Dana Mrkich
Monday, 3 January, 2011  (posted 4 January, 2011)
An Apocalypse (Greek: Ἀποκάλυψις Apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted - Wikipedia

Imagine a community of ants hidden under a covering in the corner of a house. They have been told that this corner is the world. Every day the ants go about their business collecting food, securing their shelter and keeping their families warm. Some of the ants are content with their lives, happy to have what they have.

SaLuSa ~ 3 January 2011

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SaLuSa  3-January-2011


Things have been simmering for a long time, but now they are beginning to come to the boil. When you can find truthful and reliable reports about the pending changes, you will read that the pressure is now really on for those who are charged with the responsibility for getting results. The forces that have been opposing such changes are now considerably weakened. They cannot muster sufficient numbers, to strongly oppose the Lightworkers that now see their opportunity to push ahead. You can therefore expect to learn of action that will soon lead to a clear indication of what is about to occur. The battle continues to release you from the reality imposed upon you. Your freedom will gradually be returned and all of the benefits that are spoken of so often.


METATRON ~ Beloved Ones,

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January 2- 9, 2011

Beloved Ones,

The year end festivities are completed and the New Year has arrived with such a stupendous display of Unity in the form of a major Worldwide meditation with ten of thousands of Lightworkers such as yourselves all over your Planet saying yes to the remembrance and the embodiment of their Divinity. From our perspective, the tide has turned and the people of the World will be seeing many changes taking place, both within themselves, their loved ones, their neighbors and within the structures of daily life that have been in place for so long. We from the Higher realms were in attendance during this massive observance on the first day of your New Year and there were Legions of Angels assisting in the activations that occurred.

Each person who took part is a Wayshower and a Pattern Maker who realized the great potential of this major event to create positive change for Humanity and all upon the Earth and there will be many more of these taking place through the entire year of 2011, for this is the year of the unification of forces for good upon this Planet in a big way. What a wondrous boost to the Divine Plan this event was! We are still in celebration! Each of you is so powerful and so courageous in your determination to be the change you wish to see. The peaceful revolution we spoke of before is now upon us and we applaud you all! Your combined and individual energies have made a remarkable difference upon your Planet and this will become observable in your daily lives.

CHRIST MICHAEL ~ New Year's Day Update

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New Year's Day Update
By Christ Michael thru Candace
Jan 1, 2011 - 6:04:19 PM
New Year’s Day Update
Christ Michael thru Candace
Good evening beloveds, well it’s evening for Candace.  Yes I realize this is January 1st and we are a bit behind. (for some now it’s Jan 2nd-C)  The work goes on.  The issues are not fully finished on our to-do list, and that’s ok dear ones, because when this goes live, it will be close to perfect. Perfect won’t happen, but we have to lessen the problems.

Now as we have taught you, we have been doing a lot of replacements all over the globe in various political offices,  and  in the media.  Candace has mentioned now the announcement/teaching process will if we can, run about 3 months.  It will be a glorious but difficult time.

KUTHUMI ~ The Light Path

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The Light Path


I Kuthumi come forward again, to guide you forward, to embrace your true Soul Light with the loving power of God, the Creator of all that is, Universe upon Universe, Light upon Light. On your wondrous planet you also have great power to create, to step into your full Soul Light.

Are you ready my friend? Do you choose to let go, to release your past totally, fully, and prepare to walk a new path. You face a new year in your linear time. A fresh start. I ask you how many suitcases of baggage will you take with you? Some of your suitcases will contain baggage of long ago. Old experiences you have placed deep within you, only remembering when one of your senses triggers the deep anger and resentment you so carefully tried to conceal from your mind. You see these deep memories all contain a level of anger, sometimes so subtle you don't see. You mask it with guilt, self hate, injustice, pain. Yet I tell you under this is anger, still, waiting to be awakened by a smell, a word, a feeling, a visual picture.


2012: The End is Nowhere Near

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2012: The End is Nowhere Near

a message from Owen Waters
Tuesday, 21 December, 2010  (posted 30 December, 2010)
The closer we get to 2012, the more you will hear, “The End is Near!”

Throughout history, there have always been sects warning that the end of the world was imminent. 2012 seems to hold a special attraction to a wide segment of end-time believers. The main concern springs from Mayan cosmology, which indicated that a significant number of cosmic cycles are due to come to a close on December 21, 2012.

The last time I looked, when a cycle ends, a new one begins. It's not the end of anything other than the old cycle. So, 2012 is not about fanciful disasters or the end of the world.


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