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Inspired by Archangel Uriel, World Teacher 

Received by Phillip Elton Collins, The Angel News Network

As many of you know this beautiful planet Earth was ‘seeded’ by twelve different star systems bringing the highest qualities of each star system into our Earthly plane. We are a grand experiment of learning to love: The Lover-versity of the Universe. Our planet, at present is within the final 2,000 year cycle (beginning 2012) to ascend into a higher state of vibration, thus consciousness. It is our divine destiny to evolve into “We Consciousness” in order to create a new world paradigm of equality, harmony and balance. This is a personal process of inside out, not outside in. No matter how the outside world may appear in upheaval and chaos (clearing and cleansing) , this ascension process is taking place for those of us who choose it through our freedom of choice and will by healing the relationship with self; self-reflecting all there is.


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Co-founder of the Angel News Network
We are all designed and destined to be channels of the higher realms, communicating with frequencies and consciousness beyond the human mind and bringing that wisdom into humanity. In fact, it has never not been that way. All of our past golden ages be they Lemurian, Atlantean, Egyptian, Greek, Aztec, Mayan or otherwise were all supported and created by higher realms support beyond the human experience. Entertain the thought that the human mind is a receiver of this higher wisdom. We have never been alone. In the past this was common knowledge. It is time for this to be common again.

2016: A Year of Having What You Say You Want Channeled by Jeff Fasano

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A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano



2016: A Year of Having What You Say You want


From the Archangelic realm of Michael this is Michael and We welcome you now that you are moving into a new year, a new year of community, harmony and equality. Your year of 2016 is a year of community, harmony and equality. Moving into states of intimacy and now beginning to have what you say you want. Moving to being open and available to the creation of your new life. Moving to the having-ness of what you say you want.


Many of you are prepared to look at what might happen, what is supposed to happen. Always bracing for the undercurrent of lack, limitation and struggling to survive life.  The question we have for you now is, "Are you bracing yourself to have what you say you want?" Are you bracing and opening to have the wonderful-ness, the joyous-ness of what you have always said you wanted?


Phillip Elton Collins and Joel Dennis Anastasi: Fridays at Noon (Eastern) The Angel News Network on StarSeed Radio - 5D Perspective!

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NOTE: Through this sharing each of us reveals our individual essence; thus, we further the evolution of our group consciousness. “When any more than two of us are gathered…”


What Do We Need To Be/Do To Ascend to 5D?


There are preparations and clearings that need to take place; thus, a (new) state of beingness will be attained leading to 5D presence.


What Is 5D, Higher State of Being?


It’s a vibration, or rather an integration of vibrations that represent the energies of LOVE, TRUST, COMPASSION, FAITH, GRACE & GRATITUDE creating a frequency of highest and purest form.


It is through the JOY and the JOURNEY of this experience of Earth that we evolve.


The Year 2012 allowed us to fully awaken to our mastery, and retain this consciousness for the remainder of our soul’s evolution!


What we are about to share is centered on the truth we are all responsible for our own energy (freedom of choice/will).


Divine Discussions: Gathering with Archangel Michael

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A Message from Archangel Michael

Channeled by Jeff Fasano


New Endeavors

Transitioning with New Meaning value and Purpose



From the Archangelic Realm of Michael this is Michael and We come to you as many of you are undertaking new endeavors and in doing so moving through another aspect in the process of self-discovery. This is a step-by-step process and a transition from the old to the new. As you do this you will begin to realize fulfillment within the process. Many of you are beginning to realize your greatness and powerfulness that will allow you to bring your new endeavors to the world.  Some of you are beginning to embody yourself and thus beginning to be who you are which is important to bringing your new endeavors to the world.

What you are transitioning to in your life is a more direct connection to your soul’s divine plan and purpose. This is formulating with each step as you learn more about yourself and grow into your power and greatness. You may begin to see that you no longer need this confirmed for you because you are moving into the knowingness of it.

This step-by-step process will continue over the next 6-10 weeks as your endeavors begin to manifest. Many of you are now aligning yourself with the energy and frequencies of multi-dimensional realms.  Some of you have separated yourself from these energies yet now beginning to incorporate them within your beingness.

MAN POWER GOD POWER: Alchemy, Turning Yourself Into Gold

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Inspired by Archangel Gabriel, Michael & Ascended Master Saint Germain

From MAN POWER GOD POWER, by Phillip E. Collins


 “You are starting the process of the fire, the burning away of the dross, the alchemical moment of the transformation of lead into gold. The lead is the old reality of duality. And that is being transformed. The gold is the new you. That changes and shifts you into the next millennia, the millennia of quantum shift and transformation from the destruction of the old. This process now is taking place,” Archangel Gabriel, The Second Coming.

WHAT HAS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT? by Phillip Elton Collins

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Inspired by the Ascended Masters


Love is one of the most used words and supposedly experienced emotions in human existence.  Do we really know or understand what love is? Do we know the true purpose of love? What is the understanding of love beyond what we think we feel or have experienced? Through the connection and support of higher realms beyond humanity let us see if we can gain a new insight and truth about this thing called love…


The energy/vibration that is love is the manifesting power within creation, the building block, the power behind and within ALL THERE IS. It is almost impossible for the human mind to comprehend this thing called true love or to know exactly what it means. The human experience of love is a mere reflection/shadow of the true essence of love. The mystery of love is an essential part of its power and glory. True love is the attraction of the magnification of the eternal divine wisdom and God Power of Creator/Source or whatever you chose to call the most loving and powerful force in the many universes. Since we are all unique, perhaps our definition and experience of the most extraordinary force in the universe is meant to be unique to each one. True love always understands, yet not necessarily is always understood nor needs to be.


But let’s see what we can piece together about love. The ascended masters who once were human and walked our Earth and experienced love in a similar fashion as we human mortals may give us some clues. Their Law of Oneness and Unity seems to be an offspring of love. “Love one another as you love yourself,” is the blueprint of knowing who we are and why we are here.  We appear to learn “what is” through “what is not,” most often. 



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By Phillip Elton Collins


To commit to a PERSONAL PROCESS 

Of an in-depth examine of self

To know how self relations 

Effects all relations and nations.


Inspired by Archangels Gabriel & Michael and Ascended Master Saint Germain 

“Know thy self” and “To thy own self be true” may be some of the wisest words ever thought, felt and spoken.

Many teachings from the higher realms are reminding us that the greatest need within humanity is to have the awareness and loving support of a SENSE OF SELF. This will allow the individual to know they are an aspect of the universal whole. In effect, the Self and Universe belong to each other, as One. We have been asleep a long time. It’s all about becoming conscious. Time to wake up...

As students of truth, there is nothing more important than understanding and accepting Oneness. All of our separations and duality and confrontation have been a result of absorbing “me” into the “we”. It is time for our belief systems within our religions, corporations, and governments to support We Consciousness coming forward. And no longer bringing the unhealed me into the conscious, we. Or we will not be happy with the consequences.


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From Phillip Elton Collins



August 16th, 2015

Inspired by Ascended Master Saint Germain


Dear Beloved Soul Family of our Human Hearts,


As I enter my seventh decade upon Mother Earth let us speak of our hearts, a subject we have heard much of throughout your many lifetimes on this Earth. And while this is a time of giving and receiving for me; let me speak of the Greatest Gift of Creation: our Hearts. Are you ready to receive it? I shall now speak of aspects of our hearts you may have never known but the time has come for us to know and apply this wisdom, if we so choose…


Archangel Gabriel with Trance Channel Robert Baker Part 1

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Interview with Archangel Gabriel

Joel Anastasi, spiritual journalist, interviews Archangel Gabriel via trance channel Robert Baker

The Second Coming: The Archangel Gabriel Proclaims a New Age
by Joel Dennis Anastasi
Published by The Angel News Network
Available at the Angel News Network website:
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