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Today is what many of you refer to as the Day of Recognition. It is a day of remembering You in all its forms. Many of you may be witnessing flashbacks to other lives in many eras past and future, on earth, inside earth and upon other planets. You may see yourselves more etheric or dense as you see your physical bodies today. Note the feelings you are experiencing as you “see” these other parts of you. Recognize the patterns and you shall see yourselves much clearer. This one taking down this message is quite perplexed!


Yes, I understand this but have yet to witness this today.


Still your Being. Still your mind and let or allow the pictures to just flow. You will be watching your own movie.


I feel pulsations in my hands. It is very difficult to still my mind.


Perhaps we will continue and when you are ready, close your eyes and allow those other parts of you come into focus. Do not be afraid, they are only pictures in your mind. Allow, allow…



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We are One. That is the most important message we can bring forth for humanity to understand at this moment. Yes, there is much happening upon your plane of earth at this very moment. You are witnessing storms that are wreaking havoc in many places with some humans deciding to leave their bodies. It is ok in that they agreed to do so. Others of you are going through many changes within your body structure wondering if it is an ascension symptom or if there may something seriously wrong going on within your bodies. We tell you both. What is “wrong” or considered wrong is that each one of you is changing at such an unprecedented rate your bodies are having to readjust to the new energy focus. We use the word focus for you to know that it may not be your conscious focus, but your unconscious focus that is causing this change. You are consciously reconnecting to your Higher Self, thus the other parts of you that you may call multi-dimensional. Listen to your bodies. What do they need so they operate smoothly?

You will continue to readjust or we shall use the word adjust your physical, mental and emotional bodies to the increased flow of higher dimensional energies flowing into the earth and everyone who resides on the earth plane as well as those who still maintain their residence within the planet. Soon they will show themselves to what you call the outer world. They have much to teach you. Many of you have telepathic contact with these beings. These contacts shall continue and soon they will show up at your door step. It will be a most wonderful reconnection knowing they indeed are a part of your family. 

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