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Today is what many of you refer to as the Day of Recognition. It is a day of remembering You in all its forms. Many of you may be witnessing flashbacks to other lives in many eras past and future, on earth, inside earth and upon other planets. You may see yourselves more etheric or dense as you see your physical bodies today. Note the feelings you are experiencing as you “see” these other parts of you. Recognize the patterns and you shall see yourselves much clearer. This one taking down this message is quite perplexed!


Yes, I understand this but have yet to witness this today.


Still your Being. Still your mind and let or allow the pictures to just flow. You will be watching your own movie.


I feel pulsations in my hands. It is very difficult to still my mind.


Perhaps we will continue and when you are ready, close your eyes and allow those other parts of you come into focus. Do not be afraid, they are only pictures in your mind. Allow, allow…


This time period in your year 2014, you shall witness your multi-dimensionality. This is You in all of your consciousnesses. This is you in all of your glory for, indeed, you each are glorious! Accept this for you to truly know god I Am. Accept this for your reality to change into a harmonious blend of love, each one of you having your own tune. Be aware that memories will surface for you to see this more of each of You. Do not judge, watch the movie allowing it to unfold. Time is an illusion so don’t worry about time. Do not hold yourselves back. Allow all to unfold for you to grasp the changes that are taking place within you, therefore what you perceive as your outside world is changing too. The old world is quickly fading. Let it go if you want to truly feel love. The have-to’s of yesterday are nearly gone. We know that many of you are saying you don’t see any differences or changes. There is so much unrest in this world. Yes, we know how you think and that is what we wish to tell you today. Your thinking is changing. And why is your thinking changing? You are starting to see those other parts of you. You are becoming so much more conscious of your true self. And yes, we know we have said this over and over. Note how your thoughts have changed this past year. Are you comprehending where you were a year ago to where you are now? And we don’t mean the physical place you call your home even though there are a few of you who have moved to new locations.


Dear ones, enjoy your newly found freedoms. Let or allow your magnificent selves come into view. Embrace this multi-dimensional form. And, yes, still your minds and bodies to really see Yourselves. Remember there is no time so you always have time. It is timesmiley Soon you all will be wearing these Happy Faces!



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