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sirian high council Dec 19th

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The wayshower people are merging realities in present moment . It's important to stay present and well grounded. As for first wave there maybe feeling physical body uncomfortable and some pain if old patterns are not released. Asking for help is important part of physical body adjustments in this merging period. For those who are ready this is full alinement time with higher self and their realms the originated in. Remember to ask for anything that u feel u need help with. There is still hs blockage present yet as each of u will be merging with the higher realms as allowed by hs.

Not everyone who is feeling major changes on physical or etheric level is in these groups . Some souls are following their own schedule as agreed before their incarnation. Everything also depend on where is each being returning at the point of full ascention. Not everyone is going only to 5D. There is more to this then just ascending a Gaia and her original inhabitants to 5 D of love. Some souls also took this amazing event that does not happen very often as their own personal challenge to ascend fully with body if possible to their original and or part original existence. Some of you will meet more obstacles on their way home then others. As planet earth was specifically blocked by the the dark side so the light can not come in freely we are still under requirement to help only when asked by each person consciously. This will change very soon as the cabal programing is being released when those who ground love on earth full filling their jobs as required. We are very grateful for all the work amazingly done under harsh circumstances on Earth. There is a lot happening behind your available memory as human vessel.

channeling Oct sirian high council

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October 28 by Sanarta Aleya

For people who are going through last part of their ascension or enlightenment last 2 days should feel like amazing ride of love and healing. We are watching you closely and helping you to change your body to new enlightened one in next few days or weeks depending on your level of adaptability and consciousness. Whatever your soul ( higher self) scheduled before this incarnation is happening now. Trust yourself, trust your intuition but ask to be guided to love as for many it’s still hard to recognize what truly is ( or maybe : ‘what is true’). Many often live in fantasy about them self as it was easier than reality. It was the recognition of this reality that it is actually illusion. It is time to find your true self in light and love that is base of your being. We will guide you through storms with love and all the support one can receive. Just ask, we are by your side all your life. Soon you will be able to see us, all depends on your will to change to love and let go of the old and all and every illusion you or the system created for you. My love is with you my family of light. This is a new channel and even though we communicate every day as I guide her,  we are now establishing a new level of resonance for both of us.

We are always present in your lives and it has been a great opportunity to grow together as family of light from many star systems. Next month will be full of surprises if you chose to do the work. There is no rush for those who are still working on many issues. We are here for you to help and there are many members of our family on earth incarnated to hold your hand and help physically as they had to do their part of enlightenment themselves. You are most beautiful souls of love so shine your light for all in the universe as we are watching with excitement the good you are doing.

This is Sa from Sirius and Sirian High council . We love you, be in joy.


chat with guides...

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Chat with guides was bit short but interesting........

Humanity was created as any other star beings. We all start as love yet when we choose body of any kind we need to learn to experience it fully in body. Even those ETs that we see as love beings they had to choose between living in love or low vibrations. That some of them ascended as whole with the planet is their work. We humans have the same choice and yet we often choose excuses why we not there yet. Even if we are being abuse by many negative beings it's our choice to change it. If we don't allow them they would not do this to us.right?

So what we choose ...love ....? Our planet chose love and it's up to each of us if we go with her. No one is standing in our way to love only our ego...

Ascension is not race

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October 27 by Sanarta Aleya

Another message from my guides


Many of light workers makes often mistake or ego is playing well around to think that …o my gosh I need to ascend or I need to feel something when this event is scheduled or other side wow everyone is ascending and getting messages and me nothing.

We want to assure you that every soul is on diferent schedule that fits their level of abilities and experience.  No one is rushed and even if you hear about first wave it’s not really about ascending in body but that group just ground more light into Gaia.

Important is to know that the only thing we want you to be is…..love . One thing . Each of you has work to do no more important or less then others. All is done in teams . We work together. We could not achieve all the work here alone. So we ask u let go of rush please enjoy every moment here. Be the love the light the change u came to be. Let go….

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