sirian high council Dec 19th

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The wayshower people are merging realities in present moment . It's important to stay present and well grounded. As for first wave there maybe feeling physical body uncomfortable and some pain if old patterns are not released. Asking for help is important part of physical body adjustments in this merging period. For those who are ready this is full alinement time with higher self and their realms the originated in. Remember to ask for anything that u feel u need help with. There is still hs blockage present yet as each of u will be merging with the higher realms as allowed by hs.

Not everyone who is feeling major changes on physical or etheric level is in these groups . Some souls are following their own schedule as agreed before their incarnation. Everything also depend on where is each being returning at the point of full ascention. Not everyone is going only to 5D. There is more to this then just ascending a Gaia and her original inhabitants to 5 D of love. Some souls also took this amazing event that does not happen very often as their own personal challenge to ascend fully with body if possible to their original and or part original existence. Some of you will meet more obstacles on their way home then others. As planet earth was specifically blocked by the the dark side so the light can not come in freely we are still under requirement to help only when asked by each person consciously. This will change very soon as the cabal programing is being released when those who ground love on earth full filling their jobs as required. We are very grateful for all the work amazingly done under harsh circumstances on Earth. There is a lot happening behind your available memory as human vessel.

Each of u are following personal path and test as u need to clear all for full enlightment with body . Some of u are also adding and adjusting their path to harder or bit easier as you need by your hs. There is always spiritual help available by guides and please do not forget that we can not adjust anything in your life's if not fully agreed with one hs.

There is very good way to make this easier to your self on the way home to ask to be released from all karmik memories and deaths if it's no longer serving your highest good.
We can guide you through all this as needed. We are your loving family and we are waiting for u all to come home to us. Much love is needed and we want you to feel all this love on the way home .
Even if some of the younger souls will need longer time to find their way through ego they will make it also ....

Much love we are the high sirian council