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The Knew Weigh

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Guess who just figured out his password - it has been a while. The Galactic Free Press is in my inbox daily - I drifted away from the website. In the past few years, lemme howdt has been on a journey - he recently resurfaced as Dr. Lenny Thyme, the radio talk-show host of the Weigh Knew Radio Program (WKRP) on Steempunk Radio - weekdays at 10:00 am Eastern time.Find Steempunk Radio on the Tune-In app.

The Knew Weigh is a crypto-fiction narrative of people living on living earth. We have to take everything we thought we knew and weigh it against what we know. The in-between is neither here nor there - we are exactly where we are no matter what we believe. Meta-physics, word and music associations, interviews and monlogues all contribute to a very entertaining two hours of radio.

The show originates in a discord chat. The players are characters playing roles in a live-action entertainment show that is broadcast on air. Doc is a creative character - the same lemme that you used to know, in a quantum jumps into a mix of Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap. The next game is going to take an alchemical bent - somewhere down the line we will figure it all out.

Glad to be back at GFP.


Happening Soon, in a Theater Near You

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Life, the Universe and Everything! The thyme has come to say Ubuntu to you. The whirled is changing, we the people need to lead ourselves. Being and doing are participatory endeavors, take part in first hand learning. There are immediate needs for people with expertise in journalism, construction, legal thought and botany/herbology. The path we travel is the one less taken - developing different models for different community basis.

The campus is in the pacific northwest ... the goal is to learn contributionism by building a rural natural resource base sustainable education facility. One project, Hectares for Xerxes, will feature donation of 2 acre plots for rotational bee crops like borage, flax and hemp. Please be able to discuss Ringing Cedars, Mondragon economics and/or Sovereignty.. Make contact by response here, no more will be revealed for the thyme being.

doc (lemme's alter ego @ thymehowdt.com)

Postus Interruptus

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Red Rhythmic Dragon : Mass Minding

People are strange, when you are stranger, faces turn ugly when your alone. You are both strange and charmed - just quarks of your personality shining through.  To embrace the different parts of oneself and accept ourselves for what we are can be difficult - especially when we do things that we know we are not supposed to do. Sometimes, individual resident ethics are really strange and some peeps truly believe that they should run your life for you. You should run away.

Now let me talk to the stranger that is you. For this, you might take a moment and lapse yourself back into your middle childhood - 

nothing like a systems crash to make our day. Lost track of this post 12:00 - anudder thyme

namaste'... lemme


Model Redial System - Start by Starting

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Mass Sounding : Yellow Overtone Sun

Everything's all right yes, everything's fine. The whirled as we know it spins on a vertical axis, the left hand is at war with the right hand and everything in the middle is muddled and skewed. Nothing that makes cents makes sense. If you listen to the lame stream delusion, your boat can't float on a love based Gaia. We need to let it all go and begin again, in a sequence that mirrors the descending paradigm with ascension performance.

To experiment is to design weighs to learn. Research directed learning asks questions that require depth to find the answers. To grok something at a deeper level, we often have to cut through the myths of the present level of thinking. The ideas of being a common people are meant to keep us off kilter - the common bonds of society are shriveling up, because they no longer follow the chemical bonds the weigh nature uses them.

Weird Crazees

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Blue Self-Existent Storm : Mass Loving

By the weigh doc talks, you would think that he hates everything. The inanimate objects of life take much verbal abuse, because they do not respond back when doc chastises them. Doc is annoyed at the computer cords today - the alternate keyboard cord has tangled and got under the keyboard itself, so typing was bouncing and there is just too much shit on the table. Doc needs his own place to work, that is coming very soon. 

Peeps have to be dealt with more gently that computers and cords. Peeps get easily confused by what doc says and misinterpret his ramblings to be about them and take offense. Thus doc has to meter what he says and be careful to avoid buzz words - because peeps only hear the buzzword and then lose their ability to listen. When you spend your time thinking about how to respond to a buzzword rather than listening, you miss the real point of the verbiage. Words have meaning, but when peeps don't listen and understand the words, the meaning is lost and the dialogue becomes nonsense.

Active listening is a learned skill. Doc has found that few people say what they mean, because they don't follow through their own train of thought. The result is that people who have group think ability and fit in to the society at large do not resonate on doc's wavelength. Doc needs weird crazee people to get along. It is partly a function of Asberger's Syndrome and partially a matter of stubbornness.

Moving Deeper Inside Howdt

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Mass Forming : Yellow Magnetic Warrior

On the fly reporting today - nothing is ever as it seems. The game is to catch people in the game. Nobody knows who is the player and who is being played. The flat earth makes more sense than the round earth - yet no earth makes an even more convincing argument. Back to string theory - all strings tangle when not being watched.

Movement is coming - the comfort zone defined by the present condition has narrowed to a discomfort zone. While going through the motions, i find that emotions run rampant when belief systems are questioned. I get lots of you can'ts and i won'ts, but very few let's try it and see. The emotion of belief runs deep - i think the locals are scared to think that what always has been never was. There are mean people, but in general, most people are over stressed, yet not mean.

The questions roll in and we see that we need a novel ground state to deal with novel problems. What we find is that the motor is humming with insanity - people are trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle where the pieces don't fit into each other. They have an illusion of a picture that they expect to see, yet square holes will always fit round pegs - as long as the diameters are matched.

Teasing Howdt Truth

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Blue Cosmic
Eagle : Mass Massing

So much depends on being able to
construct models to portray how things can go. Back when, Einstein
used to conduct thought experiments to see if he could imagine his
theories to be true. Einstein was a Swiss patent attorney who got to
be a funnel of knowledge – everything that went thought his thought
process was resurrected in a time/space continuum that captured the
imagination of a generation or three. The limits of our universe
changed – the glorification of Einstein came at the price of all
the other good thinking that was going on at the time. 
Time and space
are both going into Doc's flux box – with caveats that were set
forth yesterday. Time is allowed as clock measurement to affix the
standard reference to appointments and reciprocation. Calendar time
can be either Treei or Mayan – or any other calendar that one
wishes to place forth. History is common fiction – anything that
the delusion brings in 3D is a subset that is not with-in the
construct of this weigh. You may have your own weigh, in your own

What Do We Know?

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Spectral Sky-Walker: Void Voiding

last day of the current endeavor, where the void voids and I
personally assess the value of the prior 64 day period. One Treei
day. From 11/24, when I knew I was to go – now I think I know
where to land, though I don't know, for now this will do. The entire
travel adventure and reaccommodation to southern Oregon is an
illusion build within a delusion. Schizophrenic me no longer believes
anything – the game of proof of real is such that we don't have to
accept anything that we cannot derive first hand from our knowledge
base. I know that in real thyme, I have the same insecurities as
anyone else and the less I focus on the reel story, the more I think
about the Donaldson sci-fi series that begins with The Real Story and
travels through the same events from a variety of points of view.

Glyphs of the Basis Set

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Planetary Human
: Void Minding

am. I am intangible and operate by the seat of my pants. As the
extreme nature of the world condenses back into the solitaire of
being, we can group ourselves back into the local weigh, where
everything that we do is conditional. The images that we set forth
for ourselves are routed in the preconditions of what we believe we
know. To know that we know something requires us to believe in the
truth. What is true?

believe that water is true. Water is water on many different fractal
levels. The being that is a water molecule shares most of its life in
a continuum of water molecules. The nearest neighbor is bonded by a
lattice to self – water likes water and is comfortable in its own
skin. What do you get when you peel away the onion skin; why more
onion skin. Water works that weigh too – from a gallon to a glass
to a drop, water is as water does. It remains true to itself, it is
always water.

On Group Theory

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Resonant Moon : Void Powering : On Group Theory

is the ability to do your own work when nobody is watching you. We
should value our time alone, when we get to be with the one person
who knows us best. Some of us are schizophrenic – we have more than
one personality that we deal with within ourselves. This is a
function of the cogdis we discussed yesterday – we create a person
to befriend our self in order to chase away the loneliness that we
bring to ourselves when we believe we are on our own. Each of us has
to be able to be alone with ourselves, in order to be able to
function at a high vibrational frequency.


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