The Knew Weigh

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Guess who just figured out his password - it has been a while. The Galactic Free Press is in my inbox daily - I drifted away from the website. In the past few years, lemme howdt has been on a journey - he recently resurfaced as Dr. Lenny Thyme, the radio talk-show host of the Weigh Knew Radio Program (WKRP) on Steempunk Radio - weekdays at 10:00 am Eastern time.Find Steempunk Radio on the Tune-In app.

The Knew Weigh is a crypto-fiction narrative of people living on living earth. We have to take everything we thought we knew and weigh it against what we know. The in-between is neither here nor there - we are exactly where we are no matter what we believe. Meta-physics, word and music associations, interviews and monlogues all contribute to a very entertaining two hours of radio.

The show originates in a discord chat. The players are characters playing roles in a live-action entertainment show that is broadcast on air. Doc is a creative character - the same lemme that you used to know, in a quantum jumps into a mix of Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap. The next game is going to take an alchemical bent - somewhere down the line we will figure it all out.

Glad to be back at GFP.