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Activations & Alignments for Gaia, Humanity, All God Creations, Animal Kingdome, Elementals, Angelic Realms: 12-21-2012

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Activations & Alignments for Gaia, Humanity, All God Creations, Animal Kingdom, Elementals, Angelic Realms:   12-21-2012


Releasing of: Old patterns, Habits, reminders, repeating patterns of Creating Limitations,Old ways of reacting to life, living in Victim consciousness, poverty consciousness, conditional love consciousness, living in light and dark energy, erasing of memory, deny of passion and deny of god - refusing of Support Mother/Father God.


Restoring Memory


Karma Cleared for Divine presence of light and love, Cosmic Law of Peace, Sacred fire Temples, Alchemy Consciousness, Alchemy of Consciousness.


Activations for all of: Alchemy Consciousness, Alchemy of Consciousness, Ascension codes, 22 Chakras, Aquarian Portal of Love. Sirian Codes.


Final Karma Cleared with Osiris, Isis, Horus: All body parts found and Osiris was restored into wholeness. Set into Motion New beginnings, New Energy, New codes for future with the great pyramids.


Final Alignments were made with this Karma being cleared for portal of 12-21-2012 and great pyramids, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Spinks


Final Alignments and connection of Rainbow bridges to Source completed.


Universal Codes were activated.


Worked with 221 Dolphin Masters and 221 Sirian Maters/ Initiator of light and Transformation for Gaia, Humanity, All God Creations, Animal Kingdom, Elementals, Angelic Realms.


Activations of Christ light Codes, Photon Light Codes, Soul Codes, light Codes with 12D Harmonic tones to recalcibrant the body, brought in our Divine Blue Print.


Awakened and Activated  the Cosmic Heart, Unified Heart, of all God's creations, Humanity, Gaia, Elementals, animal Kingdom.


Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings- Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 2 of 2

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Law of One Released from Karma and Activated and of in Presents for New World.


SaRa Key used to amplify to Cleans Humanities DNA/RNA as well as Activates Parasympathetic Nervous system and light bodies. Included Gaia, God Creations.


Raised vibration to the highest possible vibration that each being, gods creations, Gaia could be raised to at this time.


All Blue Ray Beings were Activated, Key Codes awaken,  and Called to there divine Purpose.


Acturian Key Codes were used to awaken, activated to beings completed 12-12-12.

this activations will assists in moving beings on to there path, purpose.


The GateKeepers, Lightsavers and code Catchers were fully Awaken and fully Activated.


Activation and Call fourth of Soul Families to come together at this time for planetary work coming New Earth set in Motion.


Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings- Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 1 of 2

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Finial Activations, & Finial Awakenings~ Gaia, Humanity, All of Gods Creations 12-12-12, Part 1 of 2

Activation of Red Crystal Mt. Shasta

~Rainbow Bridge ~ Has been fully created and is Bring Heaven to Earth- Fully Activated


-Signet Councils of 12 with Star Gates 1-10 are in agreeance 100% to help Gaia, Humanity with the rest of this Accession process - There are Mix Groups from each Star Gate with Assigned Projects that were agreed upon by all Set in Motion 12-11-12.

Activations, Awakenings for All Ascensions seats have been set into motion. Also Were Asked to dismantal all Global Weapons of Mass destruction.


-Awakened and Activated beings of Carriers of Key codes, Accession Keys, New Codes of New World, Fire Codes of 12 and 48 were full activated and aligned with Golden Rule, 144 sacred Geometry.


-Completion of full Activation of all Master Crystals, Crystal Pyramids as above as below, Linked with Golden 144 Ratio


Violet Fire Invoked for All of Humnity, Gaia, All of Gods Creations

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Violet Fire Invoked for:


Freedom, Love Humanity: Of all 4 bodies, illumines, consciousness, full mastery.


Global infinite perfection of God, Release of frequency's less then harmony and balance of God.


Humanity- Joy of forgiveness,  expanded to and for all nations, races, cultures, creeds, religions in every country of the world. Through every person's homes, place of occupation and over all environmental until the perfection of the New Earth.


Sacred Fire will flood the planet to transmute every electron of precious life energy that conflicts with the perfection of the New Earth.


New Used of 5TH Dimensional Frequency of Violet Flame programs and patterns were placed into the Grid to be activated on 12-12-12 for all of Humanity, Gods Creations, Gaia.


Sacred Fire invoked with Goddess of Liberty, Divine Justice, Freedom, Victory, Silent Waters, Mighty Guardians and Cosmic Beings to assisting Humanity for New Earth.


Sacred Fire cleansing of Humanity, ( Emotional, Mental Etheric, Physical Bodies) Gaia, Gods Creations.


All Sealed in the Violet Fire, Protected with Love and Light, Peace, Illumination, Healing, Freedom, Victory and the will of God made manifest through all electrons belonging to this planet and her ascension.






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Heavenly Rainbow - Anna Lena Cilmi - ©

The Threefold Flame - Devine Power, Devine Love, Devine Wisdom

The Fires of God's Will, Devine Illumination for every Government, of all Nations


Legions of Power and Protection -Devine Service to Transmute all negative force in every Government of all Nations.


Goddess of Liberty,Justice Freedom, and Victory and Silent watchers - Invoked to bring in 5 Dimensional frequencies of Violet Transmuting Flame of Forgiveness and forgetfulness. Transmuting disruptive Negative energy everywhere.


Golden Fame Invoked Activated - Plan of the Will of GOD, Purifying All, Restoration, Unifying, Forgiveness


Flames in use for all work- Platinum, Violet, Blue Gold, Rose Pink

12- Primary Sun Disc's Activated

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The 12- Primary Sun Disc's have been Activated, awakened,  allied with all Master Crystals for use.



Orion Star Gate - 2012 Dec 2-3, 2012 Special Activation, Alignment, Above-Below

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Orin Star Gate - 2012 Dec 2-3, 2012 Special Activation, Alignment, Above-Below

All will be activated on timelines around planted

Activation of Language of Light Open with portal

Connected to all 12 Star Gates

Connected Blue, Green, Platinum Crystals from Atlantis, fully activated, aligned

Connected Pyramids Giza, and others were Awakened, Activated for planetary alignment

Connected Sphinx Awakened, Activated

Connected to Golden Ratio as above as below.

Connected to Lions gate

Activations to fully Awaken: Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo children

Awakened aligned with New Law of Justice

Awakened Quantum Awareness, coherences

Awakened Sacred sites of all Zero Point, Anchored in, aligned and Harmonized, brought in Zero point Harmonics for Gaia, Humanity all of God Creations, As above as below.



Eye of Universe Returned to Divine

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 Eye of Universe Returned to Divine -

 -All Karma completed

-Divine will set into motion Of this.

- Full use of Divine Powers Activated



"You Must Choose" and to Accept all work I Have Done for all of Humanity!"

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HI to All

You must "Choose" to accept the work that has been done for all of you.  It has been placed in the Crystalline Grid!.  All work I have done for Humanity is waiting for you to choose!. You must do your part and be of consciousness, be aware to receive it. This is so there will be no misunderstand of what you are receiving. As we have made blind decisions in the past, were not told the whole truth before accepting what we came here to experience the human experienced. The Choice is yours but you must choose to be Free to leave the illusion!


My blogs and content that is in the crystalline grid is waiting for you to choose and have it without the pain and suffering. I have done the pain and suffering, transmuting, figuring out what went wrong, miscommunications, for you to be released from these things.


You will be cleared from your Karma contracts from Illusion, keeping all lessons learned by all parties.


You will Thank the person for all your lessons, while forgiving them and sending them unconditional love. Forgiving yourself Loving yourself.


Removing all emotional and physical trauma, releasing all old habits patterns, repeating patterns, Never to allow or repeat these things again. Then receive what is in your highest and best.


The choice is yours - do you wanted to be free of 3D Illusion. You must take action and Choose. This was set up by source to stop you from choosing blindly!


More work has and will continue to put into the Grid for Gaia, Humanity, all of Gods Creations. It will be blogged about when work is ready for you to receive.



Diamond Crystals of Masculine and Feminine Energy fully activated for 5D New Crystalline Grid

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Diamond Crystals of Masculine and Feminine Energy fully activated for 5D New Crystalline Grid.

Fully integrated with crystalline grid will be full strength on 12-12-12 of 5D Energies.


Activations for Above and Below sacred sites with these Diamond Crystals as well.



These diamond crystals came from the Core of the Sun. A good friend brought them back for this activation. Thank you Mel.




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