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Message From God:

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October 20, 2012


If you could help Bring Heaven to Earth would you help?

You all have free will, Fee choice, What will you choose?

Will you choose like last time? - Do nothing

Will you make a new choice this time? Help!


This message is given to you by a messenger of God, Do you Believe?

Humanity and Gaia Release of all old Patterns, New downloads

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October 20, 2012

Today all old patterns were released and dissolved for Gaia, Humanity since the creation of time. (of old energy of consciousness, fantasy, fear, illusion, illusion of power)


Clearing of Gaia Chakras', etheric body of Gaia, of all karmic slug, and cleansing and purifying.


Gaia was given downloads for:

  That she knows how to ask for help unconditionally.

  That she knows how to receive it unconditionally.

  I am impervious to evil.

  A choice to have free choice.

  Removal of all old patterns, kept lessons learned, release of  

  emotional, physical trauma. Restore Gaia

  Gaia knows how to,when to, what it feels like to receive unconditional love


 Removal of cords, hooks, attachments, enties for Gaia.


Portal Opened for: 

12 Fountains of Abundance were opened for Gaia, Humanity - only one was open before.


 LynMarie and Tom G.

Set up System to Release of geology pressure of Rio Grand Rift - Which covers States of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico,Nevada, and Utah


Blessing were given to all to receive upon completion of work.



Healing on all Native Americans completed, Plantary Healing Done, Ascend into 5D Happened.

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On October 17, 2012


I was asked by Black Hawk to do healing work on his tribes this past summer in July. I released the land and did a healing, I also did healing on the people of karma, all trauma. I felt many tears on my face from him. When we were done he was fill with joy.  Yesterday I went to my customer to do healing work on her and there be hold my customer was chosen to represent in the physical form to speak and accept all the work to do on all healing, forgiveness, to all parties involved, on all native American people that came to me to do a healing on all the people. They were all healed yesterday. He brought so many people for the healing to her home it was over whelming with energy.  There were just tears of joy flowing from everyone yesterday. It was very draining from this as I am a blue-Ray, I was transmutting all the pain and suffering last night and most of the today for these people.


Then after this around yesterday 4 pm during this session as we were healing the land and all of creation, and the planet, where some of these people came from. I was now feeling the earth start to tip to west and gravity pulling, as I then remembered to ask to have being shown I to  grab the blue and red crystals, I had put into place on Thursday.  I had put the red crystal in the north pole and the blue crystal in the south pole.  I now was being asked to bring them together to the center of the cord of the earth. When the were united in the middle of the core of the earth they turned purple. I then felt Gaia return to straight up, then to rebalancing, and aline her.

When I stood up the energy was so very different, I was grounded differently, there was peace, and love energy was flowing everywhere. When I left my customers house I could feel the calmness, and peace everywhere. We Made it, is what I heard. I could hardly believe what I was feeling.

The Divine Will and Testament for the new Age of Aquarius

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October 14th, 2012.


The Divine Will and Testament for the new Age of Aquarius has now been set into motion for all to choose.

You need to accept the terms and agreements that have been set forth today by the Divine Will. If you so choose, the truth will set you free. The choice is yours now, to create a new reality. It has been set into motion. And so it is.


Sayuri, LynMarie, Rick and Gregg

New Up Grades to Gaia and Humanity! Get Ready to let the Love in.

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September / 30 /2012

Prep work done on Gaia for Planetary work to be done in October By Sayuri Lapoint and LynMarie , Rick 3:30 pm

Activations done on planet today:

Opened portal of Love,  Peace, appreciation, gratitude.

Brought in Love, Peace, appreciation, gratitude for all of humanity who were open to receive and Gaia.  This was also integrated with earth, galactic, sun, and source.

The Dark energy’s were commanded off planet today and will this be enforced!

The Dark ones are creating confusion as they struggle to hold on to you and Gaia. You need to stay focused and on your path or you will miss opportunity into new world.

The crystals have been active and awakened below the earth.

The Crystal chambers are now connected to core of Gaia, Core of galactic, cord of sun, core of source.

The Feminine energy has been awakened on Gaia

The Crystal Grids for Gaia, galactic core, sun, source are activated and intergraded.

Blessing for all to receive Now.

Sacred Toning for Gaia and Humanity

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I would like to invite anyone who would like to participate in their own space at the same time to join in and send healing to all of humanity and Gaia on Thursday's from 7-9 pm central time it would help all who participate.


I am working with an Arkatron which is a titanium globe that looks like the grid around the planet. The Arkatron has been anchored into all the pyramids and scared sites across the planet. This allows the energy to be sent out across the planet at one time. There are about 200 of these arkatron's that people own they are all linked together and work together with Galactic beings, Ascended Masters -You just need to invite them to help you, of which I open scared space and invite all to help. I am able to see them in the room and inside the Arkatron. During these group events there are around 50 people who are singing sacred harmonic tones of God’s name into the Arkatron.  I write up a clearing for all of humanity and Gaia to receive for that day, of which I connect directly to the Creator of all that is, to send and clear this energy for all to receive, which is also said out loud so it may go into the Arkatron. The Arkatron collects all of this energy.  When this group session is done I am able to send all the energy that is collected into the Arkatron and send it into Mother earth to receive and all of humanity, for whoever is open to receiving it across the planet. This process helps clear out, peel off the matrix of 3 Dimensional duality, polarity, fear, lack of, scarcity, deprivation, ect. What ever is removed the creator of all that is will replacing it with what the Creator see is your highest and best for you. This will changes it for you, your family and ancestors at one time so that it never allowing this back into your life, sealing these openings, healing auric fields with gold, white, violet threads of light. It is also cleared out throughout all time and space and all dimensions. 


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