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Energy Update ~ Ride the Waves of Change into 2018 – the Year of Luminosity

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Dear Readers,

The 11.11 Gateway is upon us Dear Ones and the Earth is being flooded now as we speak, with the most powerful Blue Diamond Fire Light Coded energy emanating from Source ever to be received upon the Earth plane.

These powerful Fire Codes of Light are going deep and blazing, clearing, away all that has been deeply hidden within the recesses of your sub-conscious, forging a pathway into the Light as never before, and propelling you forward into a deeper sense of knowing Who You Truly Are.

These Light codes are clearing you from the ‘inside out’, so to speak. The last to go will be your outer shell – the crust, or the suit of body armor you have been wearing as your dense physical form, so you can move into BE-coming Light – a Body of Light -  translucent and transparent as never before.

You may feel like you’re being stripped clear and clean of everything you ever knew, everything you have ever believed or thought you were. You may even feel slightly ‘alien’ when dealing with those who are not in resonance with where you are presently on an energetic level. This may dredge up feelings of insecurity and instability, and may even bring up feelings of hopelessness, we therefore stress the importance of maintaining a stance of BE-ing more withIN your Heart and less in your lower ego mind.

This state of BEing within your Sacred Heart is what is known as 'Presence' dear Ones, and where you will find your Beloved I AM, which is your Source of Everything - understanding, compassion, unconditional love, peace, divine grace and harmony, which can only be found within your Sacred Heart.

Energy Update and a Word of Encouragement for Lightworkers

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Energy Update and a Word of Encouragement

If God exists within me and I exist within God, and therefore I AM an aspect of that perfect and incomprehensible Love, and I AM always  living in a state of benevolent Grace, then tell me why do I sometimes feel as though I’m not being supported?

Because you allow yourself to fall into the trap of your ego mind. We have spoken of this before, and I know it is difficult for you to even begin to comprehend the extent of the support that is available to you at all times. But this is where faith comes into the deal. Faith is the absolute knowing of something to be true where there is little or no evidence of that to be seen. Also, may I remind you My Dearest Love, that nothing takes forever to manifest.  It takes a mere instant, a flash, a nanosecond, in My World, but in your world it takes ‘time’ because you are living within that constraint, and there are certain clogs that have to fall into place before the wheel turns, if you get my drift. If you would just exercise patience, and stay within the present moment with Me, then you would not experience any sense of lack whatsoever. You will always feel abundant in every way. Let this be a time for you to build upon your strength and Faith so that you can get to a point where you are beyond the shadows of doubt. A point where you can smile in the face of adversity, as if you were sharing a private joke with Me, knowing that no matter what, you shall prevail! As always! Have I ever let you down?

No, you have not…

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