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21/9 Equinox & Full Moon Celebration Workshop

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full moon workshop equinox seraphim angels

This month of September holds the jewel of the Equinox – equal day/night – the start of Fall or Autumn in the Northern hemisphere and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. It will be a time of rebirth and renewal for some and reflection and retrospection for others. The Equinox also holds a great deal of magic as the equal day/night allows for a unique balance in energies to occur that opens a magical window of opportunity for those who have the courage to walk through into the unknown/unseen inner parts of themselves!

So our intention with this workshop is to provide you with a balancing of your energy centers – chakras – to prepare you for this special Equinox energy. This energy clearing is being sponsored by The Golden One’s – the beloved Seraphim Angels who will step forward to assist us.  You will want to be as clear as you can possibly be at the time of the actual Equinox which takes place on Sunday, the 23rd September at 03.54 South African time. Please do check the actual date and time in your time zone here.

Energy Update and Feedback on Friday’s Full Moon Workshop

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Energy Update and Feedback on Friday’s Full Moon Workshop

Beloveds, what a wonderful experience our workshop turned out to be! We anchored Light! And we stretched our Light portal even wider than it was before! It matters not that we had some background noises – most of them we edited out anyway! The most important part is that we made a difference once more in the lives of others. If there is one thing we can do as humans it’s making choices that make a positive impact in the lives of others. These are the best choices!

Every little chance we get in life to make a more loving choice –go with that! Choose that! This is how we expand our Light and merge a lttle more with the Presence of the God I AM inside of us in that moment we CHOOSE Light and Love.

Friday’s workshop was phenomenal. Daniela’s work with the Elemental Realm has deepened and she is now working with Elemental Beings from the 9th Dimension. She is also channeling the Masters and she kindly did a channeled reading for each of us who attended the live call.

Daniela got the inspired idea to do a bonus recording for the workshop of the Ascension Chair Ceremony. So we have been gifted with this extra bonus Mp3 and she’s included her singing bowl in the recording. The energies that came through for me listening to it this morning were just phenomenal.

Feedback and News Update

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Last Wednesday’s workshop clearing & healing the Altantean and Lemurian trauma was incredibly powerful.  We were joined by so many Light Beings who wished to assist us in creating our portal of Light to clear these old records. We were guided into a beautiful healing meditation which led us to the Temple of Truth in the etheric realm over the Isle of Crete, where we were assisted by the powerful healing and uplifting Emerald Green Flame. Here Master Hilarion and the Brotherhood of that Temple, Archangel Raphael and other Light Healers were eager to assist in our healing & clearing. They also helped us to re-establish the Diamond codes of Prosperity and Abundance within our DNA, personally and collectively for humanity.

We were then guided over the oceans where the great continent of Lemuria once stood, and to the Atlantic where once stood Atlantis, and we established a great portal of Light through the waters and into the earth below. The dolphins, dragons and unicorns and many, many, Light Beings attended this event. What happened was nothing short of incredible. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of Souls and Soul fragments ascended through the portal of light into the awaiting arms of thousands of angels who were present. It was as if the angels already knew they were ready to be taken into the Light.

Sunday Musings ~ The Magic of the I AM in action!

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Beloveds, isn’t LIFE magical? Life really is meant to be magical! We just get so bogged down by ‘what is’ around us that we fail to see the magic inside of us. We fail to see the whole picture because we get stuck in our minds and forget we have hearts…

Beloveds, the heart is where magic lies. Once we fully embrace a heart based way of life we can begin living as we were meant to live, as one big happy family because we are all connected, all of us. We are all made of the same stuff, intricately and wonderfully made with perfection, and JOY is our natural state of being.

If only we could see that, understand that and believe that, life would be so different. The world would be a different place!

Einstein said , ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

You want to know why? Because fairy tales are magical, and they bring out the imagination in people and it is through imagination that we create experience.

Life is all about experiencing stuff. Simply experiencing it. If there is some experience you don’t like you can use your imagination to change it. You have that power. You have that choice.

Energy is alive and waiting to be shaped into whichever experience you wish to give it, and give yourself. That is the joy of creation!

Clearing & Healing the Lemurian & Atlantean Trauma

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atlantis lemuria sinking clearing trauma

Dear Readers,

We are in the midst of a massive shift that is affecting everybody on this Planet whether they are aware of it or not. Most of what is being addressed now has to do with clearing the separation and victim consciousness of humanity, most of which has come from the Atlantean and Lemurian trauma’s suffered over 12000 years ago.

My guides have informed me that ultimately no one is going to be left untouched by this shift and that eventually, once we have moved through this transitional gateway, things will lighten up considerably.

In the meantime, we are guided to do what we can to help speed things up!

It is our wish to re-establish and anchor into the hearts and minds of Humanity the Diamond Code of Prosperity that will serve to restore us to our original DNA blueprint. In order to do this, we have to make way for these high frequency codes to come into alignment with our being.

And so, we are offering a workshop in which we will in effect clear and heal our past records which have stood in the way of Humanity reaching their full potential in this regard. In so doing, we hope to be instrumental in clearing the dross of the huge trauma’s suffered by our forefathers so long ago. In fact most of us guided to do this work are here for this very purpose and feel responsible to take action in its clearing.

Energy Update on passing though the 8.8 Lions Gate

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Energy Update ~ Going through the 8.8. Lions Gateway portal

Some of you may have read that the Lionine Guardians of the Gateway, one representing the Past and the other the Future, will only let those pass through their Gateway who have mastered being in the NOW, the Present, and have let go of their old ways of being and the regrets of their past, and similarly let go of any anxieties or fears concerning the future. However my Guides had this to say today:

“Allow us to give you a clearer interpretation if you will. You cannot escape being human so that you embrace a state of perfection 100% of the time. There will be times when you will falter. We ask only that when it happens that you do not fall into self-blame.

The culmination of the heightened energies of the Lions Gate will be felt tomorrow on the 8.8. and we see you are doubting whether you were able to ‘make the grade’ to successfully move through the Gate this time. Allow us to put your mind at rest.

Lions Gate Card Reading Specials till 8.8.18 ~ Receive some guidance now

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Through the overlighting Presence of Archangel Michael, I am able to connect with all Archangels and Beings of Light. All Light Beings and Angels are God’s messengers and I am deeply honored and grateful to be able to pass on their messages to you by way of these readings.

Archangel Michael is my Intuitive and Principal Guide and Guardian Angel and he will always ensure you receive messages that will guide you in your life and present circumstances.

The Light Beings and Angels will also help you to become aware of your own Spirituality and your Divine Life’s Purpose for being here. With an open heart and mind they will guide and support you in every aspect of your life.

Card Reading Specials via Email – One (1) Card $8.88 or Three (3) Cards $24.44.

Book here:

Love and Blessings!

Deborah Faith


Moon & Eclipse Healing with Lord Serapis Bey 27th July

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full moon lunar eclipse healing workshop lord serapis bey unicorns dragon healing

Channeled Message:

"Greetings. Greetings, Dear Beloveds. I am Lord Serapis Bey and I feel greatly honoured to step forth at this time. I speak in deep gratitude to those who work so effortlessly on clearing their paths for ascension. I have been there myself and I do understand the pain, suffering, tiredness you go through. High and low phases of improvement, enthusiasm followed by endless struggle, so it seems. But this is your perception, Beloveds, through your "limited self" - we see how boundless you really are. And we applaud you for your process that you have made. Know that we can see the great shifts that have been taken place on our Beloved Virgo ( Mother Earth ), that you may not fully be aware of as it feels naturally to you when the old falls away and you align more fully with your purest essence. I am the Lord holding the Leadership of the Great White Brother Hood and I am the Guardian of the Ascension Flame. Now I invite you to take part in the workshop on the full moon as I will join with my great Team for performing a deep healing on you. Beloveds, you are so dear to all of us here in the Spiritual Realm and we wish that you embody your highest potential as we know that this will bring you your ultimate joy and bliss. We love you. And we are preparing for those of you who are ready, ready to let go of all the ingredients in your life that "slow you down" in your Ascension Process. I am Serapis Bey and it is my deepest Wish to assist you breaking free so you can ascend. I bless you with the purest Light that I hold in my Heart. Namaste. Adoni." Lord Serapis Bey

SUPER Full Moon Workshop 28th June

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Dear Readers,

Our Solstice Energy Transmission was a joy-filled event and we had a great time with the Angels! Archangel Michael led us in a guided meditation to cut us free from our fears using his blue flamed sword of Truth, which serves to sever from our energy fields all fear based programming.

We are still integrating and stabilizing the powerful Solstice energy and now we’re looking forward to a super powerful and bright Full Moon this coming Thursday the 28th June, which promises to uncover even more of that which we have stowed away in a file marked “to deal with later……”.

Beloveds, I’m afraid that later is NOW, and it can no longer be delayed. It is imperative that this dissonant energy be uncovered and dusted off so to speak, so that you can sparkle and shine again! Remember this 2018 year is marked as the year of LUMINOSITY! And shine we will!

Announcement ~ Solstice Energy Transmission 21st June 2018

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I invite you to join us – myself and my Higher Counsel who call themselves simply ‘One Voice’ – for a special Solstice Energy Transmission this Thursday 21st June 2018 at 6 PM SAST (South African time). Please check the time in your time zone:

A Solstice Energy Transmission for the 21st June 2018

“Greetings, greetings, greetings! It is with much joy and jubilation that we come forward to assist you with our Light on this Solstice celebration.  The goal of the energy transmission is to help you reach into a higher octave or level of frequency that is comfortable for you at this time. We are aware that at this time many are struggling with the intense energies and we wish to assist in any way we can.The stabilization and integration work is also going to assist in the balancing of the masculine and feminine aspects of your being. The integration of the Twin Flame energy so to speak.”

Will be we doing any healing work?

“Yes, we will be working with your higher-self aspect to move energy blocks that cause you to feel ‘stuck’ in lower frequency patterns of behavior that are non-serving and thus in effect produce feelings of anxiety and vulnerability. We will also be helping you to integrate and stabilize the higher frequency energy codes now being received so that it benefits you with almost immediate effect. This stabilization comes more easily as a result of our support. Once your energy field is stabilized you will feel more harmonious and settled within your body.”


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