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Journey with us to the Himalayas in honor of Mother Earth!

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It was in answer to a cry of Love that we found ourselves here, willingly and in complete service to this beautiful Blue Planet named Earth. She became our Earthly Mother and has sustained our life here for many eons of time, even when we ourselves fell into darkness. She cries out to you again. Will you listen?


Journey To The Blue Flame Diamond Temple of the Will of God


The Will of God is the attribute of God that will take you all the way home through its divine grace. When you decide to make a real commitment to your ascension and to your spiritual journey you must be willing to pass the tests of surrender to Divine Will. God does not really want to test you. His love is unconditional. But when you are willing to surrender your will to the Will of God, the universe responds rather quickly to help you to achieve this goal. The minute you make a consistent commitment to your God Presence to totally surrender to the process, your Presence will guide you to the fastest and smoothest way possible to obtain the object of your desire, and literally opens the doors to “Everything”!

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Believe and Trust ~ A Special Message for you today from Archangel Michael

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A Special Message for you today from Archangel Michael

Believe and Trust

To resolve this situation, you must believe that everything is healed and whole right now. As your faith grows stronger, the doorway to Divine solutions will open. Your trust enables your mind and body to relax, which increases your creative energy and strength—two qualities that will prove especially helpful to you.

Possible specific meanings: This situation will have a happy outcome • Positive thinking will bring you your desired outcome more rapidly • Give worries to God and the angels • Trust the person you’re inquiring about • Believe in yourself!


Before going to sleep tonight say “Archangel Michael, please enter my dreams and replace fear with faith and trust. Let me be filled strength, courage and confidence. Thank you!”

Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation

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Ask Archangel Michael To Help You With This Situation

The situation that’s concerning you can improve with Archangel Michael’s help. This card serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to get the angels involved, and their assistance will improve everything immediately . . . including giving you inner peace, new ideas, and insights. Michael will help you in ingenious and unexpected ways, so be open to miracles that take on surprising forms.

Possible specific meanings:

  • Know that you’re powerful—you’re not a victim
  • Release any blame for yourself or others
  • Focus upon solutions, not problems
  • Allow other people to help you
  • Keep an open mind to alternative solutions


Dear Archangel Michael, thank you for assisting me with [describe the situation]. Please help me be filled with faith and peace at all times.

A Special Message From Archangel Michael to You:

Energy Update ~ Ride the Waves of Change into 2018 – the Year of Luminosity

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Dear Readers,

The 11.11 Gateway is upon us Dear Ones and the Earth is being flooded now as we speak, with the most powerful Blue Diamond Fire Light Coded energy emanating from Source ever to be received upon the Earth plane.

These powerful Fire Codes of Light are going deep and blazing, clearing, away all that has been deeply hidden within the recesses of your sub-conscious, forging a pathway into the Light as never before, and propelling you forward into a deeper sense of knowing Who You Truly Are.

These Light codes are clearing you from the ‘inside out’, so to speak. The last to go will be your outer shell – the crust, or the suit of body armor you have been wearing as your dense physical form, so you can move into BE-coming Light – a Body of Light -  translucent and transparent as never before.

You may feel like you’re being stripped clear and clean of everything you ever knew, everything you have ever believed or thought you were. You may even feel slightly ‘alien’ when dealing with those who are not in resonance with where you are presently on an energetic level. This may dredge up feelings of insecurity and instability, and may even bring up feelings of hopelessness, we therefore stress the importance of maintaining a stance of BE-ing more withIN your Heart and less in your lower ego mind.

This state of BEing within your Sacred Heart is what is known as 'Presence' dear Ones, and where you will find your Beloved I AM, which is your Source of Everything - understanding, compassion, unconditional love, peace, divine grace and harmony, which can only be found within your Sacred Heart.


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Special Message from Archangel Michael:

Dear One, all of Life is God’s creation. All are borne of Innocence and have in Essence, the Spirit of Innocence within. Always see everything and everyone around you, including yourself, as Innocence. Innocence may become lost a little along the way, or disguise itself within its chosen outer shell, but it can never be truly ever be covered or disguised completely, because it is always there in the very core, the very center of your Being, waiting to be rediscovered. Always strive to see through the outward appearances of others, including yourself, so you can see Innocence. Look at others, and yourself, through the eyes of the Soul and your Diamond Heart, and you will see Innocence. Stay focused in your Diamond Heart, and the rest, as they say, is history [their story, their human fable], for Innocence shall reveal itself, and when it does, you shall weep tears of joy!

~ I AM Archangel Michael

Thank you Michael!

From our ONE Heart to yours!

~Deborah Faith
Archangels and Devas

The Raven Collective ~ Mother Raven Speaks...

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Dear Light Bearers,

A couple days ago I connected with the Raven energy and I was greeted by what they said was a Collective energy for the Raven species. A gentle and loving feminine energy came through – what I later identified as ‘Mother Raven’ – and welcomed my communication with them and she said she was delighted that so many humans are able and willing to connect to the different species and life forms on the Planet now in a conscious way. They said that this is where we are now at – the space in which we are in – which allows us a deeper connection with all of Life here on Earth.

We are at last coming into a frequency which is bringing us into deeper alignment with the Collective Gaia consciousness of the Planet Earth, and all her life forms.  Mother Raven said that those of us who are able to connect at this level now are deeply appreciated for the work that we are doing in order to raise the light quotient on Earth. She also said that it is imperative that we as Light Bearers plug ourselves into the 5D Crystalline Energy Matrix and Grid several times daily, in order to be supported more fully within our rising levels of consciousness and awareness.

She showed me that the Crystalline Grid acts as a kind of sieve between the 3rd dimension and the higher dimensions which prevents those who anchor into its energy from falling through, back down into the lower frequencies, and helps us to keep our energy stable in the higher frequencies so that we less drawn into the unfolding drama of the 3rd dimension.

True Archangel Michael Stories by Deborah Faith

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The Feather

In October of 2012 I had a dream that felt so incredibly real. In the dream a large dark ominous looking ‘thing’ was moving towards me. I was terrified and screamed out Michael’s name 3 times and the next thing I knew I was being physically lifted out of the dream. I woke up safe and sound in my bed and as I turned the light on I noticed the most perfect white feather I’d ever laid eyes on. It had been carefully placed on my side table, where he was sure it wouldn’t go unnoticed. I knew then that he’d saved me! What I didn’t know at the time was that he’d saved me from a figment of my mind and over active imagination. I had been listening to the fear-filled stories of my online friends and these stories had released a deep seated fear for demons which had been installed within my psyche from a young age.

Over the next couple of months Michael patiently worked with me helping me to overcome my fears. He taught me there is nothing to fear except fear itself and even then it shouldn’t be feared because fear is an illusion. Only love is real! He showed me how powerful the human mind can be.

Since then he’s never left my side. He’s been my confidant, my mentor and closest friend. He taught me about unconditional love and he continues to guide me in every area of my life.

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Thank you!


Twin Flame Union - Fairy Tale or not?

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Twin flames Union – Fairytale or not?

With so much light incoming and flooding the consciousness of every human on this plane, many are now feeling an intense yearning to find their other half. This other half of you is the flame of your heart, the twin flame that resonates to the exact same signature frequency. You could say that when you took physical form that half of your One Flame split in two. One half became physical on this level is existence, and the other half stayed at Home at a spiritual level, and is guiding you and supporting you all the way during this temporary ‘split’. You will one day reunite, this is inevitable. You are of the same Essence, exact same signature frequency and nothing can ever stop this merging from taking place. But for the reunification to take place it is necessary for both flames to be in perfect resonance, at least to a certain level, or extent.

The Flame that we speak of here is the Flame of Divine Love that sparks each Souls existence and it lives in your Spiritual Heart. In the average human the flame burns at around one-eighth of an inch high. When fully ignited the flame is 9ft tall!

The way to fully ignite the flame is to return to the Heart of love, through self-love, and through the expression of love for all things, for all of life, to be in Oneness with all existence, and to embody the Christ consciousness in this way. For this is the Way back home again. There is no other way.

The love we speak of is unconditional love, for this is the one and only true love there is. Thus the saying, “love is all there is”.

Group Clearing Event for Gaia and for You!

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live energy clearing with angels and dragon realms

We are happy to announce this wonderful group clearing event which we will be hosting with the Dragon Realm and the Angels to bring about and restore harmony and balance within the energy body of Gaia and within our own energy field.

Daniela from Love Mind Matter and Deborah Faith from Archangels and Devas will be channeling the energy of the Dragons who are powerful transmuters and transformers of negative energy, and bringing in the energy of Archangel Michael and his team of Angels to magnify the clearing on a Planetary scale to benefit both Gaia and your Self!

Daniela is deeply connected with the Elemental Beings and will also be able to bring in a personal message for those interested during the Event. She received this message:


“Greetings, greetings, greetings!

We of the Dragon and Angelic realms have come forth as the Voice of One to assist you in a deep cleansing of wounds.

All of you, who have come together on this journey are ready to let go of everything holding you back at this time, to help you make an impressive move forward on your path towards global enlightenment, peace and harmony.

We step forward at this time to support you and heal you.

We feel very honoured and excited to help you break through the resistance that is standing in your way.”

Energy Update ~ We are here to serve Gaia as Co-Creators!

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Image sourced from Pixabay

I wasn’t sure whether to write this blog or not…but then one of my readers sent me such a beautiful email earlier today that helped me to regain my confidence, and my balance. Thank you Lumanthra!

Things are hotting up! To put it mildly… So hang onto your breeches!

It seems the message I received from Michael not so long ago is coming to pass. The energy is churning us all right! Churning and indeed turning us inside out, and in so doing, bringing the best of us right out into the open, out into the Light. It is helping us to release all that we have mis-created which has been acting as the Veil of Illusion separating Heaven and Earth.

It may help perhaps to change our perspective just a little by thinking of this mis-created energy as also longing to return to the Light from whence it came, which it is! This energy is our energy and that means it is Source energy which has been mis-created by us, and just like us, it is longing, yearning even, to be returned to Source, into the arms of Divine Love, just like we are. It doesn’t even matter anymore which of us created it. We are One! We are a Collective Consciousness and there is no more separation in this new energy. We are here to serve Gaia, and to clear the air [ether] of all that we have mis-created as the Human Collective upon this Great Earth.


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