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This Libra New Moon is the second New Moon in September. When there is 2 New Moons in a month it is referred to as a Black Moon. Most people are unaware of the second New Moon in a month because basically… we cannot see a New Moon. It is dark. The Black Moon has only recently been acknowledged… so it’s meaning is still being worked out. I think it gives us an extra opportunity to go deep into ourselves and to not only Meditate, but to Create and Manifest what it is that we want to see in “the New”…..”our New” what we want it to look like…what we want to become our “New” reality!!! It is as if the Universe is giving us another opportunity to do this….especially after the power packed September we have had so far!

Metatronic Numerology Frequency Report: 3/30/14 – Creating Foundation, Setting Intentions & Black Moon Rising

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Today is a 4 Frequency day with a 33 Sub-frequency influence and an 11 Minor Frequency influence, as well as being the day of the second New Moon of this month; sometimes known as a “Black Moon”. This New Moon/Black Moon holds a 3/11 Frequency combination; the same as the first New Moon of this month.

The I AM Keyword phrases for 4, 11 and 33 are:

4 – I AM Form and Service

11 – I AM Truth Illumined through Spiritual Revelation

33 – I AM Compassionate Consciousness in Universal Service

Let’s look at the 11 Frequency in play today first. It is a Minor frequency influence so it is not exerting an extremely strong influence on today. The 11 frequency is associated with the seven day period of 11 Frequency that is here to assist us in consciously refocusing on the work of re-establishing and resetting, making any fine tuned adjustments, to theIntentions we Set Into Motion last month as to where we want to go with our lives and what we want to manifest as our life’s focus and work.

Today is the day we actually set those Intentions in place in a very concrete way. And then the work of April will be to begin the very first stage of the Manifestation process of these Intentions.

I am going to share again the information I shared yesterday concerning this New Moon/Black Moon and the work of Setting our Intentions today.

Second new moon of this month. Black Moon. Supermoon. January 30, 2014

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By:, 01/30/2014
Simulated image of today's new moon (2014 January 30 at 21:38 UTC) via Earth and Moon Viewer

Today – January 30, 2014 – gives us the second of two new moons to occur in a single calendar month. Some are calling it a Black Moon. It’s also a supermoon, the second of this month. The first new supermoon of January came on January 1. A single calendar month won’t harbor two supermoons again until January 2018. Will you see it? No. But it’ll affect the tides.


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