Divine Feminine and Masculine


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Beloved Readers,

Yesterday I was invited to attend a very laid back church with a friend. It was lovely, we sang songs and the atmosphere was very relaxed and happy. The main sermon, if you can call it that, had to do with fasting. I had to smile, and I could almost perceive a smile on my I AM’s face at that subject, because don’t we all use food as a form of resistance and comfort when things are becoming a little challenging for us? I know I do. I will sit down to write a blog or decide to spend time in meditation and my human mind/ego will suggest something like, “Let’s have a nice cup of tea…… wish we had biscuits….!” It’s a classic with me. My I AM just smiles and says “It’s okay, tomorrow is another day!” The main thing is not to beat yourself up, forgive yourself because you are human! It’s human nature to resist something that it considers not within its ‘normal’ safe space.

The Divine Masculine and Feminine Archetypes ~ Myth or Real?

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As currently understood by many, the Divine Feminine and the Divine masculine, are both archetypes, as are God/Goddess. Not so much ‘God’, as the word ‘God’ is still associated by many as as religious deity, but definitely the Goddess is understood to be an archetype. This is how the dictionary explains the word:

An original model after which other similar things are patterned. In the psychology of Carl Jung, archetypes are the images, patterns, and symbols that rise out of the collective unconscious and appear in dreams, mythology, and fairy tales.

This, of course, is because it is still a belief in most of the world today that the Feminine archetype has no real power.

This could not be further from the truth. In fact it is through the strength and power of the Feminine that the Masculine energy experiences and manifests his power. The two energies are interdependent on each other for complete fulfillment. One cannot be complete without the other.

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