Earth Grand Trine

September 9th, 2018 –VIRGO NEW MOON at 1:01 pm CDT

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AstroEyes Evolutionary Astrology – Cathy Lindsey

Wow….what a ride we have been on over the last few months!!   The energies have been very strong and a bit chaotic. The energies seem to settle down a bit for a day or two….and then they started to build again. There is a lot of energetic activations in our country, the world, the Earth herself and of course in all of us.  Try to keep away from or detach from any of the “fear” energies.  They can become overwhelming if you engage in them.  Take this Virgo earth energy and ground your self….do practical things…go outside and sit with the Earth, walk on the Earth. Look up in the sky at night and enjoy the tapestry of the stars…and remember as above, so below.  Take that beautiful calming energy and embody it.  Step away from the drama, from the fear, and from the chaos.  We are going through a period of deep transformations (ourselves, the Earth, humanity, countries etc.). Remember that when you (or the World) are going through transformations, deep Soul transformations…. it isn’t going to be easy.  If it is easy…then you are not doing the work!


The Earth itself is having a hard time incorporating all the energies from the last few months…and basically she is not very happy.  Remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and the Earth is alive….and it also is receiving all these energies that we are having a hard time dealing with.  She is rebounding some…major storms, Earthquakes, hurricanes (4 plus major ones right now and more forming), volcanoes, many fires, floods and increasing Solar activity…..  We have to start taking care of the Earth…nurturing her…and loving her….so she can get healthy again. So we can get healthy again!   Meditate on this…and Listen!!!  Manifest a healthy Earth…a healthy World…a healthy You.  Manifest PEACE!!


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