September 9th, 2018 –VIRGO NEW MOON at 1:01 pm CDT

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Wow….what a ride we have been on over the last few months!!   The energies have been very strong and a bit chaotic. The energies seem to settle down a bit for a day or two….and then they started to build again. There is a lot of energetic activations in our country, the world, the Earth herself and of course in all of us.  Try to keep away from or detach from any of the “fear” energies.  They can become overwhelming if you engage in them.  Take this Virgo earth energy and ground your self….do practical things…go outside and sit with the Earth, walk on the Earth. Look up in the sky at night and enjoy the tapestry of the stars…and remember as above, so below.  Take that beautiful calming energy and embody it.  Step away from the drama, from the fear, and from the chaos.  We are going through a period of deep transformations (ourselves, the Earth, humanity, countries etc.). Remember that when you (or the World) are going through transformations, deep Soul transformations…. it isn’t going to be easy.  If it is easy…then you are not doing the work!


The Earth itself is having a hard time incorporating all the energies from the last few months…and basically she is not very happy.  Remember that Virgo is an Earth sign and the Earth is alive….and it also is receiving all these energies that we are having a hard time dealing with.  She is rebounding some…major storms, Earthquakes, hurricanes (4 plus major ones right now and more forming), volcanoes, many fires, floods and increasing Solar activity…..  We have to start taking care of the Earth…nurturing her…and loving her….so she can get healthy again. So we can get healthy again!   Meditate on this…and Listen!!!  Manifest a healthy Earth…a healthy World…a healthy You.  Manifest PEACE!!


All New Moons mark the beginning of a new cycle. New Moons are the most spiritual and intuitive moons of the whole Lunar cycle. It is a wonderful time to manifest, meditate and create!  Each New Moon brings with it a down load of evolutionary energies giving us the knowledge to create a beautiful future..  This is a very powerful time to manifest/create….and with a Virgo New Moon, we have the ability to ground it in to reality! This Virgo New Moon… in service (Virgo) to bring into our consciousness….the things that we can no longer ignore.  Our inner truths will bring out our inner shadows, so we can see them and address them now.   Take the energy of this very powerful Virgo New Moon and manifest a beautiful and peaceful world.   Take time to manifest for yourself also.


The Sun and Moon (the New Moon), are in Virgo. Virgo is the time of Fall Cleaning.  It is as if by moving into this Virgo energy…the Universe is putting us in a clean-up and rebuild phase…..after all the chaos, confusion, and upheavals that we have been through over the last several months.  Of course this doesn’t mean that it is over….oh no, not by any means……it just means that it is time to continue the clean-up.  It is time to weed out the things that we do not want to flourish…. and pick the things/ideas/dreams that we do want to flourish…. so that we can nurture them to a healthy existence. Virgo energy is about re-thinking your daily routine’s… your daily life.  It is about learning to move from being critical…. to discernment.   It brings about thoughts of how to support (or not support) a healthy life style and a vibrant life.  It shows us how to ground our Spiritual thoughts… and how to form our Spiritual Practice’s.   Virgo energy is about simplicity….simplifying your life, and preparing your Sacred Space.  It is about purging, cleaning, reorganizing, and the nitty gritty of daily work. Virgo is about service! Virgo likes to gather a lot of information on all subjects and can become very good mentors!  Virgo is also about moving away from daily distractions and moving towards gaining focus.   Virgo energy is about making choices that support your health and sanity.  How are you treating your body?  How are you running your schedule? How are you sharing your space with others?  What choices are you making?  What areas of your life are you weeding out so that the “new” can grow?


Remember not to get held up in the gray side of Virgo energy…..where you tend to worry way to much about things, and therefore never really getting anything accomplished. Don’t get caught up in the need to be right all the time……or to have everything (including humans) be perfect!   Don’t hold yourself back because you don’t think that you know enough on that subject yet…..when in reality (Virgos can be like walking encyclopedias) you probably know more than those around you.   Just keep moving to the high energies of Virgo!!


The Virgo New Moon itself…is opposing Neptune   It is asking us to move away from over analyzing things that sometimes leads to criticism (Virgo) to compassion (Pisces).  This is also a time that you might meet your mentor or you might become a mentor, especially in areas of the Spiritual realm. There can be a lot of reflection on things…and with everything else going on ….there can be a feeling of being overwhelmed at times.   Be cautious……as this can lead to a little depression ….acknowledge it….heal it…and move forward.  With the opposition to Neptune….there is a challenge here of hard knowledge (Virgo) and dreaminess with a little fogginess when it comes to communication (Virgo ruled by Mercury).  Reality may not be totally focused and daydreaming could be a part of it. The information that you might need to make decisions or communicate ideas….may not be available yet….it may be a bit foggy.   This opposition is trying to teach us how to bring this all into balance…the dreaminess etc. with the hard knowledge! 


Mercury (communication, teaching, writing, learning) and rules this Virgo New Moon….is in a Grand Earth Trine (harmonious earth energy) with Saturn (structure, father figure, CEO, government) in Capricorn and Uranus (constant of change, thinking outside the box, community, humanity) in Taurus.  Mercury loves to communicate and share its knowledge….and with the flow of the Saturn energy, the communication can be more orderly and structured with a focus on integrity and respect.  Add in the Uranus energy of change.  With Uranus, we might see radical change…in the information we are presenting… for the good of our communities and humanity.   No more beating around the bush, bring it out, for the changes we need now… in our communities and humanity.   With this aspect…the communication about changes along these lines, should be received and brought into reality…..within the structures of integrity and respect for all.      


Jupiter and Neptune are in a trine that can bring in some feelings of love, fairy dust, and bliss.  It can also help us find where the lies, and illusions, might be.  It can be a challenge at times, as it can bring in some feelings of confusion and deception. However this aspect plays out in your chart….enjoy the Magic it brings.


This Virgo New Moon trine Pluto this aspect can be deep and intense.  With Pluto there can be an evolutionary undertone in how you think and what your habits are transforming into….on a higher level.  Any artistic endeavors achieved at this time can be deep….a shadowy exploration of things.  There also could be a determination to uncover secrets, and bring them to the surface.  You may find that you are interested in discovering things…..kind of like a detective.


There is a Fixed Grand Cross with Uranus, Nodes/Mars and Venus   A Grand Cross consist of 4 squares and square energy is full of stress and friction.  Fixed energy: is stable & sustaining…..stubbornness and not wanting change.  Uranus and Venus is squaring the Nodes, with Mars sitting with the South Node.  It is as if the Universe is saying….”you know all those things from the past…the things you are being stubborn about releasing…now is the time!”  With Venus and Mars in the picture…it has a lot to do with relationships!  Mars on the South Node indicates that a lot of past relationship lessons are being bought up for you to look at…for you to revisit and release. Venus in Scorpio is saying that these are Soul Mate relationships (Soul’s you have been with… in the past…regardless of what part they are playing in this life time) and that now is the time to make that needed change and release the relationship so it can either grow or… is time for you to move away from it.  Don’t become stubborn about it or the ability for you to move rapidly towards you North Node (your Soul’s intent for this incarnation) will be diminished for now.  This is a very powerful aspect….one you shouldn’t ignore.  There could be some healing needed in relationships with the father, or financial, or self worth, financial and of course family and lovers.  Meditate on this…and listen.  It is a powerful time to release (with a lot of help from this fixed Grand Cross) the stubbornness in these areas….that has been holding you back for a long long time!


Also during this Virgo New Moon period we still have 4 Planets that are Retrograde, they are:  Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (which moves direct on Sept. 30th), Eris….. and Chiron. While it is a time for reflection, and a lot of internalization….it’s likely to be a bumpy ride if we don’t keep our sense of humor and stay on the high side.    Saturn just turned direct 3 days ago…leaving the retrogrades and now giving us the ability to move forward with our thoughts and ideas about boundary’s, structures, integrity & respect, and business.


With these powerful New Moon energies…the ability to remove  from your life…..the areas that are no longer vibrating with you….or which are no longer aliened with your Heart’s truth  (we are now thinking with our Hearts)….has become a real possibility!  Don’t be surprised if you feel a nudge from the Universe in some of these areas.  If you do….meditate on it…call your guidance in and ask for clarity….till you feel comfortable moving forward!


This Virgo New Moon is a powerful time….. for sudden and unusual opportunities.. that will bring things up and  put them right in our faces!!  Things that bring up our deepest wounds and pain….things that we haven’t wanted to look at… that we can acknowledge them....see them for what they are….move through them….so we can heal them and move forward, on our evolutionary journey!  


It is such a chaotic time now …that I highly ask you to try…..through meditation and manifesting…..holding on to this powerful energy and creating ways to make it work for you and humanity!  Take the grounding energy of the Virgo New Moon and manifest into reality the world that you would like to live in.   Remember…..we are Co-Creating the “New” on all levels!!!!


Go deep within yourself, your soul and see what comes to you…things that you might need to look at, from childhood traumas to things that you are reacting to now.  How can you change your current approach to these things?  Because this is a New Moon (Balsamic Moon), which is the most psychic and Spiritual moon of the whole lunar cycle….it is a time to mediate, and a time to manifest.  Take all the energies of this New Moon and manifest a beautiful path towards the “New” that we are co-creating, along with a beautiful world, and a beautiful community.   Manifest PEACE!


During this Virgo New Moon….. It is time to manifest the future you want.  It is a time to meditate….as much as you can.  It is a time to ask for guidance and then trusting the guidance you receive. It is time to hold the Earth in your loving arms….help her heal….it is time to bring PEACE to all Humanity!  It is time to sit in quiet meditate… and Listen!!!


These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth. These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. 

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below). Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

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