Full Moon Cancer


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Cathy Lindsey

We have just entered the New Year of 2015…and what a powerful and intense entrance this Cancer Full Moon makes!    It is sitting right with Pluto…… making this Full Moon part of the ongoing Cardinal Square…..which is actually a Cardinal Grand Cross (which means that there are planets in all the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra) all squaring or opposing each other.   This is a time of activation's….especially in the areas around your home, family and clan……. relationships of all kinds.  Emotions, intense at times, rise to the surface….sometimes without warning. Things are being put right in our face’s…..right in our face’s!  We can no longer dodge them….we have to deal with them…we have make choice’s…. and then move on those choice’s.  This Cancer Full Moon is asking us to review our emotional patterns and realize the ones that are not working for us anymore…..and then Release the old emotional patterns that are connected with our families, partnerships (love and work), and friendships.     We are being asked to make sure that all our relationships are based on Integrity and Respect…both giving and receiving!   That they are not out of balance with power or control…..but that they are surrounded by the energies of equal give and take…..no one is better than anyone else”.    Have there been family or relationship situations that have been ignited lately?   What are you being asked to look at?   Have you been in a situation where Authenticity and integrity were not used?  Either towards you……or towards someone close to you?  How did that make you feel? If it doesn't “feel” right…it is time to speak your Truth.   With this Cancer Full Moon…..we are being asked to review and release.  The Universe is intensely serious…..it is time to make choices!

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