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We have just entered the New Year of 2015…and what a powerful and intense entrance this Cancer Full Moon makes!    It is sitting right with Pluto…… making this Full Moon part of the ongoing Cardinal Square…..which is actually a Cardinal Grand Cross (which means that there are planets in all the cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, and Libra) all squaring or opposing each other.   This is a time of activation's….especially in the areas around your home, family and clan……. relationships of all kinds.  Emotions, intense at times, rise to the surface….sometimes without warning. Things are being put right in our face’s…..right in our face’s!  We can no longer dodge them….we have to deal with them…we have make choice’s…. and then move on those choice’s.  This Cancer Full Moon is asking us to review our emotional patterns and realize the ones that are not working for us anymore…..and then Release the old emotional patterns that are connected with our families, partnerships (love and work), and friendships.     We are being asked to make sure that all our relationships are based on Integrity and Respect…both giving and receiving!   That they are not out of balance with power or control…..but that they are surrounded by the energies of equal give and take… one is better than anyone else”.    Have there been family or relationship situations that have been ignited lately?   What are you being asked to look at?   Have you been in a situation where Authenticity and integrity were not used?  Either towards you……or towards someone close to you?  How did that make you feel? If it doesn't “feel” right…it is time to speak your Truth.   With this Cancer Full Moon…..we are being asked to review and release.  The Universe is intensely serious… is time to make choices!

Full Moons are a time of releasing.  It is a time of releasing the old that is no longer working. Go deep into yourself, your foundations and old perceptions and observe what is no longer working for you.  What is no longer vibrating where you are vibrating?   It is a time of purging and releasing in all areas of your life.   The Full Moon energy last a day and half on each side of the peak.

The Full Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are opposing each other. With this Cancer Full Moon we have a Capricorn Sun. The goal of an opposition is to bring into balance the 2 sides. So this Cancer Full Moon is about balancing emotion (Cancer) and detachment (Capricorn), Feminine energy (Cancer) and Male energy (Capricorn), intuition (Cancer) and practicality (Capricorn), home life (Cancer) and achievement/CEO (Capricorn), subconscious and things hidden (Cancer) and bringing things out in the open and into your consciousness (Capricorn), being involved with your family/tribe (Cancer), and being directed by your jobs in the outside world (Capricorn) etc.     Meditate on the balancing….come up with some of your own ideas of what needs balanced in these areas of your life.  The universe is speaking loudly!  We need to bring ourselves and the world into balance to set the stage….. as we shift into the “new”, and also for our own evolution.

With this Full Moon in Cancer (water, the mother, family, that which births, intuition, nurturer), we are being asked to Feel….to feel the feelings between each other, our families, our tribes, humanity, and the Earth.  Cancer traditionally is the Mother, and Capricorn is traditionally the Father energy….the nurturer and the non-nurturer…..we are being asked to bring these into balance within families….. We are being asked to notice if all interactions with family and friends, and within work areas and with the Earth… are being done with integrity and respect. We are being asked to Let Go of those things and people that are no longer vibrating where we are vibrating…..while we make room for new relationships and new support systems, as we move forward into the “new”, and co-create a new way to be in relationships while we co-create our own reality.

With this Full Moon in Cancer we are also being asked to remember the importance of honoring our mothers and the honoring of Mother Earth herself!  It is shinning a light on areas where we need to find our power….areas where we need to establish healthy boundaries……while operating in integrity and with respect.  This Cancer Full Moon also is illuminating where we need to soften our “shells” and be willing to show emotion and nurturing where others are concerned….open your inner and outer homes to others, to your tribe, to community, to humanity… the nurturing and healing energies of Cancer can help the world and ourselves come into balance.

This Full Moon in Cancer-Capricorn forms a close Cardinal Grand Cross with the Nodes of the Moon…in Aries-Libra.  This energizes and adds intensity to the breakdowns and breakthroughs in both our individual emotional patterns and patterns that have formed within the Collective.   

The Universe is speaking loudly here…..with the South Node involved it is asking us to release and move away from things that are no longer vibrating where you are vibrating…….and purge the “old” that is no longer working for your highest good.  Uranus is sitting on the South Node in the Cardinal “T” Square and is activating our “past” and the “past” of the collective………in this life time and others.  Anger, irritations, even rage, could come up at this time….they need to be consciously dealt with and  worked through….as choices will then need to be made.  This Full Cancer Moon/Cardinal Grand Cross….will be bringing up many “lessons” from the past, especially surrounding all relationships… see how far we have come in the healing of those “lessons”.   Watch for these “lessons” to be activated suddenly and out of left field…..maybe by someone in  your tribe or community…… as they push some of your buttons……in the most loving way……to help you grow through those “lessons” so you can purge them and let them go!   It is time to move forward……take a step….any step…Just Move!!!!!

The North Node is where the Universe is asking us to head towards….to take steps in that direction.  Not only on a personnel level, and on a Spiritual level…….but also on the collective level for all humanity.  The North Node in Libra is about all of us growing towards love….equal give and take…..and balance.   Libra is about peace and the peace maker.  It is about creativity.   The North Node in Libra is a gift from the Universe….. as it will help us create our own reality through love, balance, and Peace.  That is the goal of the Universe!   

The fact that Pluto is squaring the Nodal Axis…..means that it is representing a Karmic core lesson.   With this Cancer Full Moon, forming a Cardinal Grand Cross with the Nodes of the Moon… as if the Universe is saying… is time to re-write the rules for all Humanity……as we co-create our “new” world.    It is time we realize that we are now actively engaged in a collective shift….much larger then we realized.  We each have a role in that collective shift…..Meditate and ask….what your role is… not only in your own shift…..but the shift of the collective.

These energies of this Grand Cross with the Full Moon are revolutionary energies working through change and transformation.   The breaking down of old structures that are not working anymore, in the world and within yourselves…..and as they are breaking down…….. being able to see through the chaos and emotional ties …. the beautiful big picture that the Universe is presenting to us!  Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix.  These are deep transformative energies that are available to us during this Full Moon/Cardinal Grand Cross.

This Full Cancer Moon is also sitting right on the Star Sirius!  Sirius is the brightest star in the sky and one of the closest. Mystic Alice Bailey has called Sirius “the great star of initiation”, and “the source of wisdom”. There is a connection with Sirius to “Higher Consciousness”  In esoteric Astrology, Sirius is considered to be our “Spiritual Sun”, overseeing the awakening of humanity.  This powerful and intense Full Cancer Moon connecting with the Star Sirius…..represents the importance of the connection with the  ancient knowledge from our ancestors, the Elders, and the wisdom's that they/we receive while being connected to these stars throughout the Galaxies and star systems. When these ancient stars and star systems are being activated….we also can connect with and embody their energies and wisdom's.

Where the Full Moon and the Cardinal Grand Cross sit in your own individual chart is where we are releasing the “old”, and where we are also learning…… courage, passion and initiation (Aries), responsibility, integrity, and respect (Capricorn), diplomacy, creativity, teamwork (Libra), and compassion, sensitivity, and the big Mother energy (Cancer).   With these Cardinal energies of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer being activated…..we are being asked to purge and release what is no longer working for us as we move forward in creating a “new” world…..

With this Full Cancer Moon/Cardinal Grand Cross, the energies that are being emphasized can be felt within your family, and those that you consider part of your family, along with nurturing, health and healing. Within the Family or clan, watch for things that are out of balance, things and situations that are not resonating together.  It is time to purge.  Move away from what is not vibrating where you are. What needs to be adjusted?  What needs to change?

With this Cardinal Grand Cross involved with this Cancer Full Moon...we are being asked to become aware of our power, as we create and manifest with every thought we have.   Direct that power from the Heart as you mediate and manifest on this Cancer Full Moon.  Meditate on how things are transforming and changing in the “Real World” to the “New World” that you are co-creating, and how we are now moving into areas that we have never been in before.  Remember to focus on the Heart and create from the Heart!   The Heart is the new brain!   Create  a beautiful World for you, your tribe, your community and all humanity. Create and manifest your future.  Sit with yourself, in quiet if you can…….Meditate and Listen !!!!    Call your guidance in and then Listen to your guidance….Listen to your Soul.  

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart. 

Learn how the energies activate your individual Birth Chart, through an Astrological Reading (my contact information is below).  Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way.  

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