Scorpio Full Super Pink Moon April 26th 2021


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This Scorpio Super Full Pink Moon is happening at 10:32 PM CDT which is perfect for being able to see it in the sky at its peak! It’s energies will be active till we are close to the next New Moon on May 11th.   This is a powerful and emotionally charged Full Moon…as it is opposite the planet Uranus…among other aspects…making things feel a bit uncomfortable at times!  Because of its opposition to Uranus….be aware of unexpected events, sudden and unusual things happening, changes, impulsiveness and rebelliousness along with ingenious ideas.  Being in Scorpio brings about a tremendous potential for transformation!  It is a time for deep releases from your Soul…time to acknowledge what has been kept out of sight and bring that challenge to the surface so it can be released…so it can be healed. This Scorpio Full Moon is also the closest and brightest Super Moon of the 3  Super Moons this season!  It is also known as the Pink Moon… because it happens when many areas of the Earth are full of wild flowering ground phlox which is widespread in the spring and ranges in colors of pink to lavender etc.   This Full Scorpio Moon is also known as the Wesak Moon…or the Moon of the Buddha…a day of great Spiritual opportunity.

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