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This Scorpio Super Full Pink Moon is happening at 10:32 PM CDT which is perfect for being able to see it in the sky at its peak! It’s energies will be active till we are close to the next New Moon on May 11th.   This is a powerful and emotionally charged Full Moon…as it is opposite the planet Uranus…among other aspects…making things feel a bit uncomfortable at times!  Because of its opposition to Uranus….be aware of unexpected events, sudden and unusual things happening, changes, impulsiveness and rebelliousness along with ingenious ideas.  Being in Scorpio brings about a tremendous potential for transformation!  It is a time for deep releases from your Soul…time to acknowledge what has been kept out of sight and bring that challenge to the surface so it can be released…so it can be healed. This Scorpio Full Moon is also the closest and brightest Super Moon of the 3  Super Moons this season!  It is also known as the Pink Moon… because it happens when many areas of the Earth are full of wild flowering ground phlox which is widespread in the spring and ranges in colors of pink to lavender etc.   This Full Scorpio Moon is also known as the Wesak Moon…or the Moon of the Buddha…a day of great Spiritual opportunity.

This Scorpio Full Super Moon is also a healing Moon.  Scorpio pulls us into the Magical and Mysterious depths of our Soul.  Scorpio’s energy is about deep psychological transformation…..through the unconscious (dreams, imagination, emotions), as we then acknowledge this, we begin to communicate with our consciousness.  Through our deep desires….we learn to let some of those intense desires go and begin to create the unknown through trust.  With this Scorpio Full Moon, desires peak through emotional intensity and experiences…..even if they are hidden (Scorpio).  This Full Moon is ideal for dramatic purging….in all areas of your life with toxic situations that no longer vibrate where you are currently vibrating. 

This Full Scorpio Super Moon is very energized…intense and presents us with some Radical Transformations while we experience Accelerated Evolution!

 It is also a very psychic and emotional Moon…making it a time to Feel/intuit….what is no longer working for you or supporting you and make the necessary changes. These chaotic and transformative energies are affecting us all and at times…. bringing in angst and fear. We are in uncertain times …  We are creating a “new norm”….lets create one that works for everyone…with a focus on spending time with Family, Friends, community and the Earth while Balancing it with Work and obligations.

THIS SCORPIO FULL MOON IS ALSO A SUPER MOON…the brightest and biggest Super Moons in a series of 3. A  Super Moon means that the Moon is very close to the Earth (this is called a Perigee Moon) and it will appear bigger and brighter….therefore increases and intensifies the energies that we normally feel from a regular Full Moon.  It will also affect the Earth, the weather, the tides, and all of humanity. 

THIS SCORPIO FULL MOON IS OFTEN REFERRED TO AS …the Full Wesak Moon.  Perfect for this earthy, mysterious and magical Scorpio Full Moon.  Scorpio also rules Earth spirituality…the world of natural foods, medicine, and healings….along with the world that nature spirits flourish in and feel free and welcomed. This Scorpio Full Moon is also called the Buddha Moon. Ancient teachings say that the Buddha was born during the Taurus (Sun) Full Moon period. He was born in Lumbini not far from Nepal. Part of the Buddha’s teachings are about, non-attachment, a free mind, unconditional love and the remembrance of your true nature, of your true Value as a Spark of the Divine. The Buddha also talks about COMPASSION & JOY

FULL MOONS ARE A TIME FOR releasing, a time of letting go. This Full Moon in Scorpio can be very intense!  This Scorpio Full Moon shines it’s bright full light in the darkest of places…….to encourage us to look deep into our Soul, and the mysteries that surround ourselves and the Earth.  Scorpio is a water sign and is drenched in emotions and insights.  It is very passionate and intense. Scorpio is about power, desire, natural shamanism, Earth spirituality, psychic gifts, money, sacred sex and Trust.  Scorpio represents the transformation of our Soul’s and the Soul of the Earth. With this Scorpio Full Moon……we have the ability to move into the higher Scorpio energies of the Earth Spirituality, natural healing….along with acknowledging the wisdom of the elders….rather they are on this side of the veil or on the other side.   We can pull on the high psychic abilities that are emphasized now…. for the good of all.   Stay out of the gray side of Scorpio....which is…jealousy, manipulation, control, judgment, lies, secrets, possessiveness etc.   Scorpio’s transformation can be seen through, life & death……release and reconstruction…..and the rise of the Phoenix from the ashes.  The releasing can come from deep down in your Soul! It is a time for Soul searching.  Go deep within yourself……your soul, and see what comes to you.  There are many things that you might need to look at, from childhood traumas, to things that you are reacting to now.   When Scorpio is activated we can be faced with our inner and our outer demons.    This can feel uncomfortable at times…..but that is Pluto/Scorpio territory.  

This Scorpio Full Moon also has a lot to do with relationships and all Soul Mates.  There is a Sexiness with this Scorpio Full Moon as Scorpio also rules sex.  There is almost a haunting……simmering desire to express one’s emotions on all levels…..be sure to keep the desire’s on the high Spiritual side of Scorpio and trust in the transformations.  This Full Scorpio Moon has a lot of help from the other planets traveling with it….which I will describe below!  Take the Power of this Full Scorpio Moon and face who and what you are……only then can you make changes. 

FULL MOONS ALSO ASK US TO BALANCE AND INTEGRATE 2 OPPOSING SIGNS.  This Full Moons polarity is Taurus (the Sun is in Taurus).  We have talked about Scorpio above….so with Taurus there is a connection with the physical world…the Earth, our bodies, our senses, and beauty. Taurus is about working outside in your garden and growing your own food, medicine, and flowers.   Taurus is about self-survival, self esteem, our values, creativity, the comfort of our homes, and being practical.   Watch out for the gray side of Taurus which is being stubborn, low self esteem, and somewhat reclusive.  It is a time where you are being asked to bring these Scorpio and Taurus energies into balance….

We are being asked to clarify what we cherish in our lives, and what we need to transform.  We are learning to balance security (Taurus) with evolution and change (Scorpio).  We are learning to not become reclusive with our resources (Taurus), but to share them in community (Scorpio).  We are being asked to balance the Male (Scorpio) & Feminine (Taurus), the Yin & Yang energies etc..  We are being asked to look at our values.  We are being asked to see through our awareness…….that which has form and where our materialistic values are (Taurus)…….to that which is based upon the unseen, but deeply felt…….Spiritual values and higher dimensions (Scorpio).  Taurus is “mine” and Scorpio is “ours”.  Taurus is patience and Scorpio is drama We are being asked to find the balance between them…….in the highest Spiritual way, and in an appropriate healthy manner.  

During this time you may be faced with some uncomfortable things that you may have to deal with, in all areas of life…..including Internationally.   However, with the Sun in Taurus, there can be some peace and serenity in the midst of Scorpio’s passionate emotions.  Connect and sit with the Earth during this Full Moon Energy.  With the Full Moon in Scorpio and the Taurus Sun,  we are looking at a time period that can  be filled with passion and every day pleasure’s…

THIS FULL SCORPIO MOON IS OPPOSING URANUS…AND THE TAURUS SUN IS SITTING WITH URANUS…This is a very powerful aspect at this Full Moon.  Uranus (community, humanity, we the people, thinking outside the box, sudden changes, genius energy, rebel for a cause, freedom) is in a running conjunction with the Sun, Venus and Mercury….blending all those energies together.  The Taurus Sun we talked about above.  Venus is our love, attraction, money, creativity, beauty…and Mercury is our voice, how we think and communication of all types.

With Uranus conjunct the Taurus Sun and opposing the Scorpio Moon….we have a focus on relationships.  Taurus wants the stability in a relationship and Uranus wants their freedom honored and can trigger events where changes need to be made….Scorpio wants to consume their partner and have a sacred union. With Venus also in the conjunction….the added love and attraction that Venus brings in makes this aspect even more powerful.  As you can see…this can become a challenging time for relationships.

Because of Mercury also being in the conjunction….your thinking and your communication will have a bit of intuition connected to it.   With it conjunct the Taurus Sun and opposing the Scorpio Moon….you have the ability to ground some of those intuitive thoughts (Scorpio) that you get (thoughts coming in from left field - that’s Uranus) and express them.  With Venus there… relationships may become a focus.  Others may also feel like they can express their feelings to you as Venus makes you more attractive to those around you and you can attract to you those that you may need.   You will also feel like you need to tell the truth and receive the truth back….kind of a now or never feeling.   Think before you speak…you don’t want to accidently do the Scorpio Sting….remembering that you can also sting yourself! 

With Uranus conjunct the Sun….the only constant is change!  So be open to some change when it comes to many things…especially all types of relationships. 

URANUS IS ALSO IN A FIXED SQUARE WITH SATURN.  This aspect is active all year…but adds to this Full Moon as Uranus is sitting with the Sun.  There are many meanings with this aspect.  One way to look at this aspect is that Uranus dismantles the Old and Saturn rebuilds new structures.   Saturn is known for limitations and this square to the Full Moon can activate limitations and restrictions and therefore giving it a feeling of being stuck…despite the sweeping changes that Uranus can initiate. 

With Full Scorpio Moon and it’s aspects….Uranus is making sure that no one could ever predict the outcome of this Full Scorpio Moon.

PLUTO RULES THIS SCORPIO FULL MOON…PULLING IT INTO THE ON GOING CARDINAL SQUARE AS IT GETS READY TO TURN RETROGRADE.   Pluto (the planet of transformation, power, sex, obsession and possessiveness) has stationed at this Full Moon.  When a planet is stationary it means that the energy is coming down at full force and not moving the least bit forward or backwards…making it very strong!   Pluto is about to go retrograde!  “”When we have planets turning retrograde….it is a time of going inward and internalizing and re-thinking about the energies of these planets and how they are affecting you and the World.  It will be a time period of introspect more than action.  Things will bubble up from our subconsciousness and we may have to meet them in the physical realm.  Remember that Pluto only forces us to confront and transform things that are in dire need of change.

Pluto is also squaring Eris the planet of chaos, discord, jealousy, and wild card energy and the 2 of them forming the Cardinal Square.   I have talked about the Cardinal square a lot of the last few years actually and much transformations have been put in our face because of it….making us, rather we want to or not, see the things that need to change.  The square energy causes friction and stress and the Cardinal energy is about Birthing of new, Change and Urgency.  This aspect is still strong and is a back drop of this Full Scorpio Moon…and as I said above….because Pluto rules it….it is quite active at this time.                                   

MARS also is co-ruler of Scorpio and is sitting in Cancer at the time of this Full Scorpio Moon.  Cancer is the sign of our home, our families and our clans.  It is also a healing energy and a very intuitive energy.  Mars will bring in some action energy and some passion…especially around home, family and clan.

Take this opportunity to take your life in a new direction. Think about it and internalize all these feelings. Make plans during this time. We are still in a lot of Chaos right now….remember out of Chaos comes creativity. Ceate a new life for you and your family/community, create enlightenment all around you…so others feel it and gravitate to it. The universe has become very serious….meditate and Listen to what she is telling us!!”

AT THIS FULL SCORPIO SUPER MOON …..it is the perfect time to initiate ceremony!  Scorpio likes ceremonies….especially when guided by the ancients……by the elders…..by our Guidance.  It is the sign of Natural Shamanism and Earth Spirituality.   It is the sign of birth and death and communication with those beyond the veil.  A lot of the very high side of “Magic” is available for concertizing your manifestations in to reality…. and your ability to create the “new”……your “new”….your tribes “new” and the World’s “new”.  Meditate on these Scorpio Full Moon energies…..and above all…… Listen to your guidance and what they say……it is a powerful one!

Remember we are being given everything we need to make the changes and transformations we need to make……for ourselves and all Humanity!

We have been through a lot of transformative energies over the last several months……several “taps” on our shoulders…just to make sure we understand that lesson. Lots of chaos….lots of changes……on a personal level, and a community/humanity level. The energies have been strongly asking us to let go of people, places and things that are no longer vibrating where we are……purging in all areas.   We not only are seeing this within our own lives……but also with families, friends and relationships…..and also throughout the World and the Earth itself. 

It is an important time to take care of ourselves with all this very uncomfortable, intense, and at times very Chaotic energy.  Try to be active and do things that bring you Joy.  Remember everyone is feeling these energies, and we are all in this together. Try to be thoughtful and kind to others.  Being of service, having fun, and being active outside……..while being one with the Earth…..sit with the Earth….touch the Earth.  These are wonderful ways to channel these energies.

Again be careful and cautious this month.  Watch where you’re walking, how your driving, and what you say…….as the energies are quite active, chaotic, and strong. They can come on quite suddenly and become frustrating.  Watch others and ovoid those that seem out of balance.  As we continue to move forward…..these current intense energies will soften some as we begin to adjust to them……but continue to be extremely cautious….

Meditate and Listen to what you hear……what you are seeing, what you are feeling, and what you are “getting.”  Manifest a beautiful reality and world.  Manifest peace and Love.   Meditate……be silent, focus and Listen!!!

IF YOU ARE FEELING A LITTLE STRESSED BY THESE CURRENT ENERGIES and the current situations in the world right now.  A reading of how this is affecting your natal chart could give you some peace of mind. Please feel free to contact me at AstroEyes@aol.com or 515-779-7154 for a current reading if you like.   If you understand the energies “out there” and in your own chart…it helps you navigate the current energies and situations and helps you make better choices for yourself and your family.

These are the energies affecting all of humanity and the Earth.  These energies also affect you individually, according to how they activate your own birth chart.

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Knowing how the energies are affecting you personally, gives you the ability to make better choices, and use the energies in the highest way. 

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