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The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy

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The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy


A rebalancing is taking place in the energetic matrix and that is of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies – the God/Goddess archetype. As much as the Planet is in need of the Divine Feminine energy, so is she in need of her Divine Masculine energy, for the one illuminates the unique qualities of the other, and therefore both energies need to be present in order for a rebalancing to occur.

The human male energy must not be confused with the Divine Masculine energy. The human male energy can be controlling, domineering and may even resort to violence, whereas the Divine Masculine energy is unconditionally loving, nurturing, and protective.

So, in fact, the Divine aspects of both the Feminine and Masculine energies are needed on Earth in order for a successful rebalancing to occur. And this is our task here on the Earth plane – to bring into balance both aspects of this energy, to unite once more the Twin Flames of Divine Love into One Unity Consciousness, in an energy where they support each other. One cannot stand alone without the other. Both flames are needed in order to be complete and whole and in order to BE in their full creative power and Essence.

This is where we are headed here on the physical Earth plane at this time. Twin Flames are in the process of being reunited so that they can create New Earth together as One powerful energy.

Therefore let us remember to tune into BOTH the Feminine and Masculine aspects of our energy in order to rebalance us on all levels of our being and in all aspects of our creation.

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