Update from our galactic space brother and sisters

Update from our galactic friends in Space

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Hello Mario, it seems we have met before, by standards of laws which helps you understand clearly where this information is coming from, assuming you will tell the other's how this begins, I will let you wright the appropriate information and then continue on... So on to you Mario.

Well it seems that every night when I wright messages I go outside and look up in the sky, seeing many stars, and sometimes getting messages by simply going outside and looking in the sky, until I see a bright light passing over or in the horizon and see it either power up or simply glance at it by moving my head quickly towards a point in the sky where I see a trail of light as a ship leaving its premise letting me know that they are there and speaking to me through ESP as we come to know it.

Now I will leave it back to Mariam whom is a galactic being in one of the ships orbiting the Earth, she suspends the orbital grids for maintenance around Gaia as we initially do our work down here as the ground crew.

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