Update from our galactic friends in Space

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Hello Mario, it seems we have met before, by standards of laws which helps you understand clearly where this information is coming from, assuming you will tell the other's how this begins, I will let you wright the appropriate information and then continue on... So on to you Mario.

Well it seems that every night when I wright messages I go outside and look up in the sky, seeing many stars, and sometimes getting messages by simply going outside and looking in the sky, until I see a bright light passing over or in the horizon and see it either power up or simply glance at it by moving my head quickly towards a point in the sky where I see a trail of light as a ship leaving its premise letting me know that they are there and speaking to me through ESP as we come to know it.

Now I will leave it back to Mariam whom is a galactic being in one of the ships orbiting the Earth, she suspends the orbital grids for maintenance around Gaia as we initially do our work down here as the ground crew.

Mariam: Thank you Mario, it seems that we have come up by mere chance to you (towards your viewing field) when it comes to you seeing us in the sky, but it is portended initially to have you understand that we are pretty much anywhere we want to be, simply invisible to your eyes, unless you would attain the right formulations and "contact codes" for us to show ourselves to you. Initially the standard of choices we have while coalescing greater receptivity with beings whom are working as you are Mario... It seems that the potential to get good reads on Blogs which have by instance, governed some of the attributes of our factions out there can initially bring back the potential for your beings down here on Earth to divert the covenants flow, which means we are giving you access to a document which had been written by you in the past Mario, and this suspected document had some useful information which allowed us to divert the covenants flow, which means we simply changed the transgressions which were attended by co-workers off grid... By the standard models of associations we can fuse some extra potential reads towards the initial connection which you have called co-active links. So by standardization of the energetic cords we have with you, we can copulate extra sensory perceptions in your conscious awareness as to let it expand and connect to the many new venues which will become quite interactive in the near future if you follow through with us... By then the experiences which you will have accumulated can be reproduced by assimilating the informational grids which you will be working on... As for we interconnect the dot's to allow other experiencers to have the effects which are needed to splice the generic form of our awareness by perceiving what it is you have come to know by our standards of initiations.

Thank you for your time Mario, I hope this message can give good standings towards your future goals.


Thank you Mariam, we will speak again, so shall it be.


Here is the Document: Diverting the Covenants flow, written in October 2014... This will help you expand on what seems impossible, even for myself *I just read it and now I'm starting to get a better picture of what seems impossible for you to understand, thank you for reading it, Namaste :)