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What Happens to Our Brain When We Experience Complete Silence

Christina Sarich, Guest
Waking Times

“Silence is the perfectest herault of joy. I were but little happy if I could say how much.” – Shakespeare

The word noise comes from a Latin root word meaning, “pain,” or “distress.” Noise is something we’ve become accustomed to, even if we are keenly aware of its ability to cause multiple forms of anguish. Even if we live in decibel hell,” we can find moments of silence to reduce our pain. We can intuitively observe that silence, in contrast, reboots our ability to think straight, and offers us a profound feeling of peace.

Silence also allows us to get to know our deepest truths in an undeniable way. It is in complete silence that the thoughts we shelter from others come to the surface.

But what else happens to us when we take a break from the deafening sounds of modern life? Aside from the metaphysical benefits of sitting in silence, there are staggering physiological changes which take place throughout the body: notably in the brain.

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UK Prime Minister Seeks International Internet Crackdown to “Prevent Extremism”

by Cassius Methyl , The Mind Unleashed

10 people were reportedly killed in an incident on and near the London Bridge a few days ago, and 47 more were said to be injured. You probably already know this: the mainstream media globally seized this event and decided to give it non-stop coverage in lock-step with the UK government.

A powerful figurehead is using this event to try and crack down on the greatest tool perhaps ever bestowed upon this era of activists and free thinkers: the Internet.

In a recent speech, UK Prime Minister Theresa May said:

“We cannot allow this ideology the safe space it needs to breed. Yet that is precisely what the internet, and the big companies that provide internet-based services provide.

We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements that regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning. And we need to do everything we can at home to reduce the risks of extremism online.”

As usual, they are trying to use a violent event to consolidate power over citizens. The threat to their power is obviously not found in extremist groups, but people who aren’t falling for lies.

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Mayan calendar expert says May 24th, 2017 is more significant than December 21st, 2012

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

Recently, The Mind Unleashed interviewed Carl Johan Calleman, one of the world’s foremost experts on the Mayan calendar, to discuss with him the significance of a new cycle that begins on May 24th, 2017.

1.What is your background on the Mayan calendar, for those that don’t know your work? 

My background is in the hard sciences and my PhD is in physical biology and I have lectured at some of the most prestigious scientific institutions in the world. Nonetheless, in 1993 the calling became very strong and I decided to devote myself full time to elucidating the true meaning of the Mayan calendar system in such a way that it became understandable for modern people. I have written six books based on the framework of the Mayan calendar, which have been translated to a total of fourteen languages. I have also worked with Mayan elders to help them bring their message out to the world. 

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Why Global Healing Is About To Accelerate

by Ulonda Faye , The Mind Unleashed

How often have we truly wanted to forgive a situation, a person, or even ourselves only to keep reliving whatever occurred in the depths of our soul?  How does healing truly happen, and how can we let it unfold in a natural process that involves love for self and others? One traditional method from Hawaii is called Ho’oponopono.

On November 14, 2016, I expressed my deep feelings about Ho’oponopono through an article I wrote for The Mind Unleashed titled, Ho’oponopono: Healing for Ourselves & Our World.  During the Presidential election in the United States, I felt there was a deep need for healing, all around.

As we know from many spiritual traditions,  all experiences that take place are reflected: as within, so without.  I believe deeply, what occurs in the world to be a reflection of something in each and every one of us, which is also the basis of Ho’oponopono. The way the election season played out, and this is not merely a reference to the results, but the whole election process and season, revealed deep disharmony, disrespect all around, and pain within society for months to a year to now.

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9 Natural Skin Care Remedies for Absolute Beauty & Radiant Skin

by Ulonda Faye , The Mind Unleashed

Nature has so much to offer us. We walk hand-in-hand on this journey through life, and thus it goes without saying that when we are are need, we must look to nature.

Our skin is our protective barrier, and what, quite literally speaking, holds us together.  Though we think most often about the appearance of our skin, the truth is, besides being our largest organ, our skin is also our temperature regulator as well as our encapsulator keeping the fluidity of our body in tact. It is an important eliminatory and sensory organ too.  You can also rest assured that any emotional, physical and metaphysical imbalances in the body will with time (and often quite readily) leave its effect on the skin.  By observing our skin, and that of others, we can truly learn a great deal.

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A New Kind of Revolution

by Will Stanton , The Mind Unleashed

Take a step back for a minute and look at the state humanity is in.

80% of the world’s population live below the poverty line. Homeless people line the streets everywhere you go. One fifth of the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, has been cut down to make way for industrial farming, and is continuing to be destroyed. War is rife in the Middle East with over 5 million refugees desperately seeking (or having sought) asylum in other countries. The United States and its allies continue greasing the palms of the oil, coal, and coal seam gas industries, even though the world is crying out for renewable energy solutions to be rolled out globally. After one of the biggest nuclear disasters in history in Fukushima, Japan, that put the rest of the world at risk of nuclear contamination, Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, decided that instead of pulling out of nuclear energy production, he would continue to invest in the nuclear energy program. The education system still continues to churn out obedient workers and stifle the creative instincts of our children. Our so-called ‘world leaders’ insist they’re bent on change, yet continue to value the needs of the economy over the needs of humanity and the needs of our dying planet.

Something has to change. We can’t sit back and watch the world burn.

We need a revolution…

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How Your Brain Changes After Mindfulness

by Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease

Mindfulness-based teachings have shown benefits in everything from inflammatory disorders to central nervous system dysfunction and even cancer. Training groups in mindfulness has become a powerful tool in preventative intervention. Researchers at the University of Cincinnati (UC) are studying how cognitive therapy that uses mindfulness techniques serve as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Mindfulness is “the intentional, accepting and non-judgemental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts and sensations occurring in the present moment“, which can be trained by a large extent in meditational practices.

Anxiety disorders are among the most common psychiatric conditions affecting children and adolescents. While antidepressants are frequently used to treat youth with anxiety disorders, they may be poorly tolerated in children who are at high risk of developing bipolar disorder.

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BREAKING: 474 Arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

474 people have been arrested in California in a 3 day sting operation called “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild.” Over 30 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and task forces participated in the operation, which saved 28 children and 27 adults.

“You are worthy of more. And we will work tirelessly with our partners…to provide you services and help you rebuild your life,” Sheriff Jim McDonald said, addressing the victims during a news conference on Tuesday.

While this is a massive success for the movement to end human and child trafficking, there remains much work to be done. This huge operation will once again bring more conversation around this topic and the need for this issue to be taken even more seriously by the public. Child and human trafficking is extremely real and is prevalent, even in higher levels of governance, politics and finance.

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New Moon in Aquarius January 27/28th: Dreams, Wishes & Chinese New Year

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

Late in the night on Friday January 27th and early morning of Saturday the 28th (depending where you live in the world), there will be a beautiful new moon taking place at 8 degrees of Aquarius. This new moon is highlighted by Venus square Saturn and Mars moving into Aries just a few hours after the new moon. This new moon is also the beginning of the Chinese New Year, which is themed by the Fire Rooster.

The New Moon

With the new moon being in Aquarius, an air sign, our dreams and highest visions for ourselves and the world can be charged with a lofty mindset. This is good. A great way to utilize this energy is to create new affirmations/dreams/wishes and vocalize them out loud with a lot of passion and emotion behind it. What are you ready to begin anew? What dreams and wishes do you have that you want to begin? How can you best visualize these with emotion?

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The Best Medicinal Mushrooms For Memory, Stress Relief, Immune System & Cancer

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

Medicinal mushrooms are truly incredible and are a wonderful food that can be used to improve and maintain health in a person. In fact, we share more in common DNA-wise with mushrooms than we do with plants, according to the University of California Berkeley. Since we share much of the same DNA, mushrooms and humans share common infections from the same microbial pathogens. However, mushrooms are much more evolved at creating compounds to fight these pathogens. In essence, that means that mushrooms contain compounds that can help the human body heal and recover from something as simple as everyday stress, to more severe illnesses like diseases and cancers.


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