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Cobra answers questions about the Window of Opportunity, Ascension, Decloaking, 2012 and it's meaning and most of all: We Shall Unite As One Now.
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Love, the Galactic Free Press and the Earth Allies.

Transcript of the Interview Below


MG: We're so honored to have this conversation with you.
Cobra: Thank you.
MG: We thank you for coming and spending these moments with us.
For us, Andrea and I have never done the interview part before so this
is a first for us. What we've done over the past couple of days is
pulled together some questions from all of our readers, and from
ourselves as well, that we felt would be the best in service at the moment.
Cobra: Ok.
MG: And I'm sure you know what we represent, right Cobra?
Cobra: Yes.
MG:  We really feel that you're on the same page with us as well.
Cobra: Yeah, yeah, of course.
MG: And we want you to know that we'll support you in any way
we can as far as the Galactic Free Press and our non-profit
organization. So please feel comfortable at any time to connect
with us. We feel and we know that we are being the examples of truth and
unity and unconditional love, which is a new paradigm.
Cobra: Ok, very good. Thank you.
MG: And we love you unconditionally.
Andrea: Yes.
Cobra: That's good to hear.
MG: Ok, so, one of the first questions we had was, everyone was
kind of curious about your own awakening experience.
Cobra: Actually it's not easy to speak about because I was always aware
of certain things. I was always aware that [(I was coming)?] from
a planet and that I was on a very important mission. I was not
completely aware of what that mission would be, but after I had
my contact experience with the Pleiadians.
MG: Was there any certain experiences, did you experience
synchronostic events?
Cobra: Yeah, I had many of those so-called spiritual experiences, but I
would say the main experience for me was the physical contact
with the Pleiadian race because that is something that you
cannot forget.
MG: Exactly.
Cobra: You can forget mentally, but the body remembers. And on
some level you remember, you cannot forget completely. You
cannot adjust any longer to this [check audio] that's going on in this
3 dimensional world. You cannot completely adjust the
matrix, it's not possible. You always...as it was presented
in the Matrix movie, you are not part of the equation, you
created a problem for the makers of the Matrix. There's a certain
awareness that goes beyond space and time, which cannot be
MG: Ok, so you're saying that, maybe I'm misunderstanding you right
now, but what I heard and what I understood is that it's
impossible to function at 5D frequencies in a 3d?
Cobra: Well, it's a total different frequency when you have a taste of
this 5th dimensional life, it is not that easy to adjust to normal
life. So you need certain, I would say you have to process to
adjust cuz they're very different frequencies and to reunite them,
it takes time.
MG: Well I know a part of your path was in the Resistance
Movement, in the underground, with the inner Earth.
Cobra: Yeah…I'm losing your voice. I cannot hear well.
MG: Andrea?
Andrea: Yes, I can hear you from this end. I guess the question was about
the Resistance Movement, right, can you hear me Cobra?
Cobra: I cannot hear well, I just hear a few words.
Andrea: Oh, it's not working very good.
MG: We were asking you, about you have experience with the
Resistance Movement
Cobra: Yes, that's right. I also had experience with the Resistance
Movement and that experience gave me understanding all the
technologies [check audio] to this planet and about many extraterrestrial
connections that are about to happen soon. And also when I had
this experience and I was in contact with a code-name Michael.
His real name is not Michael but his code name was and actually
he was talking about a plan for The Event. He was talking about
an early version of the plan at that time. I knew about it and
was expecting it. At about 10 years old, I received intel that
it was supposed to happen in April 2012, and obviously it did not
happen in 2012, but the original plan was started before that time.
MG: Ok, so do you still feel The Event will happen this year?
Cobra: I would not give any time guesses at this point, for many
reasons. One of the reasons is that we are at a very critical
moment, when/many things can happen, and I would not want
to [jeopardize?] The Events by discussing a certain timeframe.
I would say now that we are slowly approaching the second
window of opportunity which starts on October 21st and ends on
December 21st and is a very good time to make it.
Whether we make it or not, it is up to us. It was a group decision,
a group free will that everybody [check audio], but it's make or break.
MG: We have 3 days a week where we gather with beings who are
awakening and actually we're putting [check audio] everyone of us is
participating fully in the new paradigm. So together we have
from about 50 to 100 people that are joining us each time for
these. And we're also coinciding them with your meditations on
the [check audio].
Cobra: Ok.
MG: So we really feel that this group energy is assisting a lot to
really push forward this second window of opportunity into
Cobra: I didn't hear the last sentence.
MG: We're assisting the energy in manifestation the second
Cobra: Yes, ok.
MG: What we were sharing with you was that over the past 6-8
months, we developed a core group of beings who are helping
in this energy and we gather 3 times a week or more sometimes
and there is anywhere from 40 to over 100 people. And we're all
coming together in the unity consciousness to assist the energy
movement for the manifestations for this second window.
Cobra: Ok, very good.
MG: So there is definitely movement, energetically-wise.
Cobra: Yes.
Cobra: So what we are trying to reach is critical mass of 144,000
beings making that decision on October 21st would be great.
MG: Yes.
Cobra: Around the planet. Thank you for that. So it's a very good thing.
MG: Exactly.
And your conferences that are coming out, you're beginning your
conferences, is it next month?
Cobra: Yeah, but the first one is actually coming in about in a week and
a half in Torino in Italy and then we have more the next month
in the United States
MG: Ok. (HOONK!) We got a train. (HOONK!) We happen to live by
a train, Cobra.
Cobra: Ok, very good.
Actually, I would encourage everyone to participate in those
conferences. I will release intel. Certain things I can't  say
because I have to explain things in deeper context and it's not
possible to explain things in such depth in a blog. Also those
conferences will be strong energetic events that will assist in the
transformation of consciousness.
And some of those conferences are in certain vortex points
and some of them will happen on very special dates. So all
this in a combination in the effort to also assist in this window
of opportunity, that's the reason I put those dates in that
MG: Ok.
Andrea: Would you like to share something about that?
Cobra: Would you be more specific?
Andrea: You said that in the conference you will go more in depth in
about some information and I was wondering if you would like
to talk about it a little bit now to help people understand what
you're going to talk about in your conferences.
Cobra: Well the first thing I can talk about in more detail is the plan.
The plan is a multi-dimensional thing and it's not easy to
describe the plan and all the cause and effect, lineages inside of
the plan in a short text inside of a blog. So I have to take more
time and I will dedicate some time inside conferences to explain
more about plan. So people will begin to understand who or why
all those delays and why it's impossible to produce a date and all
those things. And people will actually begin to feel and be able
to guess a little bit more precisely, not predict, but have a certain
feeling about what the future will bring.
While in the sequence of events, which one comes first and
which one comes second, what conditions needed to be met for
certain things to happen because there are conditions. There
are conditions for The Event, there are conditions for the first
contact, there are conditions for the mass distribution of free
energy, there are conditions for new financial system and if
people are not able to by themselves to watch for those signs,
they will be able to make their own they will be able to expand
their own understanding of how and why things happen.
But this is one the things I will be expanding during the
Andrea: Ok, thank you.
MG: Brilliant
Cobra: Did you hear my answer?
MG: Yes we did.
Andrea: Yes.
Cobra: Ok.
MG: I'll have to go back and forth.
Andrea: About what you just said, we had a question asking what kind
of activities do we do to further bring about, at an individual and
local level, hastening and facilitiating harmony for all. So what
actually can everybody do as you understand it to bring all this
about into manifestation.
Cobra: Ok, actually it's very simple. Each individual was born in this
life with a certain purpose. An individual that was incarnated
here has a specific set of talents and those talents are here for
a purpose to be manifested and each individual if you follow
that inner guidance and expand and train those talents you'll
know what to do. Because it's not the same with everybody.
Somebody's a writer, somebody's a singer, somebody is a
militiaman, somebody's a computer scientist, whatever is your
own calling this is the part that you do in the plan.
And then I would say the forces of light connect people in a
network that gets more and more effective as more and more
people join with their talents. So actually I would say you, the
work that you have, nobody else can do instead of you. And
the more and more people join in this process with their full
efficiency, the faster things will happen and more [check audio]
will happen.
MG: You know it's very interesting, Cobra, what you shared, we do,
that's already in the making, it's been in the process, we have
a sister network, called Earth Star Network, who's gathering
everybody's talents, all of what they feel, how they can contribute
to the greater good of the all. And we're putting everybody
together in a database, and then connecting people with their
different talents and their coming up with projects to assist.
Cobra: This is a very good thing, this is exactly what the idea is,
so to make it more physical, what you are doing is an excellent thing.
This is a model that could be copied and other groups could be
doing the same thing around the world. So this can be a global
thing, so this is a very good idea. Maybe you can write something
about it quickly in a blog so that other people can do the same thing.
MG: A brilliant idea.
Andrea: How do you see the new 5d and how do you see the next 3d that
will serve those not ascending?
Cobra: Ok, actually the whole planet is going into transformational,
there's not going to be a 3rd dimensional planet in the old sense.
And those human beings at a certain point, those human beings
who are not aligned with the new frequency will go to other
planets, but I think it's too early to think about that at this point.
MG: That's right, absolutely correct.
This is a little tougher question, because we've noticed
throughout some information and messages that there's I
guess the best word would be "disharmony" amongst Benjamin
Fulford, Drake, and you. They have mentioned you as well, is
there any reason, do you know what the animosity is or?
Cobra: Benjamin Fulford, I don't hear about him anything so I don't
know about that.
MG: Well, Drake specifically has mentioned that about you.
Cobra: Yes, I know, I know. You see in situations like…there was a
certain disinformation article about me posted by a former white
hat and as most people know this person does not belong to the
light. It was about I would say late August when I made some
connections, actually at that point I become quite dangerous for
the cabal and they decided to shut me down. So what they did
was a disinformation campaign that most likely organized by the
CIA and it put some, I would say, trolls on certain blogs posting
disinformation about me. And this whole thing went on and on
throughout the whole September and more and more people
joined that.It was a coordinated attack in order to shut me down
so I would stop doing what I do. Of course I didn't stop doing
what I do, I just learned certain things and apparently Drake believed some
of the misinfo that he got about me, which is a surprise in itself
because at first he had very good intel and he did very good
things be he got disconnected in the timeframe between May-
June this year, so he does not have really good sources of intel
right now, he's still doing a good thing, but the information he
gets some of it is not exactly correct. So what he's saying about
me is simply as a result of the intel he got from those
disinformation agents from somewhere. I have nothing against
Drake, I have nothing against Fulford, both of them are good
people doing good things, but I do not agree with the attitude
that some people have towards me because I have done nothing
wrong. I am working for the light, working for the liberation of
this planet.
I am not posting disinfo, I am doing something that is assisting
the light forces. I am not saying that everyone needs to agree
with what I say, but I'm saying there should be a certain level of
respect among the community that is working toward the
liberation of the planet. And a certain level of support,
otherwise, this whole process is not going to be as easy as it
should be. And this lack of support among the, I would say,
surface lightforces is one of the reasons for the delays of our
MG: Cobra we completely agree with you on that. We've been dealing
with our own from that end, so we completely understand.
Andrea: Yes.
Cobra: Yes, I would say all those people who are really dedicated to the
light have been experiencing attacks one way or the other the
last few months. Because there was also, what is happening,
we've increased our connectivity, which was a result, or shall we
say connected with Uranus-Pluto square, it was their last chance
to do as much damage as possible. And this period is now over,
so actually they did some damage, but they could not destroy the
liberation movement. They have just weakened the [check audio]. Now
we are emerging stronger than ever and this only served us to
learn some lessons to understand certain things more and rise
even stronger and more victorious.
MG: I completely agree with you. It only helps, whatever they do,
what we've seen over these years, and we've been at it 24 hours
a day, 7 days a week for six years now, is that the more they
attempt to , it just helps the light even that much further
Cobra: Yeah… because learned a lesson, and understands more and
has more wisdom, and more knowledge of the situation and
with each attack the dark forces reveal themselves more. Their
ideology and their intentions. With each attack they get weaker
and weaker and we get stronger and stronger up to the point of
MG: Absolutely agree with you
Cobra: Ok.
MG: There's another question, in one of your updates recently you
stated that first contact will take place in 2013 and then we have
a whole other group of beings say that it's going to occur in
December or before, so what is your feeling?
Cobra: Ok as I said before, there's a certain sequence of events that
needs to happen first and then and only then the first contact
will happen so #1 the first contact cannot happen before The
Event and as I understand it, the first contact is an official diplomatic
acknowledgement between the Earth population and extraterrestrial races.
And this cannot happen as long as the cabal is in power. Because they will
[check audio].So first The Event needs to happen, there needs to be
a certain timeframe of non-negative races utilizing the new society
before the first contact can officially happen. Simply the learning curve
of humanity is not that fast. You cannot have The Event and then The First
Contact in the next week. Too much of a shock for humanity.
Humanity first needs to learn a little bit about themselves.
After The Event they need to be educated, certain things need
to happen and then humanity's ready for The First Contact. So
it will definitely not happen this year. This might disappoint
somebody but you need to understand that every human being
needs some time to integrate all the changes and most people
are not ready for so many shocks in so short period of time. Even
too much of a good thing in a short time is too much.
When The Event happens, people will have time to integrate to
understand more and then in a quite reasonable timeframe they
will be ready. And before the first contact, there will be certain
select individuals that will be contacted. This will not be official
public contact. And those individuals that were contacted by the
positive extraterrestrial races, will be able to bring evidence to
humanity, will be able to bring teachings and technology and
understanding that those races have. And this will assist in
preparing humanity for first contact.
MG: We do know that the galactic alignment is December 21st where
everything lines up and what we've shared in our updates is that
the galactic alignment is where everybody is moving into the
present moment of NOW together.
Cobra: Ok, I have to explain certain things about galactic alignment
because there are many statements inside the lightworkers
community about the galactic alignment which are not true.
Actually galactic alignment is a process that began in 1975 and
will end in 2025. It's a 50 year process and the culmination of
that process already happened. And Dec 21st, 2012 is one of
the, I would say, one of the key dates, one of the markers, it is
not the only step in the process, so we cannot expect everything
magically transforming on that day because it will not.
It will simply be one big step toward final liberation, which is a
process. So this is what my understanding is and this is the intel
I got from the Pleiadians and other forces of light.
MG: We're definitely on board with you that it's a process.
Cobra:Yes. But ok, let's wait and see and we will all experience
MG: There's also real interesting information coming out about these
upcoming Eclipses. We have a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse in
Cobra: Yes.
MG: And some of our crop circles have indicated that we very well
could, from our understanding and feeling about it, is that
November could very well be the end of the cabal forever.
Cobra: Yes it's possible, when we enter the window of opportunity
everything is possible. So what I can definitely say is that
November will be a very interesting month. Many possibilities
with many potentials. And we as a unified field group, I would
say all lightworkers, all those who are dedicated to the liberation
of the planet can do much to create a favorable outcome of this
with all the mass meditations, we create a unified field which
assists in speeding up and harmonizing this process. And yes
I would say November is the month when many things are
possible. And it could be the time of The Event. But as I said
before, I cannot give you any guarantees, because there are no
guarantees. We are living in a free will universe and things will
happen when the critical mass of free will will decide so.

MG: We're not sure how much intel you have on this, but this
is a question that was posed to us, if you knew about any
military movement that's happening in the Pacific and towards
Washington DC, I guess as we head towards these elections here
in the states.
Cobra: I've received many reports about military movements for the
last 2 months, and part of it is connected with the operations of
[check audio]. There's also some misinformation posted on many forums
and blogs about ET wars in the Pacific. There are no more
negative ET forces with their UFO technologies on this planet.
They are gone and there are no more reptilian bases and there
are no more reptilian spaceships. Everything of that nature was
removed quite some time ago.
MG: Yes we agree with you Cobra.
Cobra: So what exactly is the cabal in the physical plane and some, I
would say, archon type and with the human being on the astral
plane and this is the only thing that's left and we're actually in
a moment where a big breakthrough is possible and it will
happen sooner or later.
MG: It's the light's time, right? We announced earlier this year that
this is love's year. This is the year that the light directly comes
to the forefront for humanity and we really feel that's still in
process as we head in spiral towards the end of the year.
Cobra: We are having very interesting times ahead. September and
the first part of October was very challenging but we're finally
entering the time where things get more interesting. I expect
that certain intel will be revealed through, let's say, many
alternative websites very soon. There are groups working
behind the scenes on certain breakthroughs and some of those
breakthroughs might be announced very soon. I give you no
guarantee but the groups working on it, if and when they're
successful, they will [check audio].
Andrea: About some of the information, I don't know if you're aware of
the Keshe Foundation, can you give us some information about
that, because some things seem to be not very clear about that.
Cobra: Ok. My own approach to this is when they show results, I will be
interested. There are many groups claiming to have free energy,
there are many groups claiming to have technologies, but until
there is a working free energy machine, presented to the public
in a way that it can be purchased, it is not real progress from
my perspective. So I'm waiting for them to announce something
like that and then I will be interested, before that, I'm not
really interested because as I have said before, there are many
group claiming to have this technology, there are many groups
announcing things but nothing concrete has come of it yet. So
we'll wait and see.
Andrea: Right.
MG: Ok. Here's another question that was brought to us from one
of our readers, they asked "Do the darks still control the old
leylines and serpent dragon grid or has it been entirely freed
and is it now available for us all to connect across the planet and
strengthen Gaia and communicate?
Cobra: Unfortunately, most of that grid is still under control of the
dark forces, there have been areas and vortices that have been
liberated, but much more work needs to be done. There are
many lightworkers working on this, but the critical mass of
liberation has not happened yet because when this will happen,
when we take over, when the light takes over the grid, result in
drastic improvement of the vibrational frequency and vibration
of the planet. People will feel much lighter and happier in
general. It will be very visible. It will be evident to every body.
When the light will take over the grid around the planet it can
be something amazing and fantastic and people will not be so
depressed, they will not be so concerned and afraid, they will feel
something has changed. It will be a big shift that will be felt by
almost everybody.
Andrea: We had another question that might be related to that on
a physical level, how do you see the mass protests that are
happening, especially in Europe right now and if you think
these protests with violence in it are helping or not this shift and
Cobra: This is a double-edged sword. Actually there are many people
who are genuine in their protests and they're actually helping
with the liberation process because they bring more awareness
to it, but most of those movements are infiltrated by the dark
forces by the provocateurs that are paid by the dark forces in
order to instill violence so many of those movements which were
genuine at first were infiltrated and manipulated, so I would say
it is a process.
If you look back one or two years ago, there was an occupy
movement which was not successful in its goals, but it was
successful in bringing awareness to humanity that we are the
99%. Now almost everybody on the planet knows what that
means. That there's 99% of humanity or even more and 1% or
even less of those greedy and corrupt bankers. So this is now a
common understanding among the minds of humanity. It was
not so before the rise of the Occupy movement. So those protests
that are happening now are bringing up the next phase. Which is
a good thing.
Although the dark forces try to infiltrate them they will not be
successful. In raising the consciousness, people learn, and they
grow and their understanding is deeper and deeper. An average
person that is walking on the streets right now understands
much more about the situation than even a few years ago.
Andrea: True.
MG: Cobra, I know you're aware all of our craft in the atmosphere
are also helping pour in energy helping to help the planet and
humanity to raise up into the 5D frequencies and there's a lot of
information that stayed and I'm going back to the December 21st
date that only 5D frequencies will be able to carry through after
2012, what is your feeling about that?
Cobra: I would say December 21st there will [check audio] happening, but the
world will not change magically over night. It will be a big leap
but I will not say people are expecting to ascend on Dec 21st, this
will not happen. Ascension is actually a spiritual process, it's an
inner transformation which needs to happen inside. It will be a
mass process, but certain conditions need to be met first so there
will be no mass ascension on Dec 21st. I can say that for sure.
I think you talked about the conditions before, can you share
with us some of the conditions that need to occur?
Yes. So what is your question?
MG: What are some of the conditions that need to occur prior to
certain events unfolding?

Cobra: Ok, I can only answer to a certain extent because the Pleaidians
have stated to me that the whole ascension plan is not yet to be
released for a very simple reason. Because there are many, I
would say, forces which are not of the light on the astral plane
that are listening to this and if I were to reveal the plan right
now they would try to block it. They could not block it, but they
could delay it and this is not something that they want to
happen. So I would speak about the first phases of the plan, as
much as I can. So #1 the first thing is The Event. The Event
being the compression breakthrough, actually the breakthrough
of light forces on the planet Earth.That will include the physical
plane and the non-physical planes. This is the moment of the
victory of the liberation. And liberation is just the first step.
After this liberation happens, we enter a certain healing phase
on a global level, on a humanity level, and on a personal level.
To heal all the past, it means individually and collectively, it
means balancing the inequalities that were present in the old
system and creating conditions for fair and new society and
under those conditions, real spiritual growth without blockages,
without hindrances is possible. And this real spiritual growth
will be there very fast. And through this process of spiritual
growth, with a vast amount of assistance of the positive ET races
and a certain point the Ascended Masters.
Conditions will be created for the mass ascensions, there will be
very, those mass ascensions that will happen will be guided from
above. It will be a process, it will be guided from far above the
ascended masters, it will actually be the guides from the source.
And if we compare the consciousness now and when this process
is over, it will be such a big difference it will be like the biggest
[check audio] that will ever happen on the planet. So what we are entering
now is so beyond imagination of most human beings it's not
possible to speak about it. We are entering something really
beautiful, something that is beyond our wildest dreams. When
the darkness is gone from the planet, everything becomes
possible, all the possibilities become open to us to create the
world we always wanted. And all those dreams and visions and
hopes and aspirations that people had in their lives and especially now,
were not there just like that. People have dreams,
people have visions, people have ideals, people have aspirations
for a reason, and the reason is the time we're all entering,
because this is going to become a reality.
MG: Brilliant, thank you. Completely agree with you. Are you familiar
with Sheldon Nidle's information?
MG: Ok. Do you feel that your information is in line with Sheldon
Cobra: Ok, that person had some contact experience with Sirius in his
lifetime, that's opened a channel for him, and what he did, he
was holding the vision for the mass landings for many decades
which is a very good thing. And I admire him for that. I would
not agree with all information he posted and he posts all the
time, but I would say his general vision about first contact and
about the mass landings and about the galactic federation is
correct. Not everything, but the majority of what he says I
could agree with. And yes he has first contact experience, I can
confirm that from my own sources.
MG: Ok, and he also talks about pole shift and evacuations, he has
for years and years, so have we, how do you feel about that
Cobra: I will not comment about evacuation now, because it's not time
yet. But I will say that a polar shift will not happen in the very
immediate future. And that it will not happen this year. This is
as much as I can say at this moment.
MG: Ok. That's perfect. However, all things are possible.
Cobra: It's true, but as I have said before, certain conditions need to
be met. There are still laws of physics, there are laws of cause
and effect, and I would say it's extremely improbable that things
would happen right now.
MG: Do you have any connection with the Nesara or the prosperity
funds, or any information you can tell about that?
Cobra: Yes, I made contact with a few groups that are working upon, I
would call them collateral accounts, I would say there is a certain
amount of wealth that was gathered actually, by the cabal, but
actually belongs to the [check audio] and those groups, a few of them are
working to bring that wealth back to humanity. That's the main
purpose. The cabal didn't want to surrender that wealth, but it
will have to one way or the other, and most likely, sooner than
MG: Ok, so you would agree with us that information is true and
Cobra: Yes.
MG: Because that's what we've shared all along.
Cobra: There's actually physical gold, physical wealth stored around the
planet, some of it is not stored on the surface of the planet, that
has been stolen from humanity by the cabal, but actually belongs
to humanity, and will be given back to humanity.
MG: Absolutely. And we feel that the funds are to bring everyone into
equality. That's the basis.
Cobra: The basis is about [check audio]. Now we have extreme disbalance
between those who have and those that have not. And this
disbalance needs to be healed. This will not happen in a way
that everybody's completely  [(equitable?)]. But I would say
everything will need to be balanced. Because balance is the law
of nature. And what will happen to [check audio] as a species on this
planet is maintain balance. There are many aspects of this
disbalance and financial disbalance is just one of them. The
other one is disbalance between male and female principles that
need to be healed. And actually the feminine principle is one of
the keys to humanitarian liberation. So this is the reason why I
was announcing those Goddess meditations. To bring more of
the pure feminine principles to the surface of the planet.
MG: You know I could be mistaken, but I thought during one of
the interviews that I listened to with you, you spoke about the
Cobra: Yes.
MG: Would you like to share anything about the Agarthans?
Cobra: Ok, it's a long story but I'll make it short. Actually there was
a civilization of light existing under the surface of the planet
for many thousands of years, and this civilization of light was
almost wiped out in under ground battles between the light and
dark forces in the late 90's, about 12 or 13 years ago, and as a
result certain reinforcements came that created a resistance
movement which protected the spiritual forces of light that were
under ground, and is now is planning to liberate the surface of
the planet. So the Agarthian forces are actually connected with
the resistance movement and also connected with the galactic
federation and with the Ascended Masters. It's all one big
network of light.
MG: Absolutely. And we do have the Agarthans coming to the
surface right now?
Cobra: A very few of them, but they are not revealing themselves to
MG: Andrea, did you have another question?
Andrea: Yes, many were wondering what you thought about the cabal
and when they'll be removed? What is you feeling about what should happen
to them and how everybody should deal with them when it all comes to the
surface and when they'll be actually gone?
Cobra: Ok, I will explain. You see the cabal is not a homogenous group.
They're different persons is involved with this with different
stories with different life situations. And each of them actually
deserves a fair trial. They will be given evidence about what they
did, they will have to confess, and they will have to do whatever
they can to correct it. Those who are willing to correct it, will be,
some will be able to be integrated into society again, and those
who are not willing to correct it, will be taken to the central sun
for destruction. I would not advise any violence against the
cabal as a retaliation, because that does not resolve anything.
I would simply say that we need to begin to understand what
they did, and they need to be taken away from any position of
power, they need to correct what they did and if they are not
willing or able, they need to be removed from the planet and
they need to be taken to the central sun. And there are many
who are not willingly cooperating in the activities of the cabal,
they were forced to join, and those in the first place need some
healing. Because there are actually many good people who were
forced to join and they didn't want to do [check audio] under serious
So those people first need some healing and understanding.
And of course, they will be very cooperative where they will be
given opportunity to be free and to join the light. I would say
there are some who are not actually willing to cooperate at any
moment, there will be some who will refuse to cooperate and
they will most likely have to be disintigrated, and their souls will
be given a new cycle of evolution.

MG: We talked a little bit about the delays that have been happening,
but the delays, I know you talked a little bit about it, I think you
said it was because of humanity, is this correct?
Cobra: Mostly it was because of humanity, because the original plan
was calling for The Event happening in April of this year. But I
would say some of the key persons of the liberation movement
on the surface of the planet made some crucial mistakes.
Because of those crucial mistakes, The Event could not go as
originally planned. And it was also seen that if The Event would
happen prematurely, it could lead to many problems, casualties
and the surface population could react violently. So therefore it
was decided, by those who were in charge of those things, to wait
a little bit longer. [ (And prepare for?) ] things better.
MG: Ok, so what kind of mistakes are you speaking about? Can you
give us a general….?
Cobra: Let's just say that there was not enough cooperation among
the various groups who were supposedly working for the light
and for the liberation of the planet. And this has shown up
very clearly in the last few months. And the potential was there
[check audio] known [check audio] So it was decided that this has to
clear out to a certain extent, certain new connections need to be made,
also it was decided, liberation forces need to be better prepared,
for every possible answer from the cabal towards the general
population because the cabal is taking the general population
hostage. And certain actions needed to be taken to prevent any
retaliation from the cabal during the process of liberation.
MG: So really what I'm understanding from that, is that all the light
workers groups instead of gathering in unity, have kind of
separated themselves into separate groups.
Cobra: Yeah there was never any really cooperation as a force. Critical
mass was not reached. It is simply a reflection of human nature
at this point, but if the liberation movement is so fragmented,
it's not so easy to create a coordinated operation on a planetary
level, because this needs to be global. It can not be limited only
to the United States, or any other country. It needs to be global
so, it is not easy to carry out a global operation without a critical
mass of support of population in various groups.
Andrea: Oh, you don't know how much we agree with that.
MG: So the solution is all the light worker groups need to come
togther now?

Cobra: Yes, I would agree with that completely. United we will be
victorious. If we're not united, this can take a little bit longer. It
will still happen, but it might take a little bit longer.
Andrea: As you mentioned the United States, and of course they're kind
of on the front line, especially on the net, and so on, do you have
any information about things going on on other continents like
Africa, Asia about their light worker communities?
Cobra: Yes, of course, you see what has happened in the United States,
a similar process is happening around the world, it has just not
made it up. The same process when The Event happens, I would
say there are people prepared in the military in Russia, China
and other countries, there are people, there are light workers all
over the planet, light workers in Japan, in Malasia, in India, in
Australia, everywhere. In South America, in Central America,
Russia everywhere. And actually they're going through the
same process. It is simply that this western civilization, is I
would say very much Europe and USA oriented. And people are
not so much intrigued about what's going on elsewhere in the
world. But it's going through the same process, with some local
variations, but the entire process is exactly the same.
Andrea: Thank you.
MG: Well I think that's all the questions that we have on
our end, Cobra. Andrea do you have anything else?
Cobra: Well, I think that I have said everything that I wanted to
say. My main message is the message of unity at this point,
of cooperation and support between various groups, various
individuals who are working toward the liberation of the planet,
and by doing that we will do whatever we can to see out the
process. And if we are not united, as I have said, this will take a
little bit longer. And this was actually one of the main causes of
the delays we were experiencing.
So if people don't want any more delays, they would need to
learn to coopperate, not to judge each other, to support each
other, and to work on this common goal. And also at the end I
would like to invite people to join the conferences and especially
to join the Day of Decision mass meditation that's coming up
very, very soon, because if you reach the critical mass, there will
be a big quantum leap on that day. And many things are then
MG: So the main message I feel, and we've got a lot of really good
information you've shared with us Cobra, but I think the main
theme that I feel from this for everybody on the planet right
now, especially those that are aware of what is happening, is that
we all need to unify together and gather together, and together
we're stronger, and not isolated and separated into different
types of groups. And the Galactic Free Press really, we represent
that, and we encourage everyone to participate and join us, and
we welcome them, all different groups.
Cobra: Very good. Very good. The purpose is to strengthen each other,
not to weaken each other. So by finding the good in each other,
and supporting that and encouraging that, we will get stronger
and stronger, day by day.
Andrea: Indeed.
MG: Yes, very much so. Alright Cobra, we really, really enjoyed this
conversation thoroughly, and we would love to have you do
another one at some point.
Cobra: Ok, that's possible.
MG: And just to let you know, you have our unconditional to support
at every moment.
Cobra: Thank you for that.
MG: And we strive every day for unity consciousness, for everyone to
love each other. And that's our, love themselves and love each
Cobra: Yeah.
MG: And together we are victorious.
Andrea: Thank you very much.
Cobra: Thank you for inviting me, and for the wonderful energy I feel.
Your group has a very positive one, and I'm glad we connected,
and we'll definitely cooperate in the future.
MG: Absolutely. Anything that we can do for you, and anything
that we can support you, the other main point that I wanted to
bring up before we end this, is to basically declare you name and
we're gonna say that we completely support Cobra. And that he is
definitely an honest light worker to support you.
Cobra: Yes, thank you. Because there was so much disinformation
about me, and I would really appreciate if you could say
something about that on your blog?
MG: Absolutely, yes. We gotcha. We love you, not sure what time it
is there, wherever it is. Enjoy the rest of your moments.

Cobra: I will. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day.
MG: Alright, and we'll talk soon, we're here for you if you need us.


You guys rock! <3

Diego's picture

Brillian interview MommyG and Andrea, and many thanks to CoBra for providing a magnificent interview. Great intel and knowledge was brought to the table. Many doubts, fears, and uncertainties are slowly being cleared. As mentioned many times, this is a team effort and as we slowly begin to see the similarities between each other in our goals and aspirations, differences that are mainly caused by belief structures begin to blurr out. As always all my best, and all my love. You guys rock! <3


Guest's picture

Oh man, I am glad I was not the only one that felt a kind of coldness with Cobra. I did not feel the love there. I hate this. I hate that this is just getting more and more not right within myself. Maybe I have developed my own system that I no longer need anyone else to answer these questions? That who cares? What will be will be? I also felt that the interviewers took up the time to ask their own personal questions to somehow validate themselves in everything they had been saying for so long. Appears, no disrespect, that you were wrong about dec 21st. So can I ask where it is you are getting your inner information from? Or is it coming from outside things. Please do not misunderstand me. I respect the hard work that you have been putting in that you voiced in this interview but it seemed to me that you had a wonderful expectation that you were pushing that Cobra kind of squelched. I am sorry about that. Also, I really honestly do not feel that you included any other questions that I am sure that many asked and wanted to know. There was the one you asked... However, I am sure there were many, many questions asked by your readers that you did not ask. I kind of felt that you humbling yourselfs to this man. My belief is you humbly yourself to no man. If it is any human person you would humble yourself to it would be your own God spark within. Not lecturing. Thank you for the interview but I do not believe I was given any more information then what has already been given. Just said in a different way. Hugs to all. Hope the next interview is more insightful. Thank you for your time in doing it.


Lia's picture

Well, Thanks and yes we did use our readers questions. Yes cobra like all of you still have your egos in tact, so this is probably what you felt from it. We were humbling? Or being respectful? And this is what you got out of this message? There is a very important message in here, but guess you missed this. Thank You for sharing your thoughts. Love You

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!


Guest's picture

I apologize. No disrespect was intended. Yes, I am sure I still have some ego, but was not directed at you. I can see how it could have been taken that way with my statement about the interview. But my real thought that I was expressing is that I think we all have questions that can be given a direct answer. Not just what I can tell you right now. But something that would help us understand on a deeper level on what to expect. That is the key word here. Expect. I do believe that you could have asked other questions that I am sure some of your readers asked you to ask that would have answered those questions a bit better. Maybe I am wrong here, and I have a much different way of thinking then the normal mindset that comes here to read all the wonderful articles. Maybe I do not fit in. I want real answers. Something that can help me in my everyday experiences other then meditation from Cobra. Again, I learned nothing new in this interview that I have not heard in other interviews with DragonLady, or on his own page or any other interview he has given. Just not all given together as it was here in this interview. Maybe he does not know? There is a subtle difference between humble and respectful. If you call it respect you were showing him then I can only take your word for it. Thank you for the love. It is sent back to you in folds. Sorry again if I upset you. Was not meant as a personal attack. And will keep my personal opinions to myself in the future. Or until I can learn how to express my thoughts and feeling without offending anyone. Take care.

We cannot be offended Love

Lia's picture

The Basis of this Message is to Unite and Help each other. This is so simple yet everyone is having a hard time with it. I am Glad we are appriciated. All our Love Mother and Father God

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

Wonderful news

Jazz's picture

Sometimes you just dont get updates for awhile or assume the worst. I know A LOT seems to want to pull me over to JAPAN recently with more and more people acting out of line.(WHEN do sailors learn?The crew I knew didnt act that way.....)


But, alas, such is the distraction of the CABAL. The lies of the bankers, etc...misinformation.

Youre telling me, CIA,FBI, they dont have access to Facebook or twitter or the like? I beg to differ. IF they dont use it daily themselves, they watch postings.


I worked with INTEL folks. Most of it was day-to-day BS that would bore you. Some of what they do would really catch your eye and suprise you. To say the GOVT isnt in bed with these Dark types would be lying. They do it mostly in secret in dark-walled rooms where you cant bother them from miles away when they tap your lines. All without you knowing about it.


"Puzzle Palace" Is a good reference if you want to know more.

Im not here to instill fear in you. You need to be AWARE that its happeneing. THEY can pose as us.


I didnt get anything DARK from this message. I think it was a wonderful way to reach out, GFP I dont think has done this directly with Cobra or Drake. I find thier blogs informative.


Some of the people Ive worked with are not known to be very bright. They work for our good, they keep the evil at bay.They dont always resonate with us, but I tell you they have not yet once betrayed us. I dont agree with everything they do, either. But without some form of lightworkwer or ET presence, how do we push forth this agenda? The CABAL WONT do it. The masses are like sheep....HOW DO YOU DO IT? I ask you.


You have to be forceful sometimes. "But tht isnt our way.." I hear. How else do you do it? DO you wait forever? Do you wait for the militia to come knocking at your door for your guns, your money, your house? You speak out about the GOVT, your PRESIDENT, your CO...believe me folks..THEY COME KNOCKING.


Secret service TWICE in my FACE so far. ONCE from the IKE(workcenter violence I didnt pupetrate), once from the SAN DIEGO office because of NEPOlitano.


And you tell me not to be forceful or such or want to have a gun under my bed..I worry about some of you, I really do. No, this is not what we want society to become, fearful , PTSD-like, SHELL SHOCKED and locked in fear. Im not afraid.


Tell them to come fully armed. Im an AMERICAN, by definition that gives me the right to stand up against this tyranny. AMERICANS are EUROPEAN rebels by nature. The CONSTITUTION and PATRIOT ACT(If youve read it) GIVE ME the RIGHT to speak my mind and take down these traitors taking over MY country. Should we want to do it without violence, YES I agree COMPLETELY. WE SHOULDNT NEED GUNS.Does it mean I will back down because someone is armed? HELL NO.


This is our country, our planet...lets take it back.NOBODY OWNS ME. I was born free and I will DIE FREE or DIE TRYING.






estherpap's picture

Great interview - very loving :-) Much gratitude to MG, Andrea and Cobra for your service. Blessings and love to you!

Great interview ...

i am love's picture

Thank you so very much - to Mother God and Andrea, for sponsoing this, and for holding the light of unconditional love and support.

Thank you to Cobra - for your unwavering dedication to the Light and positive vision.

This could be recognized as symbolic of a time in our liberation when the lightworker community collectively said NO ! to the old ways of divisiveness and discord, and stepped forward to live from our Heart's knowingness.

Many Blessings and Love to you all for your recognition for the need for this, and for an encouraging view of what lies ahead.


Cobra Interview

Ra-Raela's picture

Thank you MotherGod and Andrea for taking the time to bring about this interview, and also for transcribing it. It would have been difficult to make out was was being said, otherwise. I found it fascinating and was surprised by how much light was being transmitted through the written words. It was like wave after wave of energy coming at me, as I was reading the text. What was being said, made a lot of sense to me. It will be very interesting to see how things will play out. I'm rooting for Cobra and all those who are working for the good of all humanity, behind the scenes, so to speak. Keep up the good work!


Pete's picture

I have listened to Cobras interviews since he came into the picture. As usual, no matter where I get my information from, I like most people pick what resonates with me. One paticular thing has really caught my attention. Is Corbra of the Light I ask myself. At the start and end of the interview he was told he was Loved. Anyone that I have communicated with on my amazing journey that I have told that Iove them, they have always returned the Love. Cobra never at the start or the end of the interview. Then I wonder, Is this an ego issue or is it that he thinks of himself as better than us?

With much Love & Light


P.S. A very big thank you to everyone at Galactic Free Press for all you do for humanity!

It's all good

rubastel's picture

A Master already knows the love exists regardless, it doesn't need to be addressed, or thanked. There is no insecurity or pandering there.

Thank you for this. Than you

Unity5D's picture

Thank you for this.

Than you all for reading this.

Thank god we are here, now, doing what we do.


Love and belssings to all life, this is an exciting time to watch these events unfold.


Ascension is a tricky subject, but I understand many of you want to know when it will happen, and the best part is that you will never know until it is time for it to happen. This is what I truly feel. This is why being love and light, and maintaing a higher vibration/consciousness at every moment is only doorway to your 5d life.


One Love


Cobra interview...

Pat's picture

Cobra makes mention of technology made available to humanity to purchase. I'm wondering why individuals on the earth plane would be required to pay for such a thing. I'm not devaluing the integrity of said technology by asking this, it's just that many people will not have the means to do so.


Thank you,



This was such a brilliant and

Doreen Smith's picture

This was such a brilliant and loving interview...There's still so much mystery as to who Cobra is, but does it really matter for now? I think not...the information is presented very respectfully and lovingly and with great divine authority and precision, yet easily grasped...I had a few questions about the Argathans, though,..like why are they not revealing themselves yet..will they do so any time soon? Is there a description of how they look somewhere...How are they liberating the earth? In what way? Is Agarthan the name of our Middle Earth family? I heard and feel the Light is beautiful in Middle Earth...I would so love to go there..but, that's another subject..:)


There's so much to learn, understad and know ..So much to absorb, I need a few days to integrate it all...and that's just in the past 48 hours!!  whew..everythings speeding up so fast these days yet, I hold on to my hat, and joyously, in LOVE, and Peace, embrace everything unfolding as Divinely  Decreed....This is such a Divine, miraculous, magical, mystical, all revealing time for all everywhere...What a ride it's been so far!

The whole interview was great and having the text to read while listening was really wonderful..Thanks MotherGod, FatherGod, Andrea, Cobra, the video maker, the transcriptionist and all who so quickly manifested this important interview..job well done.so far..lol....I LOVE YOU ALL! Sending Much PEACE, JOY, LIGHT AND LOVE TO ALL! NOW! :) <3


Guest's picture

Whenever i read channels from salusa and sheldan nidle, they seem to be humanitys cheering squad, always the optimist by bringing great news that our liberation is already here and that we had achieve great strides by being more awakened.   but whenever i read cobras messages it a mixed feeling because while he brings good news he also burst rose colored bubbles from channellings who nearly all of them dispenses pollyanna viewpoint that raises so much excitement and anticipation it creates expectation that are way too high that cobra needs to burst that nonsense before it gets out of hand and disappoints en masse-which would be disastrous.


There were at times that our positive extraterrestrial co partners sounded so incredible and so much powerful that i thought whats keeping them from achieving success given the advance technology and evolution plus our god source backing.   The creator of the universe gives an order and the liberation forcse is struggling to free us.....i guess i watch too many movies where in god was portrayed as an ultimate power where a spoken word or intention can wipe out any evil in a blink so im having a hard time processing the idea that some force were able to pull off stunts in disobeying a decree, and that for all his might there were laws that even superceeds him.


I hope we can at the very least remove the cabal w/in this year because i did not want to sound like a dumb oaf who post on forum salusa, sheldan nidle, benjamin f., sometimes cobra messages that sounded like it will happen this year the fall of the cabal because of so and so magical dates and cosmic alignment.   The fall of the cabal within this year is needed at least to get everyone believing of a secretive malignant group ruling over us, the rest of the plans like ascention, nesara, pole shift, evacution will be easier for us to explain and be believe.  Im really counting on this to happen......

Cobra and GFP

Red Rythmic Skywalker's picture

As others have mentioned if it resonates with you then go with it. Well this interview does not resonate with me.  I have never been one to easily follow others but seek my own path cause I am not here to be somebodys fool.  I keep getting the impression that im supposed to follow GFP and then follow who they choose to follow.  I can get lost on my

own and I can also find my way on my own and enjoy the company of others I find along the same road and never have the thought of being mislead or blamed for misguiding those who I traveled the road with.


I know something is happening and thats what bought me to this site.  As a source

of Daily posted info I find GFP to be alright. As a source of personal spiritual growth

I find it lacking with to many contradictions on the verbal message side of things.


Sending messages to create togetherness and strenghen Earths light is cool.  But remember using media to do it requires the same mgmt skills as growing a business

or managing circulation growth of a newspaper.  You better know what youre doing and have a plan for growth and in my opinion posting this article and proclaiming Cobra

is now who we should be listening to is a bad move. Post the article yes but the proclamations of his authenticity and the hoopla about securing an interview with Cobra

is way over the top for me! Just makes me question motives and credibility of the interviewer and the article itself.



We dont Need Followers

Lia's picture

This Planet Requires Co Creators..... All Our Love

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!

You contraddict yourself,

glr_Andrea's picture

You contraddict yourself, first you say you follow no one but your own intuition, then you complain saying you feel we tell you who to follow. Your first statement was true, the second one is your perception. Why instead of focusing on an illusion not UNITE in LOVE with ALL and step into the New Paradigm no matter what, dissolving differences and illusionary boundaries? 

That Is The Message. If you feel it's not for you to Co-Create Together that's fine, thus do not blame others for this choice. 

The Truth cannot be changed, and the Truth is that We're One with our Source. DIvisions of any kind are just part of of the program.

Blessings, hope you'll enJoy sharing Love with US(All=One) in your own unique way.

Me Contradicting Self

Red Rythmic Skywalker's picture

Boy yall are going overboard with the damage control.  Think like us or we will post under you. Tell others what youre saying cause you cant do it for yourself and they cant read. So we will tell you what he said.  I would really like to know what youre true motivations are because I keep sensing there is a difference between what you say and what you do.  I sense it.  Putting love at the end of emails and postings does not change the motivation of why it was written.  I told myself before I posted mine that if you guys attacked and defended self on my comments some other money oriented motivation or un lightworthy objectives may be at play.  Ive witnessed too many cotradictions in behavior you guys demonstrate.  And Ive only been member for a month. Dodging questions in chat room. Saying stuff like we got 37 starships but we dont know nothing gotta go see Cobra. I got computer found you been found Cobra...Made no donations to him but made one to you guys. Ive only been doing this for 2 mos and know more than you do. Only been meditating for 45 days already using switchwords with effect. Had mutiple outta body experiences, working on Astral projection already and having some success but having trouble sustaining it.  Got high pitched Vibrational hum in head came in on fall solstice and it fluctuates as i use certain switchword combos or read 1st paragraph of postings It resonates like a spiritual gieger counter.  Ill be gone by xmas and do not enjoy listening to the all or none theory Ive heard staff members repeat in the chatrooms.Every other day I hear unfounded doubletalk and bs by people who moderate your chat rooms while legitimate questions go ignored. You dont like what I wrote well guess what youre lucky I didnt write what I really think cause it would have been embarrassing . And never belive that I dont Love you cause I do its just tough love. Im a lawyer type and I know how to get to the truth and I know how to pull peoples strings to get the truth. Just pulled yours. How people react under pressure defines them. Never believe what people say just provide stimulus and sit back and watch what they do. I wont be posting any more replys to blogs cause I do not appreciate your webmaster powered censorship.  Youre supposed to be doing right by people so get out there and start doing it! Talk about EGO everyday then turn around and say theres no ego it only a 3rd demensional illusion. GEEZ Stop it already.


PS I like your Pic


This reply doesnt mean I dont love you its just tough Love.



If asking to Unite Together

glr_Andrea's picture

If asking to Unite Together seems an attak to you then I guess you're still in separation mode.

Namaste   We are already 

Dhyana's picture



We are already  blessed souls comming from the same source! There is no need to be blessed again!


As long that we are living in the worlds off dualities there will always be a mixing in real and onreal. Truth can not come down,before whe have understand thise in full expiericence. Nobody can claim the Truth even by channels ,masters ect. If Truht is establessed, Love can come down in His/Hear full Glorie, what is the substance of each soul.  There will be a never ending story in expirience en realistations on the way.


Hope you can read thise Englisch.


Dhyana (Netherlands)

I guess this qoute is

glr_Andrea's picture

I guess this qoute is brilliant and explains it good:



"Unless you have actually experienced your individual VISION growing and expanding in the way I am describing, you will always think that it can't happen..., because it has not YET happened to YOU.
When it does happen to you..., then you will know its true, and wonder why others don't get it! You will desperately want others to wake up to what's happening around them."
Once the experience has happened Inside of One, That's it, and there's no way back. 

Good interview

Sirianchild's picture

Good interview, verified some things about Cobra to me. As usually, a lot of stuff he says makes no sense - won't go into detail, go with your intuition, that's what I've learned to do and it works perfectly.


While Cobra - or should I say Ishtar - ain't really one I would trust/listen, meditation and other means to raise your light is indeed always a good thing. Love, unconditional love is the key.


rubastel's picture

Great interview, thanks for being realistic and full of light and balance, in spite of whether it makes some travellers uncomfortable or not! Thanks Cobra and Galactic Free Press for all you've done over the years to help get the Earth to this point.

   Cobra isn't at all

Chetan's picture

   Cobra isn't at all bothered about Dec 21!  Then why we (including all those ascended masters who send channeled messages) all are making a big fuss about this date ? This surprised me the most. Anyway, there definitely seems a logic in Cobra's thinking. After all we are living in a free will world and the speed with which the light is making progress is tooooo slow.


  After all the water won't start boiling unless the temperature reaches 100 degrees ! What do you think?