Message From God:

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October 20, 2012


If you could help Bring Heaven to Earth would you help?

You all have free will, Fee choice, What will you choose?

Will you choose like last time? - Do nothing

Will you make a new choice this time? Help!


This message is given to you by a messenger of God, Do you Believe?



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yes i would help with much love.

Helping Humanity

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Thank you! It is time to start working with Main Stream Humanity.  I will put something together to clear any one who choose to help: removal of any fear of working with them from past persecution, being misunderstood, miscommunication, ect.  I will notify you when this is set up for all to receive, and then you will be able to go to the Grid to get it.


Many Blessings

HI All who a waiting - I was

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HI All who a waiting - I was out of town working, I should have something put together later on today. I will post and let you know it is ready. 

Thank you All

With Blessings



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I will help in any way I can. Whatever the moment may bring my way, I will add my love and compassion to the collective. I share my heart with all!


Yes! I will help

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I am ready to share my love to all.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Yes I'll help, no matter what it takes.

Love to All....

Hi all who are waiting to

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Hi all who are waiting to help. Just wanted to update you. I am still working on this. I am clearing up all the loop wholes of dark energy so you won't have to do and go through what I have been processing.  When I have all the loop wholes finished up I will have all the work put into the grid for all to help with out have to suffer the pain of clearing this up so you will never have to repeat these lessons again or humanity. This will allow you to work with humanity without any persecution,judgement, gifts that were traded, bartered, lied to, exchanged to help humanity and Gaia.

Thank you



This will be Aviable for all on 11-11-12

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Hi to all who are waiting. It has been a long brutal clearing to have this ready for all light workers just to receive. all the clearing of  Dark energy, duality, fear, of anything and everything that could happen to you by doing the next step will be cleared.

90% of this work was completed as of yesterday. I am finishing the last piece of 3d illusion.

thanks for your patients