The Great Dissolution of 2012 A Message from Sananda~ Through Beth Trutwin

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Commentary from The Galactic Free Press~ Upon Reviewing all this Information we only found one part which was that our ships crashed. This is simply impossible! We cannot crash as we are not in 3d! Enjoy the Good News Beth Delivers Here, which makes sense!  We are always waiting for confirmations to be able to validate events which need to occur anyway! So, We will all See if what she shares here Manifests! We are All In this Together. Love The Earth Allies
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The Great Dissolution of 2012 A Message from Sananda, November 2, 2012

Greetings! This is Lord Sananda. There are many areas of your lives in your money system, real estate, the courts, law enforcement, government, medicine, Wall Street, Homeland “Security,” and many others all tied into to these where a grand scheme of keeping Earth as a prison Planet has carried on too long.

The Greatest Forces of Light have been monitoring Earthʻs progress toward Ascension as she moves forward to become the 33rd Member of the Intergalactic Confederation of Worlds. Since the Bomb was dropped it invited the Galactics to intervene on certain levels. There was an agreement formed after the last great war approximately 5000 years ago where nuclear weapons that were detonated on Earth effected surrounding Planets with a blast that was so large it caused devastation to our nearest neighbors and came very close to wiping out Earth altogether.

Starting in 1947 when the United States Military messed with their aeronautical radar systems causing a crash of several Galactic Federation Ships and recovering ETs the race for space from Earth was on. The U.S. Military had already recovered Hitlerʻs maps to Inner Earth and was in a competition to form Moon and Mars Bases as soon as possible. President Eisenhower created by Executive Order the Central Intelligence Agency to monitor Extraterrestrial Activity which became the basis for funding the Secret Space Program. NASA was created as a cover story and was kept always at least a decade behind the National Security Agency (NSA) Astronaut Program which were the American Astronauts who colonized the Moon and Mars. The Moon images from the 1960s and 1990s have been downloaded and created into two movies viewable online free which show the structures on the Moon and how the Moon surface changed in the last 30 years.

The race to have nuclear weapons was a way to fund the Secret Space Program. Krushchev began the Cold War as a way to reduce the cost for his Military. With the threat of Nuclear Missiles, Navy Ships, Jeeps, Jets, Bases and the food to feed soldiers was less necessary. When President JF Kennedy sent the Cuban Missiles back it ended all modern threat of Nuclear War. However, for the next 4 or 5 decades the threat was kept in place with little resistence.

In the meantime the decades old threat was made into tiny packages of Nuclear material which has been sold on the black market to any thug in any smaller country who had the means to pay the price continuing the poison risk to Earth. The tampering at Nuclear Facitlities by Extraterrestrials was a program to contain and eventually disarm all Nuclear Missiles and this program has been complete some time. Each time the agreement from 5000 years ago has been violated in some way by the few who wish to control the many, it has opened the door for the Galactics to assist Earth and so we have in large and growing capacities.

First we had to be called from within the Matrix and asked for help. Later we sent millions of our own to live as humans who had their Galactic memories and abilities intact to help from within the Matrix. And so it has been and lead us to this Now.

The storm which caused power to be out to millions in New York City and surrounding Metro in New Jersey and Conneticut and others in the North East U.S. was for a purpose. It allowed Galactic Technology to undo to all of the clandestined illegal activities.

Wall Street was the number one casuality of the Sand Man or Sandy the Huricane. By holding the high winds over Manhattan so long a two day shut down of the Markets allowed the Galactics with computers from their Ships to dismantle the trading of Birth Certificate Bonds. Wall Street and specifically 55 Water Street were dismantled from the inside. Maritime Law which holds your Birth Certificate Bonds as the Gross National Product and you as a slave from your moment of Birth into the Maritime system was wiped off their screens. All of their records are gone. All of their bank accounts balance to Zero.

Where before they held your secured registered Birth Certificate and Libor number, it has disappeared. You are dissengaged from the system. Fifty-five Water Street held all the records for the Birth Certificate Gross National Product listings for over 190 Countries on Earth and those too have been wiped out. You are no longer a number which is cashed in upon your Death.

When the Executives arrived back at their desks  and turned on their computers an Error Screen explained to them that their trading days were over. In the meantime a dummy system has been installed running on the other computers throughout the offices. The workers do not know it, but they are no longer trading on any system that is real. They may as well be playing Ms. Pacman. The Stock Market has been dissolved.

The Police Force NYPD Blue. The vast majority of Police in NYC are corrupt. On the morning of 911 those who were to Announce NESARA Law were shot dead by Police in the Twin Towers Lobby. Shortly after explosions dropped the lobby covering the dead bodies. Throughout the City Police have been bought out by the Cabal to run false flags and look the other way. Had the Terrorists inside the White House not had the cooperation of NYC Police then they could have never hidden 911 was an inside job from millions of people. The Police control mass transit, emergency response, video surveillance, helicopter security, vice, drugs, gambling, evictions and on and on having their hand in every segment of society with deleterious effects.  A dismantling of illegal surveillance and other activities by the Police had their books wiped - all their record keeping has disappeared and they will not be able to recover the records of those nonviolent falsely accused. Those Police valiantly upholding the law are known and will continue their good works.

The United Nations. The United Nations Soul Control is the Pope and the Vatican Bank. They decide which Nations will receive financial aid and every nation is considered a not-for-profit entity. All of the American Nations in North and South America and the Caribbean are overseen by the Organization of American States a policy setting entity for the United Nations. All those working illegally as representatives of Countries have been removed from their posts. Their computer access has been removed. Later Indigenous Peoples will be represented by their peers, not Attorneys or Members of the Vatican or State Department in these posts. As we knew it, the United Nations has been dissolved.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The computer system for valuations and a switch over in currency has been in place a long time. The computer records of all loans tied to Governments, Corporations, Individuals, other Banks and Private Firms has been uploaded and Indictments are pending. The Fed has been dissolved.

The Media have been controlling mass consciousness through constant exposure to news of a sexual nature, political scandals, and pop culture. What movies are produced, video games, youtubes, twitter, facebook, songs and television shows are all controlled by the few controlling the many. We have gone in put into place an infrastructure for Media that is directly linked to the Communications from our Ships. Only the Truth will be broadcast and this is available at the flip of a switch now.

With these changes put into motion during the storm, operation Sand Man, we may focus on the Spiritual Aspects of October Surprise. For those of you wondering the Presidential Election will go on as scheduled. This is not necessary, but rather a act of Divine Mercy. If October Surprise cancelled the Elections it would be too disruptive for the Collective Consciousness. It has been determined the transition will be easier with the Election going on as scheduled.

The next consideration is The Peace Portal of 11-11-12 - the last great Energy Influx of this year prior to 12-21-12. We are opening now to the Rose of Cosmic Consciousness. Allow yourself to feel completely supported by Divine Grace. Focus on your Sacred Heart and feel the Energy of Divine Love flowing through you and anchoring into the Earth under your feet. Know you are Source Energy on Earth facilitating change over to Zero Point. Know that you are the vehicle through which Source Energy flows down through the Central Sun, through You and into the Earth.

This Energy on 11-11-12 will pour in as the greatest influx of Light we have been able to integrate through You. You will be able to handle this new Energy and incorporate more than ever before. This is what is required in the Sequential Flow of Events leading to 12-21-12.

When The Peace Portal of 11-11-12 opens You will be invited to Hold The Light for The Planet and All Beings on Her for exactly 40 days until 12-21-12. The more you know, the more responsibility you have. The more you have to share, the more you are expected to give away to those in need. If you hold knowledge, you are invited to share it with others. If you hold access, you are invited to share it with others. If you hold gifts or money or healing abilities you are invited to share all you have to offer as freely as possible. This is Your Mission to Be Love and Share Love. You are invited during these 40 days to repair and heal relationships as you feel Guided. Sometimes healing a relationship means letting go.

Know what it means to bow with a completely open heart. As Earth moves through these Changes under the Protection of Divine Grace acknowledge the Light in the Heart of Others and they acknowledge the Light within You. Dedicate your every waking hour to thoughts of change over. Become It. Merge With It. Bring It into the Physical Realm. We are Here and Ready to Land. Bow to Grace in the Portal of Peace 11-11-12. Namaste. Call On Me and I Will Be There Guiding You Through Each Step. You Are Loved Beyond Belief. This is Sananda from the New Jerusalem through Elizabeth Trutwin, November 2, 2012. © All Rights Reserved.
An Invitation to Sunday, 11-11-12 Telecall Event with Sri Svami Purna Maharaj ~ I will be joining this 90 min call and I hope you will too. Please read the Event details here: We Will Do This Together and We Will Do It With Love ~ PLEASE JOIN US!




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These are the same types of clouds that I am seeing all the time


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wow that was something else, and I will go to my first political meeting localy boy do I've got things to share that is on the 11th 11th...


Love and light


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I will respond to this before I read comments by others so my feelings will not be influenced. I am very interested in the Birth Certificate Bonds being dissolved, because I have felt like a slave here so many times and have railed against the feeling that I was a slave. So I am no longer property? THAT is good news and I resonate to that.

The part about the 9-11 Twin Towers event is interesting to me also. I've been wondering for a long time why that was caused... why it was executed and why we were told something other than the truth. I think there must be more information about this that has not been released, that this message is only part of the story.

I watched the moon landing in 1969 on television with my mother and my best friend. "One small step for a man, on giant step for mankind..." I've been wondering if there were mining operations there. I remember a really scary movie I saw, I think it was called "Outland" but I am not sure, it was about people from Earth working in the mines on another planet, and the workers started being violent and crazy, and one of the men in charge traced the events and found out that they were being drugged without their knowledge to make them work harder and faster, and it was the side effect of the drug that was making them self-destructive. He courageously made this known and made it stop. I was much more frightened by the movie than my friends who went with me. They kept saying "it's only a movie" and I kept saying "but it could happen".....I would like to hear if there is any truth to that or if it was just a fearmongering movie. I want the miners to be freed, here on Earth and elsewhere. I'd like for us to stop misusing the mineral kingdom.

The part about the stock market resonates with me, too. I noticed that the stock market had a "crash" earlier in October, but the balance of my IRA did not go down. It created for me a cognitive dissonance.

With the slaves of the past, and the ones who have been slaved to the monetary system, I say, "I'm free, I'm free, Thank God Almighty I'm free at last!"

Love, Astreia



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Well, apparently there were wast of records stored both in the the Twin Towers and in Building 7 that collapsed without any plane hitting it.

Thank you, Oliver!

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That bit of information is very helpful to me. I didn't know that part of it.

Love, Astreia


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Astreia: About the movie where the miners were being drugged without their knowledge and some would deny that this could possibily happen outside of Hollywierd. Can it? Let us count the ways and it's business as usual. I think the chem trail act of war is the most serious right now.

Dear Amerkin

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I think you should change your name, you are obviously NOT "stupid" lol.

And I agree with you about the mining operations.

But I think there are many serious things still going on. Chem trails are horrible of course. Some of them are being dissolved as we speak. But they are also still killing people directly, I think, even small children. The child soldiers I think is one of the worst ideas ever. In the 60s, a sleek looking older man came to our neighborhood to recruit "soldiers of fortune" and many of the young men were interested. He promised them each $10,000 if they would join with him. Now, that is NOT a lot of money, but to those who have none it can be enough. I played cards with him. He asked me whether or not I was trying to win, and I said, "No, I am reading your cards as we play. My only objective is to find out the truth. I don't care about winning." My husband at the time asked me if he should go. I said, "Make your own decision." This went on for awhile until he said, "He tells us we will have to kill children." And I realized by the tone of his voice that he was desperate to hear me tell him not to go. And I said, "That is too terrible. Don't go." So I know that all this was planned, it didn't just happen. And our men did not go, thank God.

Perhaps the most insidious to me are the tampering with our food supply and the destruction of earth's water. Someone is currently trying to drain an ancient aquifer in order to have enough water for CONSTRUCTION to make Las Vegas larger. That freaks me out.

And there are other means of biological warfare taking place. Somebody somewhere just enjoys killing people. I wish I could name the names....but I don't know them. Well, maybe one or two. But most everybody knows the ones I am thinking of.....

Thank you so much for your participation!

Love, Astreia


Interesting, but dissapointing

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The crash discribed is the crash that caused the Roswell incident - that is what I think that refers to... Maybe I'm wrong.


Anyway, what about the 11-4 date from Ashtar and Sananda.


Isn't it so very convenient that it was "decided" that not having an election would be too disrupting... I think Hurricane Sandy was disrupting, what's wrong with another disruption if it will improve Earth's lot?


I "get it" that the instrumentations may have indicated that the consciousness isn't ready, but this is really getting to be a drag... Now I suppose we have to wait for the 11-11 energies to come in and now it seems nothing tangible will happen until 12-21.


I'm usually positive about all this... Even if we are being led down the garden path, what choice do we have?


Someone PLEASE cheer me up... This is way too much to take at this point.


Draining of Love and Light.... Light is fading fast *tears*





same anon

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Sorry if I sound disillusioned, but I am trying to overcome it.


I didn't cry; just being dramatic I guess. Guess I just have to pick myself up and live to fight another day... It can only last until 12-21 after all then something is bound to happen to really change how the planet is managed.


Yes, I see the improvements... I see Obama dismantling the military complex... I was just expecting the new financial system to come on and all the other promises to unfold.


Hang on people... I say that to myself too.


I wish you love and light... Don't let me discourage you... lol....


Soldier on.


Love and Light to All

It's ok to cry

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When we cry, our bodies release stress hormones through the tears. So it's ok to cry, it's good to cry when you feel like crying.

Live to LOVE another day - the fighting is done.

Love and blessings, Astreia


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Hey, if all of this is a sham, what have you got to lose? We would've then never left the "business as usual" paradigm, ya know, greed, corruption, wars, hunger yada yada......BUT, if this happens, I'd be the first one to say "TOLD YA SO!"......well, maybe not, 'cos by that time, you'd be shedding tears in disbelief at how you could've not seen the bigger picture.......Hang in there bro......we're already in too deep and it is too close for anyone to give up now......hang in there, I implore you.....

Same Sort of Conclusion

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Funny... That's what I was telling my Mom pretty much last night (before I got dissapointed today). I said what choice do we have... really? If this isn't true what could we do about it?


I said to my Mom today... after contemplating this a while... I was making plans again and what if's came up. I said, well, do you want to plan for FEMA camps and getting your head chopped off instead? I said it with a chuckle. Might as well choose my way of thinking! (Trying to talk myself out of being blue about this today.)


Yes, and I have inner knowledge... something tells me there is indeed a spiritual way out... Yes... We should hang in there... There IS a way out and it IS spiritual.


Thank you very much for your generous and loving response. You have comforted me some, so thank you again.


You hold on too... including All of you out there... Center, go where God IS within you. Try to jump aboard the positive timeline. Let us join hands when in distress and try to boost each others' strength.


Blessings to you and all.


Love and Light... God is Us... We ARE Love,


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Bingo!! that's THE shit right there......."jump aboard the positive TIMELINE", we all  know deep inside WE are gonna make this happen......but wait, there's more.....allow me to re-phrase your beautiful last sentence....."Let us join hands when in distress and try to boost each others' strength." with......."Whatever happens, let's not turn on each other, we have no one but each other.".......until of course we finally meet our Galactic Kin.....but that's another story.....:)


Second that

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I think we all have good and bad days.  But let's agree to be there for each other and not tear each other apart when we are "off-Balance".


Love and Light,



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"Let us join hands when in distress and try to boost each others' strength." I like that very much.

Thank you and love, Astreia

Thank you Sonny

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This brings to mind for some reason that song that goes "lost in love and I don't know much... something something I fell out of touch..." I don't remember all of the words.

There's another song, the one that goes "let's stay together, loving you whether times are good or bad or happy or sad..."

And I love the words you said, "hang in there, I implore you." And I add my longing to yours that all those thinking of giving up will not give up.

Love, Astreia

Lost in Love

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The song you were speaking of is`Lost in Love by  AIR SUPPLY (fitting !)  and the lyrics are Lost in love and I dont know much, was I thinking aloud and fell out of touch, but im back on my feet and eager to be what you wanted.   It  also says    ive realized that the best part of love is the thinnest slice and it dont count for much....IT COUNTS FOR EVERYTHING!!!  And everybody please, be WHO YOU ARE!!!, not what the world expects of you as sheeple...Much love, Roger and Brenda  the twin flames



It's all BS!  Haven't you

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It's all BS!  Haven't you noticed how different dates & events have either been postponed or moved.  Can't believe how many of you follow these things.


astreia's picture

What I find difficult to believe is that so many people don't.... but for me it has nothing to do with dates being postponed, it is just that we need to keep on keepin on...

It IS all BS - Beautiful Stuff.

Love, Astreia

No Alternative

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If you want to ascend... You know you do, but it is your decision if you do so this time around. You know you are eternal. If you want to, you have to move your frequency up in any way you can.


After suffering a good part of the day, my pain has left me. You see there is no choice if you choose ascension. You must follow positivity and create the wanted outcome.


Who knows, out of all the channellers and what they channel, what is indeed the truth. We must find the truth within... As advised long ago... We must have Faith and Trust in the Divine.


That is All... Love is All.

Dates and time my Brother are

stupidamerkin's picture

Dates and time my Brother are our own barriers. It is what it is and will be what it's gonna be. Keep your trust and faith because it sure isn't man that is going to save our rear end in this picture.

I will try to cheer you up!

astreia's picture

When you walk down the garden path, you are surrounded by beauty. I am willing to walk down that garden path until the freeways disappear.

I know it is difficult, because we can feel that something better must come soon. It is hard to wait. But this is a collective effort that includes everyone.

Everybody in the pool! Last one in splashes everybody! It's fun....

Love, Astreia

Garden Path

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Yes, we choose the garden path... If we are being led down the garden path let's go that way!


Thanks for cheering me up. :)


Much Love,

Hey Brother: I hear ya loud

stupidamerkin's picture

Hey Brother: I hear ya loud and clear, but I keep saying and prayin that change is coming and it won't be from the District of Criminals.

I'm sure we will get a little more perspective on what's next after the dog and pony show tomorrow. Don't give up yet. Keep smiling. It keeps everyone else wondering. :)  My only discription of where we are at right now on this planet is, the Twilight Zone on Steroids, but the world is about to fully wake up and when it does, we will see the Divine intervention with our eyes and praise the creator for our rightful salvation. Good things are coming. There is always a blessing at the end of Tobacco Road. All we need is the trust, faith and especially patience that I pray for everyday, but hurry up. :) I truly believe we are moving into a paridigm shift consciousness that will be God's Kingdom on earth if you will.



          And exactly do you

Astharian Light Energy's picture






And exactly do you feel is going to happen, what drama are you attaching yourself too

Ground, Centre, and release the fear, the negative brain, and be one with your heart, your Hope line, Trust Earth will be safe.


be your Strength, and be at Peace......




Hold but a little while longer

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OK, Brother Jesus.  I give you my Trust.


On January 1st, 2013.  Time for me has run out.  I will give my faith and trust until then.

On that day, I will decide if I have allowed myself to be deluded by Hope.


I pray we Asscend together.


Love and Light to All!



astreia's picture

I will hold on for as long as it takes.

It is interesting that you mention Hope. Once, years ago, I called a friend and said "I'm giving up hope." And she replied, "Oh, no, you can't do that, I won't let you." I'm very grateful to her.

I've ordered new calendar refills for 2013. I'm not putting any deadlines on this.

Love, Astreia

We will share....

Lia's picture

Its all Happening If you are Paying attention and Participating. Everyone has a role, and we must all now be the Change and walk the Talk of Love and Truth. Egos will keep you away from feeling and experiencing what is happening. We Love You and We are with YOU. Love Yourselves go within, this is the key. Love Mother and Father God and The Earth Allies

Welcome Home into,The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth=Heart, We Love you Unconditionally!!


Sonny's picture

I'm glad I was alone in my home when I read this..........because I couldn't contain myself and kept yelling YES!! YES!!, practically jumping up and down from my seat for JOY!!......We are truly fortunate to be incarnate in this space and time......<3<3


David Porter's picture

We all want proof, and rightfully so, as the cabal has lead us down the roads of slavery smart enough to make us be happy while we live it.


I would like to see some evidence of these claims myself, and If I had reason to believe such far fetched but apsolutely incouraging claims I would too be jumping up and down!!! But I have done so much jumping up and down just to be let down again and again after years into reading these articles from the "alleged" allies??? 


However, the ETs have left their proof of more than once being here, so they are only a hop skip and a jump away, that's for SURE to me!


They wish to assist to the degree that they don't take over our play ground, yes.


These are the good guys on our side??? We can only hope so or go to youtube and type in, "Proof of a MAJOR Event September-December 2012 UNBELIEVABLE!"


Much of what "they" have said has taken place behind the scenes.


In this article what really stuck my eye was the 40 days, therefore 40 nights that IS the space between 11/11 and 12/21........???


If you go to the youtube video I referred, you will not only corrolate this but will have your perverbial socks blown off your doubting Thomas feet!!!

David Porter

Author of the series


Not much time left unless the damage can be repaired

stupidamerkin's picture

Better hurry up before there is no more life left on this planet. When I see the chem trails disappear, then all this hoop la will get my attention.

In the mean time, it's business as usual as thousands continue to pearish every day because of the evilness still on this planet that seems to still have it's way with the people and peaceful way of life.



I've seen it

astreia's picture

I've seen chemtrails disappearing in the sky, they go quickly.

Love, Astreia

They've been spraying 2day,

MissyinPA's picture

They've been spraying 2day, all pretty much every day for at least the last 2 weeks. All the chemtrails they sprayed this morning are still crisscrossing in the sky and now it's after 5pm and I see 3 jets right now.

Crop Circles

David Porter's picture

PS: One thing that is for sure the ETs are here and messaging us nealy on a daily basis now through crop circles, and if you think these elaborate signs to be faked or not them, I won't spend my time trying to convence you. Keeping this in mind helps me keep in mind "They" are indeed with us and attempting communications with "the people" to the degree they can get through the shields of the cabal.

David Porter

Author of the series


Thank you for the link

astreia's picture

Isn't that funny, water street....water.....thank you for this link!



astreia's picture

Thank you, guest!

Love, Astreia

What is the true meaning of certificate?

stupidamerkin's picture

The spin doctors are at it again. If anything of this is true, it would definately be the e  formating of such records opposed to the flooded paper destroyed senaro. If this is true let us pary that we may have been among the some million whose records we wiped out. Let the games begin.



Your Birth Certificate is a Death Certificate

Jewelz's picture

Certificate means death. You were born D O A ( dead on arrival ) and you have no say so in the matter, whatever the matter is, because you are classified as incompetent to handle you own affairs with the system and that is why you can NEVER win a court case with an attorney.


The name on your birth certificate is the "subject" of the "matter" in any court case.

Not YOU personally, but YOU personally think the court is actually talking to you and IT (the court) cannot talk to anything real, because it is a fiction corporation name listed on a piece of paper.


But YOU keep answering to the name on the birth certificate out of ignorance, because you have been wildly tricked beyond your imagination in broad daylight with identity theft, to answer to a fiction name that is not your real name. It just looks, sounds and spells like it. LOL


The name on your birth certificate is classified as your "war name", it is your "Name of War" and that is why you are at war with everyone and that is why you do understand why you agree to warring with other countries and other people.


At the time of your birth, your mother divorced you and your father commited high treason and they gave you away to the state.


The name on your birth certificate is listed in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and is NOT your name, because you do not spell your name using all capital letters. The name on the birth certificate is a corporation and that is why the system treats you impersonally and in a condescending nature always constantly threating you into another false, fake, fiction contract that is not real to get you to do things you would never ordinary otherwise do.


You just happen to call it your life. The main point with the birth certificate you do no hear anyone talking about is the identity theft of the individual has taken place on the grandest of scales unimaginable and you do not understand it to explain it.


If you did, you would certainly be talking about it so you could take your life back from those who have stolen it from you without your knowledge of it ever taking place which happened at the time of your birth.


Your whole entire life is a complete and total lie. Nothing about it is real except your imagination and you do not have proof for that so you don't believe it.


The system has stolen your family name on the birth certificate because you DO NOT own your last name and you think you do. It is you families name and not yours. You cannot own your last name.


The birth certificate is a stock certificate and it is not your document, it is the governments document. Just like the money in your pocket and just like your social security card, your drivers licence and any other license. When you deposit that fiction money in the bank they do not have to give it back to you, because it is not yours.


You own absolutely nothing no-thing whatsoever and you don't understand it. Everything you think you own is owned by the fiction name listed on your birth certificate.


For those born in the united states, you ARE NOT a US citizen, and that is why you lose every single time you go into a court. You lose because you are MADE and tricked to think that you are a US citizen when you are not, under your own assumption because you got a social security card or drivers license, etc...


Your given birth name is your first and middle name, NOT your last name. As soon as you answer to that last name in court you just gave the court jurisdiction over your body battery and you just lost the case, whatever the case may be.


You have absolutely no idea what kind of tyranny you are living under to keep you a slave in a fiction system that is compelling you to perform a total lie that makes you a lie everytime you open your big mouth speaking sounds into the air.


To steal your identity to make you do things you would never do in a million years if you really knew what you were involved in. A big fat lie from hell on prison planet earth, but you refuse to let go of it because tyranny feels so good.


Your life is not your own and you don't even know it because you do not know or understand how to behave properly as a sovereign and you keep contracting with a fiction system because you feel you have to live the way you do, because everyone else does it and you refuse to give anything up because it will take you out of your comfort zone of what is familiar that you are able to predict. Like being able to pay your bills next month with something there is nothing of - money.- working a job you never had to work to pay for something that never was - debt.


That is why the illuminati gave you sit-coms to watch on TV and comedy clubs to go to for entertainment. So you could laugh off the tyranny being done to you and get your much needed rest at night so you could make it to work the next day without too much trouble.  ....and you keep doing it thinking you are responsible - when you are really not responsible at all.


You do not understand the lie you are actually involved with or you could explain it and this is the reason the illuminati are able to do what they do to get over on your life, no matter how much you protest because you are not serious enough and you feel you have to much to loose and they know it.


So it is a cake walk in the park for the illuminati ruling the planet. Unless you get deadly / alively serious as a hearth attack you will not be a serious enough of a force to be reckoned with to overcome the tyranny being perpetrated against you. And that is why you are classified as incompetent because you cannot make up your own mind.


Until you are at least willing to let go of your fake, fiction, artificial, superficial life in the matrix of illusion living in a delusion, you will never actually have one of any substance for any real meaning whatsoever.


You are classified as a human doing, you are not a human being anything real to your true inherent nature as it was intended.


Remember, the truth is foreign in a fiction land and you are not going to like the truth at first when you hear it. It's just the way it works and nothing personal whatsoever. I hope this helps.~ peace on earth is the only way we are going to have a chance at solving this great dilemma that everyone finds themselves in with that they do not understand or is there time to do it with. Otherwise, you can consider yourself illuminati toast for the breakfast of champions.


Now get out there and party and laugh it all off for some great fun.







Very interresting, Jewelz

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I like a lot of what you say. I'm glad I did not take back my "maiden name" when I divorced, but of course there is also a certificate of divorce, lol. Property deeds. Pink slips for cars. Receipts for toilet paper. It is as if some crazed accountant took over the planet. I can understand that, accounting is a crazy disease, I know, I was one for awhile. People expect accountants to be perfect and you can get fired for making a single typo.

I once read about an accountant who "went crazy" and drove her car around hitting as many people as possible. I thought, "Poor lady, it's too bad they didn't just fire her...let her leave the position gracefully..."

But let's not blame mommy and daddy. My mother did not divorce me. My father did not commit high treason. I did not divorce my son on the day he was born. Although I did buy us matching dolphin rings one time, and when he got mad at me he took off his dolphin ring and said "I want a divorce." lol I had to explain to him that he could not divorce me because I was his mother, not his wife.

And what would you say of his father, whose name is on the birth certificate? He never even saw the child. I sent him a picture. His life was destroyed because he wouldn't pay the child support. He lost his job. They took his house. I'm sorry I ever asked for his support, somebody talked me into it. He knew that I would become pregnant that night just as I did. He called me the next day and it was obvious that he knew already. When you give birth in a hospital, they automatically do the birth certificate. Home births are also accounted for... if a woman looks pregnant and suddenly a baby appears, people notice. We watch over each other, too, and not always in a good way.

It is not the birth certificates per se, it is the concept that we all should be on record so that we can be tracked. Surveilled. That word literally means "over-watched." Sur meaning over, and veille coming from the French and from the Latin, related to the word veille in French and before that the word vigilare in Latin... vigilance in English. So it really means "veiled over" or "under a vigil". Someone is up all night watching, n'est pas?

It is all embedded in the languages we speak.

Love, Astreia



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A good lizard is a pet lizard.


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Nice one, Guest!!!!!

Love Astreia