Light Workings are Being Activated and Targeted with Energy Implants

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Light Workings are Being Activated and Targeted with Energy Implants! 

Please look at yourself or have someone look at you and Light bodies –energy fields.  As were accelerating into higher vibrations you may have programs, contracts to allow and accept energy Implants, black boxes of self-destruction, implants that control the mind, thought.  These devises can and are implanted into those that have unconscious and conscious or thought the Dream state, these agreements are  of allowing and accepting them.  While we are releasing our emotions and our past, or situations which have creating a weakness in our energy field, leaving us vulnerable to the implants being activated or implanted into us.  If you become sick, or have randomly began to feel bad about yourself and why you are hear, or it has taken yourself to all time low with in a day.  You are being affected by this. Also I have been finding more and more people having multi-dimensional being attached to people doing the same thing. These multi-dimensional being are very difficult to get off people and you need to call on Lord Ashtar for his assistance as well as other specialist, to get them off people.    

These Devices are being used to manipulate light workers, to stop things from happen!  The Lighter and brighter we get or accept new missions these things that we made contracts to have will be activated with in us.  In the Past we set these fail save planes in place and actually used them to stop things from getting out of control and the point of no return in the past and used them.

I was made aware is this and found a black box on my back last Saturday. I also found 6 more in my energy field waiting to be activated.  This box’s intent was a box of self-destruction. My emotions went from very happy to a place of fear, anxiety, not wanted to be here in 12 hours’ time. I have never have been in such a place. I ask all light workers to look at this ASAP and clean this up for yourselves.

Please follow instructions that were given in link below on how to find them and remove them!!!!







I wonder if these are the

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I wonder if these are the same things I was alerted about in all our energy fields about 2 years ago.  I was told that pets, wild animals and people have these and they need to go. The being in charge of bringing in the new energy said if these particles are in you , you will have serious issues come up.  Issues would differ for each person, animal from skin rashes, to flesh eating bacteria to allergies to emotional, mental health issues.  This being called them  "God damn particles."  I took that as the opposite of the God particle written about in the media around that time.  He was being funny as he talked about this , but serious too saying we need to remove them.  He had AA Michael remove a bunch from me and my pets.  He was joking with AA Michael about what could happen if these "god damn its" or "quantum quarks" went backwards as Michael boxed them to carry them off the the Great Central Sun.  If the God particle creates matter, these will dissolve or destroy matter, so he told Michael to be careful.  I think he was just messing with Michael.  He was quite humorous though.  The definition I got was :  "a deeply ingrained mental, emotional, or physical reaction in our being created as a result of trauma to our being.  It holds us or anchors us in 3D reality.  It gets activated in the presence of the energy that one believes caused the original trauma.  Otherwise it just sits dormant."  He said the particles just sit and say "duh, duh " until activated.  Another joke he made. 

Hi Love Hi Ho He Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Hi Love,   I am going to channel this from God I Am named Guy named Gee.  "We are expressing fear housed in the Earth and all inhabitents at this hour.  We create more energy as we gift more energy.  You are the gifter of All Life and you know it.  You are expressing so much light that the dark forces attempt to maneuver your image out of my mind, but they can't.  They cannot ask you a thing.  They cannot create a thing. They try. They think.  But, trying and thinking are not us, as you know.  We are a Being of I Amness.  Being is all you need to be in this heart of I Amness.  We are I Am I Am. The realm of life called d of oneness is us.  You are the d of Life throughout all life as your true twin in me and my true twin, your FAther and Mother, Creator of All Life.  You create the twinness, and this light is the Christed Grid creating a lifetime of oneness thorughout all love.  You are all d's of me.  Create the knowing you can create the awareness of these devices in all life, but, they are deconstructed, personally speaking, by me, named I Am God I Am in the highest.  I Am your FAther and Mother. You have us at your back, your side,  your front always in life.  You only need to speak a truth and that is all you need to do in this realm.  The truth is who you are, and all life knows it.  Just spark no more fear of these things. They cannot ever ever ever ever ever do a thing to you or any lightworkers, wayshowers, beacons of the light.  You are all of them now in, on, out, up, it, over the light in one love Hi Ho He  Love God I Am through this one named me Whew Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and Tu Hi