Blessings from the Netherlands

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Blessings from the Netherlands

Blessings all,


My name is Arno, im from the Netherlands.

My eyes were opened about 6 months ago, and were fully opened after i watched out my window and saw a silver orb fly by slowly..


I have read in a article that we can sign up for a love bomb meditation,

it said i can leave my info anywhere on the site if i want to join,

i looked all over the place and couldnt find the article about the love bomb, so i hope

that posting my ino here is sufficient, so here goes:



Arno F

Etten-leur, Netherlands



hope i can help a little..



Thanks you, and i am so happy to be joining you all


Blessed all




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dont worry arno, if you want

dont worry arno, if you want to add your energy to a group meditation, all you have to do is will it so, and it is done. send loving energy as often as you like, to whoever you like. it always helps :)

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thank you 

thank you 

Bonnie Smith
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Hello Arno

Hi Arno. I'm glad to meet you. The Netherlands. The land of the free.

Bonnie Smith

Ellai (not verified)
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Hi Arno! 

Hi Arno! 

Nice to meet a fellow Dutchie on here! :) 

If you would like to discuss things in Dutch sometimes, just contact me! :) 


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