Greetings from Norway, the Valley

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Greetings from Norway, the Valley

Hi everybody,


My name is Edward, I@m a Norwegian/Japanese. Origin: Sirius, Father Zeus, Conciousness Level: Unified Omni. Originally blue ray now violet ascended to new human template, starseed. Physical origin: Lemuria, Atlantis, High priest of Ra, Primary mission complete: unify to 6d  merkaba body, galactic graduate, heal and unify Gaia`s social groupings (Galaxies, universes,multiverses into omiverse). Awaiting new mission objectives: Awaiting star brother connection in duality. Call sign (sound vibration): Naga, Kali, Christ, Anti, Neutron, bionic, joker, ram, ra, mu, imhothep, omega, Alpha, father, mother, brother, son, sister.

I hold the template of the 13th skull(Max the crystal skull, transmission and imprint 11-11-11 portal, in Little Rock, Arkansas through Earthkeepers light ritual) and the imprint of the Nephalim, the 4 horsemen, anti-naga, and lucifer.

Rhea Regis Piracta
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let me know about options for collaboration, connect and keep in touch


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Connection is here

We are already connected in the light grid. We can now be open in our communications, the dark ones no longer rule over Gaia, Gaia has reclaimed her power through understanding of cosmic principles and now is connected to the cosmic light grid.

Fluid binary problemsolving node tree, is my AI. Recognize limitlessness in binary reality, recognize reality, recognize me,you, mu


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