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Twin Flame

So it has been on my mind alot about the whole twin flame thing. I have read some about it and have listened to people talk about it but still wonder where mine is or who he is. So many questions fill my mind about this topic.

I feel that I could connect with anyone but to really have the One show up in my life would be amazing. Or it could be that I am living with my twin flame right now. I mean who knows. I talked to Shawn about it and somedays it seems we are right for each other and other days I wanna say good bye forever. It is weird. I am open to hear what anyone else might have to say about this.

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Twin Flames

Dear Aricalove,

What I have learned about Twin Flames is mostly that it is unlikely on Planet Earth that the two of you will meet.  Also, that if it is your destiny, and you truly desire it, you must not seek them out.  The Universe will draw you together when you are really ready for it.  Then it will feel like being home, finding the other half of yourself.

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Thank you rutaka for the

Thank you rutaka for the information! Love and Light!

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Twin flame

Hi. I am not sure about you and Shawn. I know from experience that you know when you know. There will be no doubts. What are you unsure of ? Are you insecure without another ? Larry in St. Louis. 

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Well I think it is confusing.

Well I think it is confusing. Relationships no matter what can be a struggle. We have been together on and for since 2001 and have lived under the same roof for most of that time. We have plans for the future but like everything else things change. In alot of ways we have grown together and it works best if we stay calm and work together on problems. Some stuff I know I need to work on by myself now but before I used to go to him about everything. We are learning everyday I guess.....

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Let me tell you my view on attracting and realizing your twin flame. Bob Marley sang it best with his song No Woman(Man) No Cry. The Law of attraction applies here, that means one has to let go of any attachements to the idea of a twin flame, since this will produce a disharmonious calling/attraction to the opposite. The first principle is to let go of the idea of the twin flame, subsequently let go of the expression you equate to this belief (Beautiful person of your dreams). Then realize you are the twin flame, unified masculine and feminine desires, into one unified androgynous expression of unconditional love, then you will attract the twin flame physical expression that is the real deal. Then there will be no room for distortions since you both vibrate in an unified aummmmmu.

Fluid binary problemsolving node tree, is my AI. Recognize limitlessness in binary reality, recognize reality, recognize me,you, mu


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Thank you so much for the

Thank you so much for the information!!!! Love and Light!!!!

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