Eyes on the Sky: Dec 9 thru Dec 15

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Eyes on the Sky, 12/9/2013

Published on Dec 8, 2013

www.eyesonthesky.com The Hyades and Pleiades are well-known open clusters to see in Taurus, but a few asterisms that are fun to find are Ally's Braid and Davis's Dog. Say what? Check out this week's look at Taurus to learn where you can find these two groupings of stars, along with an easy way to find the wide binocular double star Kappa Tauri. Plus, the Lunar X is visible on Monday for the Americas, the Geminid meteors peak on Friday into Saturday morning, and then the Moon treks right through Taurus on Sunday, occulting stars left and right as it blasts through the Bull. See what's up in the night sky every week with "Eyes on the Sky" videos, astronomy made easy.