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Nancy B. Detweiler, M.Ed., M.Div.


I awoke this morning thinking of the so-called fake sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service.  Regardless of his personal story, the incident reminded me that the kind of treatment he is receiving resembles much of what we fear as we progress on our spiritual path.

The interpreter indicated that he saw angels entering the stadium.  Immediately the question arises:  Is he schizophrenic?  Earth humans, particularly in Western cultures, have been taught to view the world in terms of what we can perceive with our five physical senses.  These 5 senses define our world, which is why metaphysicians state that humanity perceives only about 2% of what is actually around us.   The inner eye, closely related to the pineal gland, remains undeveloped; therefore, we do not have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.   Instead, we state—often with an air of superiority—“I believe only what I can see or can be proven.”  We kid: “Missouri is the Show Me State.”  We readily believe what is reasonable, from an intellectual point of view.  The intellect is considered our ultimate source.

In fact, the intellect is our lower mind, completely dependent upon our 5 senses for its perceptions of truth.   The One Truth can never be perceived through the intellect; therefore, humanity has been content perceiving only 2% of the world around us.  But, this is changing.  A new birth is occurring!

As we progress on our spiritual path, we naturally become more sensitive to the world around us.  Our pineal gland slowly activates and we begin to see the invisible world.  This vision into the unseen will most likely happen spontaneously and sporadically.   Some are born with psychic abilities already well developed, such as the children that are able to see and talk with “the dead”—as our society phrases it.

Because Earth humans have been deliberately limited to 2% perception and only 10% use of the brain’s actual power to access information, we do not know how to deal with those who possess skills beyond the status quo.   We—as a Collective—have not known that we have access to all knowledge through our Higher Intuitive Mind.  We have assumed contact with the invisible world indicates mental illness.  Thus, when the sign language interpreter explained his meaningless gestures in terms of being shocked to see angels enter the stadium, the immediate questions arose:  “Is he a fake? … Is he schizophrenic?”

As a Rehabilitation Counselor, I worked with psychiatric patients for a couple of years in the early 1970s.  Because I had already studied metaphysics, I quickly came to the conclusion that I did not believe in mental illness.  Instead, I intuited that the patients were more open to the unseen world than was the average individual.  Society does not know how to deal with a person who can hear voices in their head or talk to the dead or see into the “invisible” world.  In its ignorance, society labels these persons mentally ill and gives him/her a diagnosis—a name, like schizophrenic, which the patient accepts as part of who he/she is because society has offered no alternate explanation.  Recognizing the individual’s opening awareness is a relatively new counseling method and still is not widely known.

I have heard many metaphysical students say:  “I don’t’ talk about what I believe because people will think I am crazy … I will lose my job … I don’t want to be committed to a mental hospital.   Some are frightened when they begin to feel, see, or hear segments of the unseen world.

At this point in time, society as a whole is in transition.   The veil hiding the invisible world is growing thinner every day.  As this happens, many may be shocked or frightened as they open to it.

It will be important to remember that seeing angels is natural.  We live in a very populated world … may even unknowingly share the same space with other beings.  Once we adjust to being what is termed a multi-dimensional being, we find it very comforting to know that we truly are never alone … that we truly do live and move and have our being within the energy of God’s love as it is expressed through individuals who belong within the One Family of Mother/Father God and reside on dimensions other than our own.

As we begin to hear voices speaking in our head … music from unseen realms … hear a tree speak to us … see the angelic kingdom that so tenderly cares for each flower and blade of grass, we are NOT losing it!  We are expanding in our conscious awareness of the paradise into which we came forth from the heart of Mother/Father God.

It is also important to share with others what we see and experience.  In this way, we allow those who are afraid to reveal their own experiences to know that they are actually making great strides on the pathway to ascension.  We need to be present for those opening to a new and sometimes frightening world—frightening because it is new and she/he may have no explanation for what is happening.

I intuit the sign language interpreter’s experience of seeing angels in such a public place—while standing on the same stage as President Obama and multiple other world leaders in the month of December—was one more sign to the world that things are changing!  It proclaimed:  “You, Earth humans, will begin to see more of the invisible world around you!  Do not be afraid!”

“Now there were [thousands of people honoring the late Nelson Mandela in a large stadium].  And behold, the angel of God came to them, and the glory of the Lord shone on them; and they were seized with a great fear [anger=fear].  And the angel said to them, Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you glad tidings of great joy, which will be to all the world.  For this day is born to you in the city of David, ‘divine love individualized in human consciousness.  Love in Being (God) is the idea of perfect unity in all existence.’  And suddenly there appeared with the angel a heavenly host, praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace and good hope for men.’”  (Luke 2:8-11, 13-14 + the metaphysical meaning of the biblical name “David” as found in Unity’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)
“And it came to pass when the angels departed from them and went to heaven, that the [crowd] spoke to one another, saying, Let us go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened as the Lord has shown to us.”  The metaphysical meaning of Bethlehem indicates “the nerve center at the pit of the stomach, through which universal substance joins the refined or spiritualized chemical products of the body substance.  Through this center are gradually generated the elements that go to make up the electrical body of the Christ man.”  (Luke 2:15 + Unity’s Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)

Thus, the symbolism manifested from the unseen world during Mandela’s Memorial Service announced: “Humanity is attaining a new level of consciousness.  Your spiritual journey is giving birth to the Christ Consciousness within you!”


  For those who have trouble integrating spiritual experiences into their daily lives, information on what is called “Spiritual Emergence” may be found:

Spiritual Emergency:  When Personal Transformation Becomes a Crisis, by Stanislav Grof, (Editor) Christina Grof:

There are also You Tubes of Dr. Grof’s lectures on Spiritual Emergency



I get your message but this

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I get your message but this guy was acting like he knew sign to earn a few extra bucks. This happens a lot; he might have known 10  signs and they hired him thinking he knew sign completely. A complete fraud and disrespect to the deaf community. Even if he saw angels they wouldn't affect his ability to sign if he truly was competent and qualified. Now he's a "so-called" fake? . Come on now...

The aurora light being

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I greet you today within the spirits of light. in this time of ascension  most of you have been harvesting the filter star light from acyone. As Father mother god says you are your own teacher, master bestow yourself as the creator, destroyer. does it means null or zero when the effects of creation and destruction is at hand. it is so then who are to blame for this illusion. it must be the lord of light arch angel metatron and arch angel michael whose sense are sound to the earth people but not the starseed. 

should you think I do not know what to say and talk. your copy the animal ways to says  good thing but neglect the light. 





'progress spiritually'?

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This rancid hustler is a known rapist, burglar and kidnapper in his own country, but slipped through the security net of a greedy, lazy government. Yes, very spiritually advanced. Not only did he take advantage of the hearing-impaired for financial gain, he is also insulting those with genuine mental illness, as the full meaning of his fraud get through to him. Unless you'd like to pretend that your precious 'cabal' cooked up the criminal charges?