200 km-high Water geysers seen on Jupiter's moon Europa (video)

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Published on Dec 15, 2013

No description available.




the disclosures will continue

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the disclosures will continue to roll in. Hollow planet/moon theory. No iron core. This will be disclosed eventually too. Namaste. 


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How cool is that???  Very!


Awesome vid! Thanks Desert..

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Awesome vid! Thanks Desert.. disclosure indeed. Can't deny living planets (and moons) any longer..life abounds everywhere. 
So many faces in the hill in first pic.. clearly saw a man's bearded face looking out from the hill with an ET on the right, in front of him. Full screen.  Puff puff pass.. LOL :) Hmmm Fairies, Pixies and elves. 
Anyway, these are amazing photos of one of Jupiter's moons.. Looking forward to more about all the moons and Jupiter herself.. Love Wins..So thankful :) <3